How To Switch Back to Old Facebook from New Facebook

Wondering why Facebook looks different? has rolled out a new look. They're calling it New Facebook. But not everyone's a fan. Here's how to switch back to the old Facebook layout.
How to Switch Back to Classic Facebook From New Facebook Layout
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UPDATE: Since I originally posted this, most Facebook users have been switched over to the new layout, and the option to switch back that I describe below has been removed. I’m not aware of any official way to go back to the old Facebook layout (which is now called Classic Facebook).

But there’s at least one unofficial alternative to switch back to the old Facebook layout. A method that many users have reported success with is to install a browser plugin that tricks Facebook into thinking you’re using an old, outdated version of Internet Explorer that Facebook doesn’t support (aka, spoofing the user agent).

There’s more than one plugin that will do this. Two plugins that readers have reported success with are Old Layout and Revert Site (links below). They’re free, and there are versions for multiple different browsers.

There are some things worth noting with these, however:

  • This might end up being only a temporary fix. Facebook might change settings on their end that would stop the plugins from working. UPDATE: In mid-2021, Facebook appeared to close many of the loopholes that these plugins were using.
  • It’s likely that Facebook features might still be missing. The plugins can alter how the page is displayed, but they can’t restore features that Facebook might have disabled on their end.
  • Please review the permissions required for the plugins. I do not know the plugin authors, nor can I personally vouch for the security of the underlying code.

With that said, if you want to give them a try, you can find the plugins here:

Chrome / Brave


Microsoft Edge

Below is the original post, although the setting it describes is no longer available for many users, including me.

UPDATE: An increasing number of users have reported that they no longer see the options to switch between the interfaces below. Facebook usually rolls out changes to some users at a time. At the time of writing, I still see the options to switch between old Facebook (or Classic) and the new versions on my account, but it’s possible that Facebook has already removed the options from your account.

If it hasn’t, you’ll likely see a warning message that Classic Facebook is going away soon when you log in:

Classic Facebook is Going Away Soon message

Elsewhere, there’s a message that “the classic Facebook will no longer be available starting in September.” As of September 15, it’s still available on my account, although the option has been changed to a temporary switch for 48 hours.

To be clear, the guide below was written some time ago and applies only when Facebook hasn’t disabled the switch on your account. Once you’ve been switched over totally to New Facebook, I’m not aware of any way to switch back.

If you’re wondering why Facebook looks different, it’s because Facebook has been rolling out a new, updated look. The rollout has been a long, drawn-out process. It was started in mid-2020 and done in stages. And Mark Zuckerberg had announced the update a year earlier.

The purpose of the new look is to bring it closer in line with the mobile version. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea–often for very good reasons.

Facebook is calling the old version Classic Facebook and the updated version New Facebook. At least on some screens, it’s still referred to as “Facebook Beta.”

As with most Facebook updates, it’s being rolled out gradually. And Facebook knows as well as anyone that change can be controversial. Many users don’t like the new version, and there seem to be some significant features missing so far (hopefully, they’ll be added back sooner rather than later). To ease the transition and provide a workaround if you run into any glitches or missing features, Facebook added a function to let you switch between New Facebook and Classic Facebook.

How to Switch from Classic Facebook to New Facebook

First, click on the small white down triangle at the top right of the blue bar at the top.

Then choose Switch to New Facebook.

How to Switch from Classic Facebook to New Facebook Layout

How to Switch from New Facebook to Classic Facebook

As it usually does, Facebook is rolling out the switchover to New Facebook incrementally to some users at a time. It’s not clear what criteria is used to determine who gets switched over when.

New Facebook Welcome Message
This is the welcome message that should show up when you’ve been switched over the New Facebook automatically. When you hit Next, you get to choose between the Light and Dark themes.

Many users have been reporting that they’ve been switched over automatically and the option to switch back to Classic Facebook no longer appears for them. As of the time of writing, the option is still available on my account.

You can switch to the classic Facebook at any time message
This popup appears in some cases, reading: “You can switch to the classic Facebook at any time.” But many users report that this option to switch back no longer appears when they log into their accounts.

Click on the small dark blue triangle at the top right (it’s surrounded by a light blue circle).

Facebook Switch To New Facebook

Then click on the Switch to Classic Facebook option.

How to Switc from New Facebook Back to Classic Facebook

Things Worth Knowing

It’s worth pointing out that switching these affects how you see It doesn’t affect how others see it. So you can’t force visitors to see only the New Facebook version, for instance—it’ll depend on what setting they’re using for their viewing.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is a temporary feature. At some point, they’ll flick the switch for everyone, and there won’t be an option to go back to Classic Facebook.

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474 Responses

  1. Same issue, I was on the new Facebook layout and switched back to the old Facebook layout and I have now lost all my content from the last two months and no option to switch back to the new Facebook to see if I can get my content back

    1. Hi Lauren, This has just happened to me. Did you manage to resolve this and get back to the new Facebook? is so, how may I ask ? thanking you

  2. Interesting article thank you. The issue I’m having (and no one else seems to be having) is that since the update, my clients are now unable to leave me a recommendation (despite it being set to switch on). Historic recommendations are there but no one can leave a new one.

    I thought it might be due to my category, but it doesn’t allow ‘local business’ as the option, nor the three step options got sub categories I’ve read about.

