Nikon Lens Coffee & Tea Thermos Travel Mug

For the Vancouver Winter Olympics, Canon came up with a fun promotion by distributing a limited edition white lens coffee mugs, replicas of their 70-200mm L series. It was a promotional home run, and they sparked a scramble to get one.

Now there’s a Nikon version. And you don’t even have to be a Nikon pro to get one. Just fork out your US$23 (+ shipping) and be the proud owner of a coffee mug made as a replica of Nikon’s 24-70mm F2.8 ED lens. They’ve definitely paid some attention to detail, even down to the box and lens bag.

Nikon Lens Coffee & Tea Thermos Travel Mug nikon cup3

Kitschy? You bet. But fun? Absolutely. I’m betting these haven’t been sanctioned by Nikon, so who knows how long it will take Nikon’s lawyers to send out the cease and desist (but probably not before they’ve bought their own). But for the moment, they’re available here. I bought one myself and can confirm they’re as good and fun as they look in the pictures. It probably won’t hold up to endless dishwasher cycles, but that’s okay.

And in the interests of equal opportunity, Canon versions are also now available for sale here and here.

Nikon Lens Coffee & Tea Thermos Travel Mug canon70 image3

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