2014 Peak Bloom Forecasts

When will Washington DC's cherry blossoms reach peak bloom?

The cherry blossoms have come and gone for 2014. For 2015, see the 2015 Peak Bloom Foreasts page.

Current Peak Bloom Predictions

UPDATE: The National Park Service determined that the blossoms reached peak bloom this year on April 10.

Please note that it’s not unusual for these forecasts to be revised as we get closer to the date. It’s not until about 10 days out that the experts feel truly confident in their predictions.

National Park Service

Between April 8 and 12 [forecast issued March 4]
This forecast relies heavily on the extensive experience of the NPS arborists who tend to the trees, as well as weather data.

Washington Post Capital Weather Gang

April 13 (“between April 11 and April 15, centered on April 13″) [revised forecast issued on March 27]
This forecast relies heavily on weather data.

University of Washington (Seattle)

April 10
This forecast is based on a data model and calculated from afar.

What Peak Bloom Means and Why It (sort of) Matters


Unsurprisingly, the prolonged, colder-than-average temperatures through the winter are pushing the bloom later than average this year.

The date of the peak is heavily dependent on local weather conditions in the months leading up to it. Warmer, sunnier conditions through the winter and early spring tend to bring an earlier bloom. Sustained cold, wintry weather delays it.

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Washington DC had a cold and wintry winter in 2013-14. January was the coldest in decades. February was also colder than average. And with several snowstorms and very cold temperatures, March set new records for cold and snow. It has all pushed back the blooming of all the flowers in the DC area, not just the cherry blossoms.

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