    I don’t want to switch back to classic as I might lose all my content (I may resort in doing this). But I just can’t understand why clients can’t leave a recommendation anymore ?? It’s almost as if my page is now acting as a ‘person’ has not a business. Any help would be so much appreciated. Facebook never reply to enquiries, I’ve escalated it three times. Frustrating is an understatement!!! Here’s my page

    1. I’ve never liked FB but it’s a necc. evil with a business. I was also stuck with a personal page I never asked for. That being said, I was able to put some nice business descriptions down the right, view page as someone else, and have the option of switching between my personal page & business page. Now I’ve lost all these features, and it looks like crap. I would kill it, except I use it for local events.

    2. I AGREE!! It’s not at all user-friendly, it’s now almost unusable. I don’t believe Facebook got a wider vote for the new Facebook compared to the classic (old) Facebook view. I certainly wasn’t asked! They could have at least given the public an option to keep the old view if you want. Not impressed. I HATE, HATE, HATE IT WITH A PASSION!!

  3. Three weeks ago we switched to the new design (which was horrible because so many features were missing or not working). Today a coworker accidently swichted it back to the classic version with the result that all the content we published over the last three weeks has been deleted. There is now way to switch back to the new version so it seems like facebook really just deleted all the posts. I’m beyond angry and I can’t believe that this even could happen.

    Has anyone experienced the same and could provide a solution?

    1. Hi MJ,
      Facebook is supposed to provide you with a download of all your new page posts when you switch back to Classic as they will not switch over. Check for a message from Facebook with a link to your download file.

      1. didnt recieved any post from facebook as i accidentally switch back to classic. unable to switch back.

      2. Hi! Today I accidently switched to FB Classic and… lost the content for last 2 months. Could you please advise how i can use this content downloading function to restore my posts?
        Thank you!

        1. how to switch back to classic facebook page? please tell me how to do ?

      3. I have the same problem. I switched to the old to add some mods to my page because I couldn’t figure out how to do it in the new format. Now I cant switch back and I lost content too. I want the new format back. If you figure it out, I will appreciate a response.

        1. I have the exact same problem. Accidentally switched back to classic, lost three months worth of posts, and now can’t find the button to switch back to “new facebook”. Has anyone found a solution for this? Just want to switch back to the new version now.

  4. I absolutely hate the new Facebook! When I go to like something oh, I always leave a heart or an emoji with a heart or other emojis that are offered in the like section but when I press and hold it, it either takes a long time to do it or it just does alike oh, I used to be able to do it really quick and now it takes a long time and also when I go to comment it takes a further step. I’m not going to use Facebook anymore because of this! This was a huge step backwards and it makes responding on Facebook more time-consuming and I don’t have that kind of time!

  5. I had a Facebook account for a while and I had to get a new phone because mine burnt up in a fire and I’ve tried everything to get back in my old account I purchases a new phone and made another facebook account. But I would like to have my old account back

    1. For that you’ll need to get help from the Facebook customer support–easier said that done. It’s not something we can help with. But you should be able to reclaim access so long as you have access to the same email address and/or phone number.

  6. How do I create a story on the new fabebook business page? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Please can FB change back!! This new look is just not user friendly at all!

  7. An utterly disastrous mis-step by FB. Since I don’t have the desire to figure it out all over again, I’m just not going to use it anymore. Advertisers and marketers, please take note.

  8. This has got to be the biggest untested piece of GARBAGE software update I have seen in 40 years. Loaded with bugs! Even the simplest of quality testing would have axed this forced update on loyal customers. SUCH A HUGE STEP BACKWARDS IN INTERFACE DESIGN!! Makes me think the Facebook Management Team has lost its mind and/or PROMOTED COMPLETE DRUG ADDICTS to its ranks.

    1. microsoft has done the same thing over the years. I’ve stopped using both companies. I’ll go elsewhere, where there’s an interface I can stand to use.

  9. This new Facebook page is just horrible !
    I mean if you create something that won’t better why are you even changing I want my old good page ! I can’t even have my admin on this one

  10. I got the new FB in the last week. I have no option to switch back. I also noticed that the algorithm for which people I see has also changed.

  11. IM 71Year OLD I Like The Old Facebook Back I Can Play Game Better Then New One So Help Me Get OLd Fackbook Back

  12. Mine switched on its own. And the switchback is not there. Why do people have to mess with things? If you want to make changes make them as an option, don’t make everyone make the change. Or is this their way of controlling people? Think about it.

      1. Ugh. Same thing here. We have a huge animal advocacy page with almost 100,000 LIKES and we can hardly manage it with the new facebook layout. Makes me wonder if they change everything on purpose. Dogs will die if we cant manage this page.

      2. I agree. I am an admin of 4 groups, and I can’t do anything to correct posts, and it’s even hard to approve posts. I think it is deliberate so we will all quit being admins so everyone will have to use that horrible Marketplace. I hate Marketplace! If I go to buy something, I want it local, not 1000 miles away! Setting the location is useless. Now to add insult to injury for 2020, Facebook brought THIS horrible design on us, which is as pleasant and user friendly as swollen fingers after being stung by a bee! This New Facebook is horrible!

