Robert A. Taft Memorial and Carillon

North of the Capitol, Washington DC

Mr. Republican has his own Carillon. Senator Robert Taft had a long political career and had connections–he was a former Speaker and was President William Howard Taft’s oldest son–but the arch conservative is best remembered as an leading opponent of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal.

His memorial consists of an 11-foot bronze statue of the senator standing in front of a 100-foot-high bell tower with 27 bells.1

It’s basically a clock tower without a clock. Every 15 minutes it’s bells chime the quarter hour, with a Big Ben-style peal on the hour. Oddly, Congress passed a resolution that the bells play the Star-Spangled Banner every Fourth of July at 2pm.

Getting Here

The Robert Taft Memorial is in the a park area a couple of blocks from Union Station towards the National Mall.

For Photographers

Photographer Friendliness Rating

Commercial shoots and filming may require a permit. And Capitol Police keep a close eye on the area because of its proximity to the US Capitol Building.

More Photos

You can find more of my photos of the Robert Taft Memorial and Carillon here, available for licensing.