  13. I have used Facebook for years and use the Classic format on my chromebook. With the new format I recently logged on to do several things like trying to find my proflle frames and several other things that I want to do but can’t with the new format. I have tried the new format and find it horrible. Nothing will replace the Classic format. If you aren’t going back to let us continue with Classic I am sure you will lose more followers. A lot of the elrderly followers of the Classic format keep in touch with their families and grandchildren with the Classic format but now it is not there for them because the new one is not that easy to understand.

  14. Evey one knows how to switch to the classic version but if the feature is missing how to switch back.
    more than 10 time I reported the problem through help&support then … report problem area ( sitting ) + screenshot but they never fix the problem The worse page is the Facebook page

      1. I found a way of getting the classic view…

        If you go to your facebook page (can’t see any way of doing it on a personal page) and click on “Business Suite” link, a new page will open.

        On the left at the bottom click on “View Page” and you will be taken to classic view (as of 21/Dec/20)

  15. New FB sucks. People with certain disabilities will not be able to handle this. Too messy, too cluttered, too messy and confusing and just too much information. Old saying “Keep it simple”


  16. OMG I really hate the nee FB, I want to switch back but I don’t even see the option on the top right . So we are going to be stock with this grrrrrr. They should give us the option to go back classic view, much easier to use

    1. Do like I have done. Stop using Facebook. If enough people do so then their advertisers are going to tell them to restore classic.

  17. So… It’s November 5, 2020 and I still don’t have the option to switch to the new Facebook. I’m stuck on classic Facebook. There are now some features I can’t use because they require the new Facebook. Any idea why I don’t have the option to switch to the new Facebook? Why might I be stuck on Classic Facebook?

    1. I haven’t heard of others running into this issue. My first thought is that it’s possible it’s a caching issue with your web browser. It might be worth clearing your web browser cache and history or testing with a different browser.

        1. i wish i was stuck in the old fb, i absolutely hate this new version.
          everything is huge and i dont know how to decrease it. my friends list doesnt even appear unless i pick and hunt around for it. im afraid if i send to one friend it will end up to another! i hate hate hate this new format. i think FB outta let us choose which one we like best!!

  18. How can I move my profile photo to lower left corner so it is not in the middle covering up part of my cover photo

  19. Totally hate the new version. Dont know why it had to be changed when it was well and truly great. Hate the way when I look at friends pics they are so large i cant see the whole picture. This version sucks big time

    1. Write and bitch about it. I did absolutely HATE it. I can’t find stuff because it’s so huge. Worthless updates and I’m in the industry no reason not to give the option regardless of features. I’m considering leaving for good but I run multiple sites on there which sucks.

  20. I really want to adjust my view of Facebook with classic version. There are lots of icons which are not seen easily and it’s hard to control over. It will be helpful if correction actions may take.

  21. Awful, new Facebook. In an artist and reg post to many sites. The editing is awful now. I want classic facebk back asap but it wont give me the option

  22. I don’t like the new version .It sucks royally……….If Mark Zuckerberg had any brains he wouldn’t of even invented this site for humanity’s sake………..IF ITS NOT BROKE DONT FIX IT………!
    im probably going to deactivate mine

  23. The option to switch to classic mode is no longer there. How do I do this or if you could help with how to move photos to another album? The photos I want to move were posted together in one post and the option to “move to another album” is not there. Photos that I have posted one at a time I can move to another album.

  24. I can’t see this option to switch the new one to the old one! What should i do? I can’t use it, it’s horrible!

    1. i want to go back to the old facebook but i dont know how could you please help me i was never notified it was changing thank you

    1. I don’t want new fB—I liked the old lay-out of FB! what the heck r U trying to prove? R U trying to prove U r bullies?

    2. I used the chrome extension but now it has reverted back and no longer works. I cannot do an album on facebook now with different photos from a trip as new FB doesnt allow comments on each photo, date on each photo and only allows one location which is no good if every photo is from a different place as most people do travelling. Its AWFUL>

      1. If you go to edit and hoover over the photos you will see edit all photos this will bring you to an area where you can put caption on your photos and you can also rearrange them.

  25. Now using new facebook on my laptop exclusively for messages only.
    FB got it bad and too proud to bring back the classic view.

  26. Worst platform and now worst blinding white layout. They hijack our preferences. I’ve been using the ‘revert’ plugin nicely until it stopped working today. If they’re going to blind me with whiteout they could at least give me the option of dark mode like everyone else!

  27. The new Facebook format has certainly taken a step back in usability. As we can all see by user comments this site is now deemed so difficult and lacking in clarity that it’s probably not worth the frustration of using. The think tank behind this new style are probably on a high pay roll (seem to be innovative) Sorry!!! Got this one wrong.

    1. Sadly, Old Facebook Layout extension don’t work anymore since today for me, we hope the creator find a solution, cause the “mobile” skin of the shit*y Facebook makes me sick ^^’

    2. Senior Citizens find it extremely difficult to learn INNOVATIONS however useful & progressive … KINDLY SEE TO KEEP THE OPTION OF THE CLASSIC-FACEBOOK LAYOUT AVAILABLE TO THEM !

      1. I’m a senior and have no problems with innovation – if it actually makes things better. For awhile I was able to go back to the old FB but King Zuckerberg has apparently prevented that now. My photos take forever to load and lately, won’t load at all. I do photography and my friends enjoy my photos and sometimes will contact me privately to buy them. The new FB is horrible in so many ways, I can’t begin to list them. And I’m not alone in this view, as you can see by the comments.

    3. stopped using it, every time I post some comment, it just dissapears to home page and loses all you written, wont miss it…..!!!! :(

  28. Sorry folks but I hate hate hate the new Facebook interface – so much so I will likely spend little time using it anymore – :-(

    1. Where is the options button on new awful facebook there is no download or tag button why why have facebook been destroyed please tell me where the options button is

      1. As far as I’m concerned the option download was the best feature on facebook and now that’s Gone! I’m pretty much through with this social media site. FB knows that many many people dislike, to the point of Hate, the new format but, they do not care. So it is now up to users to either accept it or walk away as obviously FB has no interest in what we think.

    2. stopped using it, every time I post some comment, it just dissapears to home page and loses all you written, wont miss it…..!!!! :(

    1. I am green with envy – wish I didn’t! As it is I’m stuck with the new version, which, in addition to all the other problems, seems to be slowing my computer :'(

  29. The new FB is CRAP. It makes my computer fan run on high after a minute of scrolling. The layout is busy looking, so I don’t see how this is a simpler version of FB. Also, the location of “Friend” button is such that you can accidentally send a friend request to someone you don’t want to. Pictures can only be viewed by clicking right, so if you want to see a gallery from the end you can’t. Poor, crapy design. I think it will help people quit FB if they were on the fence about it before the change.

    1. I TOTALLY HATE The new Facebook page and will be spending much less time on Facebook and will find alternatives. TOTALLY AGREE

      1. I don’t like either not got the option to go back either time for something else now i will not be using it

    1. will be interesting to see what happens when my 48 hours is up on the classic which is logging on perfectly I can’t spend hours trying to log in which is what I’ve had to do recently on the NEW Facebook randomly all my posts have now appeared on the classic its like theres a time delay in the two systems catching up with each other ?

  30. anyone else having issues when they try to log in to the” New Facebook ” my search bar won’t load the facebook page flickers and says redirecting sometimes I am able eventually to get on (randomly and don’t know how as its different every time ). I can still switch back to the old classic facebook and logs in fine but have noticed all the new stuff uploaded very recently on the “New Facebook” doesn’t show on the old facebook soooooo confusing !!!!!!

  31. Me again… switching back to “classic” deleted my posts made on “new facebook” and I don’t want to try switch to new again to see if those deleted posts are visible on the new facebook…

    1. Same happened to me today. An official page, I’ve lost thousands reactions, comments and shares, it’s a disaster! I’ve reported the problem to Facebook support team and readded the post, hope they’ll fix the problem.

      1. Switching between versions of facebook doesn’t affect your posts, they are NOT deleted. Just some posts in groups for example, are visible only in the new facebook :/

        1. I had this problem yesterday with all the posts I’ve made on the NEW facebook. Once switched to the OLD, they disappeared. They’re not in the activity log, and they’re not anymore in the timeline of those who shared them.
          Sent the report to Facebook, still no answer.

        2. I’m talking about the PAGE, not my profile. Maybe this is another Facebook bug that affects pages switched to the old version, hope they fix it.

        3. Hi Alex maybe you can help. I place for sale items in old classic facebook. When I look on new facebook I am not able to see or access them. I go to my items and and continue to get error code.

  32. Switching to new facebook, your page(s) are visible to public not logged in? A page I manage couldn’t been seen by not logged in public since I “switched to new facebook” and solved by switchin back.

    1. That’s for switching login accounts (if you have multiple accounts) rather than switching between the old and new layouts.

  33. There IS one official way to switch back. If you run a Page, you’ll be offered the option of classic FB for 48 hours to manage it. You have to go to your Page to do it, the option is top left somewhere. Don’t know how long it will last, but it was still there today.

      1. It’s more easy to install the extension, cause facebook removed that one for many users and you will lose it soon too. Just search in google: Switch to Classic design on Facebook

  34. Dismayed. I’ve got a couple of hundred travel photos I want to upload and the last time I looked at the new layout it was hopeless. It didn’t pick up the dates from the photos so each one had to have the date typed in manually in the description box – but it still made it look as if the photo was taken the day you uploaded it. Entering locations was impossible – yet again they all had to be manually entered in the description box. Has anyone found a way around this? The new layout appears to just suit people who take a pic or selfie on their phone and want to immediately upload it. For instance I’ve got ten photos from place one, thirty from place two, eighty from place three and so it goes on with about 20 different locations but I want them all in one album because they are all from one trip. And then there’s the dates problem… What used to take an hour could take four weeks.

    1. Just use “Switch to Classic design on Facebook” extension from Chrome web store. It returns old Facebook layout with no hustle whatsoever.

  35. I want the classic facebook and can’t get it. The new one is totally confusing and I hate it. Please bring old one back.

  36. Hello, i am sorry to say but the “switch to classic view” option has been removed on exactly October 1, 2020. Users that are still on the classic view can enjoy the good looking design while if you’re already on the new look, there’s no possibility of switching back unless you install chrome plugin like “Old Layout for Facebook” but it could only view it on the device you installed the plugin with.

    1. I installed the addon extension mentioned previously here for Firefox users and I am still getting the classic fb format as of October 1, 2020. So far so good.

  37. On the new Facebook, where is the “settings” for a page? Thats how I look to see who has recently liked the page, by looking at the people and posts tab of settings. Now there is no settings???!!!

  38. i cant see a switch back how do i get back new outlay is sh** if i cant get back im leaving so are millions what the hell did you change it for half my stuff is missing

  39. I just tried in IE.. it launched the classic FB and not the new one.

    I don’t like the new FB, it doesn’t allow me to move photos between albums!

  40. Slow, largish, no selection for new posts instead only all time posts to be shown, ugly bad look.. who they ask for this look? the users? facebook exist because of uesrs,

  41. The left side of Facebook contains the favorites list?
    I cannot edit it, I want my news feed on RECENT but it is hidden in the favorites list, this sucks big time.

  42. UPDATED If you are an Admin of a group, it allows you to revert back to Classic Facebook for 48 hours this is to be able to administer the group that you are an Admin of, I don’t know if this applies to newly created groups

  43. It’s AWFUL – what was FACEBOOK thinking – did they actually ask anybody who really used it.


    The old one still works, mostly, in Internet Explorer – I couldn’t paste a photo in, so maybe it’s restricted? Mind you – Microsoft tries to kick me back to EDGE, but I ignore that. Not sure how long Facebook will allow it.

  44. I have been resisting the new fb design for months and have now been forced into using. I agree with just about all the comments so far, too big – I already have a large screen, too slow – omg how long must I wait, too touchy/sensitive that things pop up all over the place as I must have ‘touched’ something. More and more ads and “recommendations for you” – gah – crowding out the people and sites I want to see. And, there is no option to download photos or paintings or poems that have been posted anymore! That truly sucks. I’m going back to emails and websites, done with fb, adios. Yeah, and I just watched Hacking Your Mind on PBS… Jan

  45. The NEW Facebook layout is terrible. My pc and laptop now have a long lag time when I perform tasks. Bring the old version back. I hope you will do this. You’re not the “only game in town.” You’re going to lose a lot of users and advertisers. Pissed off.

    1. a few days back ican change my fb page to classic mode .but now when i click the triangle in right top corner the option to change classic mode does not appear. what should ido?

      1. You can change nothing, but you can find in Google with words “Switch to Classic design on Facebook” extension and use it – it will change from New to Old and back with one click!!

  46. I don’t like new facebook layout, it’s laggy on me and I can’t to switch back to old layout, even browser plugin like DownAlbum not working fine to download someone album

      1. I DETEST THE NEw Layout on my facebook lost some features and re-arranged others. I canot find my friends. My photos are screwed up. BRING BACK CLASSIC facebook!

    1. thanks a lot, it’s helpfull. last few days i trying so many time to get back classic version but I can’t. today see your comments I try and get back.

      1. Me, too! works without a ‘hitch’… so far, so good.
        My issue is with the group photo albums. I cannot rearrange the photos and they are mixed sizes. Does FB even read any of this feedback?

  47. stupidest thing Facebook has done. The new look is UGLY!!!! CAN’T STAND IT!!! VERY UNFAIR TO FACEBOOK USERS THAT THIS HAS BEEN FORCED UPON.

    HATE HATE HATE THE NEW FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  48. There is no longer the option to “move photo to another album and “location” no longer accepts personalised, non listed place (eg: “Lynn’s garden”).
    I have left a comment several times or Facebook but nothing has been changed.
    Mj Taylor

  49. my wife has just changed her phone and logged on to Face book and because the latest version was not the same as before and that we were not aware of a newer version being issued for use she has blamed the phone and had a heck of a row with the selling agent. I find it totally unacceptable to not have been told in advance or by tv announcements as a form of world communication .

  50. i **** hate new version of facebook, damn i miss good old times when facebook page was clearly to read something….

  51. i hate this new version of Facebook. This is mind blowing. i am sure this will made me mad soon. Awwww…… i hate this. i hate this. i hate this. i want old version. pleeeeeas consider my request.

  52. I agree with all the users here. It is absolutely unnecessary for the developers to change it to the current layout. It uses too much space and would even take a while to tag someone in Messenger. I mean, I don’t understand why they have to do this when in fact, they a lot of advertiser who pay them for whatever it is. It’s just illogical to change it. I am at the point where I have to deactivate my account instead. Not to mention the ads. It’s totally confusing.

  53. This new Face book is just awful i can not find the groups putting photos on his just awful so compacted its vile who ever thought this lot up have no brains in there head it is just nothing but Crap i ate it

  54. If they don’t bring back classic facebook button i will delete facebook for sure… i hate new facebook i don’t want any changes… why Mark why? just give me choice don’t force me to something i don’t like!

  55. I don’t like new facebook layout, it’s laggy on me and I can’t to switch back to old layout, even browser plugin like DownAlbum not working fine to download someone album

    1. it is a real pain the contacts list on the right takes up 1/3 to 1/2 the page and when surfing if you touch it it keeps springing up your contacts to message on the facebook you are reading also the contacts list is mostly white all around put them back on the right side and small makes things jump all over the page go back to what you had was fine this is atrocious

  56. The new facebook is bloody terrible!! Whoever designed it needs firing from their job! I can no longer switch back either. It’s made up my mind…I’m going to MeWe. It’s a much better platform than facebook anyway.

  57. I don’t have the option to “Switch to Classic Facebook.” in menu
    How do I switch back? It hurts my eyes. Please. Thank you.

  58. I am on a tablet and every post is so huge, I have to keep scrolling up and down to see the whole thing. I absolutely hate this!!!!!!

  59. I’m having a terrible time reading the new Facebook page and desperately want the Classic Facebook to be an option. It is no longer available to switch on my account.

  60. I hate this NEW FACEBOOK I want the CLASSIC back. I am not the only one that hates it we ALL hate it. Why have something if you don’t want to serve the people with! Control and Force is what Facebook is about…

  61. I absolutely HATE the new layout, which appears to be very amateurishly made… Not only is there no improvements to be found, but rather on the contrary! No timeline navigation… The photo album layout is very unappealing… The photos appear in various sizes, and not the more or less unified size they had before… When viewing photos in the albums, you’re only provided the option to go backward from the most recently posted picture… The whole visual design is awful… I hate those big pens on the upper right side of albums and pictures! Very ugly! Why do something like that when the old style functioned so well? It also takes forever to scroll down as it takes a long time for posts to upload. When clicking on the “home” button, it takes forever sometimes for it to react… more than ½ minute. And then we have that annoying message ‘Something went wrong. This may be because of some technical error’. Well why don’t fix that error? It went on for so long until it seemed it was solved, and now with the new layout, it’s back again! And no matter how much you click on “Retry”, nothing happens. Sometimes I only have a couple or a handful of posts until I reach the end and get this message… What’s the use of being on a social media platform when there’s nothing to view? Facbook has really become a great disappointment… And you also see more and more ads, and less content of value… Greed always leads to a dead end!

  62. I hate the new Facebook.. and i cant go back to the classic FB.. if i click that blue diamond icon i couldn’t find that “Back to classic FB”..pls do something abt. it.

    1. I hate the new Facebook look and have failed to go back to the classic view even after sending a Help and Support comment.

  63. I hate the new Facebook format. Why do they have to make the desktop format look like a mobile one. They have apps for mobile. Go fiddle with those. Leave the desktop format as is… Classic Look as it has always been. These new changes always IRK me a lot!!!!

    1. Yes I totally agree , my 93 year old mother is cancelling her internet because she cannot understand it ,that is totally disgusting that Facebook would do that .

  64. I was very happy with the so called ‘classic Facebook’ but this new layout is absolutely terrible. I have already informed my family and friends that if I cannot go back to it will no longer be using it.. We are all looking for an alternative. Why can’t we have a choice whether to use the classic or new version. Why do they think it’s okay to keep spoiling something that was working perfectly fine.

    1. I hate it too the new design, it sucks. I want back the old classic one. Also the search filter sucks now you can’t search by months and it doesn’t show most recent posts in chronicle order. Disappointed

  65. Plse plse I want to go back to the old fb settings. The option to do so is not available anymore. Can you plse (again) give me option to do so.

  66. Why not keep the option for Classic FB so users can decide what one they like the most.
    I am forced to use Internet Explorer so I can still use Classic FB because FB isn’t upgrading
    there new FB to work with Internet Exploror and there for only Internet Exploror will only
    show the Classic FB. I don’t like Internet Exploror but if that the only way I can use the
    FB I like that that’s what I have to use.

  67. I have mental health issues & am struggling with the new layout, & need to use the classic facebook. If I can not use the classic style, then I am going to be FORCED away from my computer. This is my only means of keeping in touch with my family. If I am forced away from facebook, then I will be forced to take legal action as I think it wrong that you can discriminate against disabled people like this. Either fix this issue so that I can go back to the classic layout or face legal action.

    1. I have been writing every day about needing reasonable accommodation for people like me who have trouble visually processing the new format.

    2. You can still use Classic FB with Internet Exploror (Browser) Only.
      FB is not updating there new FB to work with Internet Exploror.

    3. Honestly, I don’t like the new facebook features, I prefer to use classic facebook. I hope they will be mindful to this issue my work is greatly affected because of the missing features on the new Facebook .


    1. I hear you. I hate it. Everytime I get pop ups with How did we do or feedback I pout in I hate. They dont listen to or care what their users think. Im looking around for another social media platform that listens to its users.

    1. As a ‘silver surfer’ aged 73, it is difficult enough to find my way round familiar sites on laptop or ipad.
      When sites change.,ie facebook, it gets very confusing!
      Maybe the new facebook IS better for younger ones, or those who use their phones all the time, but surely, some consideration should be given to the disabled and elderly….our lives are difficult enough already!
      The easy solution would be to just offer the choice, new or classic…….even I could manage to click on the arrow and select ‘go back to classic facebook’ but that choice has now been taken from me.

    1. I agree. The typewritten words are so slow to print also. Im finished typing my whole paragraph and it is only printing the second word. The whole thing is a big mistake. As the saying goes, if its not broken don’t fix it. Bring back classic Facebook.

  69. It’s a horrible experience to log into my account. Why they did they do so without taking the users opinion? Please bring back the classic Facebook.

  70. Facebook what the hell have you done?!
    The new page is horrible ?
    Why have you removed the option to SWITCH BACK TO CLASSIC FACEBOOK?
    I notice everyone is complaining about it, It far to big and hurts my eyes ? too look at it and it gives me a headache after a while so have to ssiths off. PLEASE PLEASE GIVE US THE OPTION TO MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS AS TO WHETHER WE WANT TO USE THE NEW LOOK OR THE CLASSIC FACEBOOK PAGE LOOK….

    1. yh mister me too dnt like new fb. classic fb is vry simple n good i dislike new version. i tooo cnt find option of switching to classic version here. wt to do pls


    3. Me too don’t like this……..The Classic was best……….Don’t know why Facebook authorities are playing this game……If they want to add more features, they could do it keeping the Classic look intact.

  71. The New Facebook on desktops is very crowded and options that allows users to organize and have messenger on the side is gone. New Facebook is annoying and stupid for most users from the looks of feedback and comments and I agree.

  72. The new layout is so annoying. I don’t need the photo of the post to be that BIG. One post already occupied 2/3 of the front page. The page is also getting slow. After I scroll down for a few posts, no more post can be found and I just lost my patience and closed the page. The new layout is just driving its users away.

      1. Hate The New Facebook…..if it doesn’t come back….then our 250 employees will have to drop facebook from our company …what a shame

  73. My personal Facebook account has switched to the new layout and I am grumbling but adapting. The big issue for me is that a Facebook Page I manage for a small not for profit community museum crashes every time FB switches it to the new layout. It appears to go into a feedback loop and generates an error message that the page has been redirected too many times and advises to clear cookies/cache (which does not solve the problem). To date, I have been able to get into the account via, go to the News Feed and switch back to Classic, which fixes the issue, but I know this won’t last much longer. Once I cannot do this, I fear we will be unable to access the account under the Administrator and will be only able to post as a follower. Repeated feedback to Facebook every time I have to switch to Classic hasn’t helped. Anyone having a similar problem?

  74. Firstly, I’d like to thank the comment who suggested the Mozilla add on to switch back to the old Facebook. It worked a charm! The new layout is as MicNulty described… like a child’s book. And I agree, it is bad business. There should have been a poll asking users whether they do want the new layout or the old one, rather than just pulling the plug without permission.

  75. I would like to have classic facebook back. I do not like the new facebook am considering draping facebook because of this. I mean it..

  76. Hello and HELP!
    I have spent the last hour trying to find a way to switch to New Facebook because the option to switch back to Classic FB only lasts 48 hours.
    I don’t really care which design — but in the New Facebook I cannot log on to my community page without getting an Error Redirect message – Too many redirects – page is not redirecting properly, etc. I have to go through a whole thing to get on my page to switch to Classic FB.
    I am a community page. – NOT a personal page – so when I go to the FB interface page there is NO dropdown arrow in the upper right hand corner to change to the new view.
    I don’t care about the design — I am trying to switch to New FB just so I can log on to my community page. At some point I’m guessing Classic FB will disappear entirely and I’ll never be able to sign on to my page again due to the Redirect Error?
    Thank you for whatever help anyone can provide.

  77. cant add photos to my face book page upload them ok but cant post them as it doesnt work is this to stop our facebook pages being used

  78. Old facebook is what I want. I use the Marketplace quite extensively and the new one sucks. Gone are the categories, gone is the ability to search for newest first. The new version of Facebook looks like a child’s book. No I don’t need larger words and less text per page. I need what works now and that is current Facebook. If you force me to switch I will probably have to quit it.

    1. I am a senior citizen, and i am used to the classic facebook, it is easier for me, now it takes time for me . I feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

  79. You know forcing this new FB layout without asking users if they would want it or giving them the option to keep the classic look is just bad business. After seeing my classic FB look being replaced by the new look, I did delete my account. Sad, I was a FB user since 2013. Not anymore. Maybe if they get their act together, FB will give users the option to switch to either classic or the new layout by individual choice.

    1. I totally agree! There was nothing wrong with the old facebook. They made too many changes to the old facebook in the first place! The way the messenger lay out was on the old was perfect. Now you don’t have that option. On a scale of 1 to 10 I can’t even give this number a rating because they screwed with something that didn’t need to be in the first place. They should have left it alone! I want my old facebook appearance back…………..

      You guys really screwed up facebook big time! Please put it back to the way it was.

    2. I’m very unhappy with this new Facebook format . Have no option on my site to post back to old format this option has been removed

  80. Is there a way to reduce the size of the left side bar (with my friends, photos, etc . . .) and increase the right side that has the posts and feeds? I want to see the posts and feeds, not the other stuff!!! I really hate the changes. Also, when I post photos, I like to look back on them in case I added one twice by accident or put the wrong photo up. Now I can’t see any of them except the first 5 until they are live. Very irritating.

    1. Please Facebook Team,If people don’t like the new Facebook layout do what Youtube allow users have a customise option to Switch back to the Classic Facebook anytime they want.

      1. I did some research on this. I do not have the switch back option in my drop down menu. According to what a read, there is a fix we can do at home but it has glitches. Some of which are that people can’t sign into their account anymore. Facebook doesn’t load properly etc. I have reported the problem with a screen shot of my drop down menu and asked for the to give me that option. According to my research, there are a group of people who do not have that option on purpose because Facebook wants to see interaction with the new platform. I personally don’t want to use the new version at all.

  81. I am running a Linux version of Chrome. When I attempt to SHARE something it takes me all the way back to the beginning of the main page. I order to complete the SHARE I have to scroll all the way back down.

    1. John,
      Today I finally lost the switch back to classic option. I’m having the same frustrating problem as you are. When I share a post, it jumps back to the top and sometimes it takes me forever to find it again so I can complete the share. Your comment was 10 days ago. Any chance you figured it out? Would appreciate help.

  82. Classic Facebook was so much better. Easy to scroll through , uninterrupted by ads and videos, to friends and family. This is twice as much work. Please listen to your users

  83. The new page is totally useless. If you now absolutely had to do something, it’s sad that you could not do better. Then I wonder why you can not go out and ask what we thought before you decided that the old side should be removed? It is frightening that you are neglecting us and our opinions.

  84. I dont like it, i HATE IT TO!!!!! The new page is totally useless. If you now absolutely had to do something, it’s sad that you could not do better. Then I wonder why you can not go out and ask what we thought before you decided that the old side should be removed? It is frightening that you are neglecting us and our opinions.

  85. In the old version the shortcuts show many new posts in a group the last time you looked, now the new version does not allow me to do that. Is there a way to get that count back. Or is the only option to go to all your group to see if there is anything new?

    1. Being an Admin in a group with over 30K people in it we check at times of how many infractions a member may have had in the past. If they have too many we remove them from the group. I can not find an option in the new FB to review members comments/posts deletes. Is this available and where can I find this feature.

  86. Regarding Facebook, I did note that the new format is slower; however, Facebook is free to all of us and I try not to complain about something we do not pay for… No monthly fees.

    1. Indeed , the new format is disgusting .

      It is disgusting that they would thrust the new format on us without permission .

      The new format is goofy “outside the box” cyberculture garbage .

      Here is a petition to let people decide if they want the new or the old version :

      1. Yes I agree totally, my mother is 93 years old and gets so confused with the new version and I have to go their every few days to switch it back to the old version, wish I knew why it keeps going on the new version. This is so not fair for these elders to have such problems with Facebook , this should be our choice to keep or not to keep.

  87. I would think that FB would have programmers, etc who are talented enough to give us a choice of user interface. The new look is terrible on my small screen. No boundaries so harder to focus on what I want to see if I can even find what I want to see. A much less efficient use of space. The dark mode doesn’t make it better. And I REALLY crack up when it says it will load faster. I’ve timed it. No way does it load faster.
    We are hostage until someone else can develop a social media network that is really about family and friends.

  88. Right now I’m hoping someone makes a Chrome Extension that brings back classic Facebook. I was able to get classic Youtube back with an extension.

  89. Facebook: You’ve messed this up like Coca-Cola’s disastrous introduction of “New Coke” in 1985! Please go back to Classic. WHY?????

    1. Amen to that..the new interface is ATROCIOUS and wastes SO much space!!! DO they think everybody has 32″ monitors?

  90. Finding the the “New Version” painfully slow! (no problems with other websites- only Facebook), has anyone else found this? Has completeley ruined the experience!

    1. I have no idea whether it’s related, but there was a major high-level internet service outage yesterday that impacted many online sites and services. But that’s supposedly resolved, so if you’re still seeing issues it’s probably not related to that.

      1. What caused the “major outage” across so many sites – hackers? Russians? How can we refer so casually to an outage with such wide-ranging effects?

        1. It was an outage at one of the major companies that provide underlying services to the web. Good overview here or a more technical rundown here.

    2. I am constantly getting messages saying a webpage is slowing your internet. As far as I can tell it is the new FB as has only started since the change (very rare prior to that) and now happening many times a day, even when I have closed other pages :'(

    3. Yes, the new Facebook layout is extremely slow. I have a powerhorse system, yet the new FB is slow… No other websites. I’m constantly having to clear cache, and that helps just momentarily.

  91. I’m using my cellphone and trying to switch back to the classic Facebook from the new Facebook…Will you please help me ? Thanks so much

  92. How do you switch to the old version? This new version is just groups and business pages.. it’s horrible!

  93. I DO NOT like the new facebook layout.
    Please bring back the classic layout, or at least give options.
    I find it is too busy and the pages take longer to load.
    I now spend a few minutes and turn it off, as opposed to a much longer time on the classic facebook.


    1. I also hate it. The new font actually hurts my eyes because the size can’t be decreased. It takes up 1/2 of a page of my laptop. I can only read one post at a time. According to what I’ve read, we have to accept it. Not this old lady. I’ll cancel my account. Why have it if I can’t read it?


    1. Exactly its absolutely putting it politely – awful
      Pictures are blurred the format it dreadful.Please please bring back the original format !”

  95. Now this is time to get rid and DELETE the FB account FOREVER.
    FB always lie and cheat users with stupid motivations.
    So, don’t use FB anymore !!!

  96. Some people always seem compelled to change what already works, sometimes I think they do it just to justify their jobs and other times for the money.
    This time I think it’s the money.
    Well. you took something that worked and turned it into something that doesn’t, that’s a rare talent indeed.

  97. I’d like to add my name to the volumes here who absolutely HATE the new facebook format! I don’t understand why they have to take something that works well & screw it up just for the sake of making changes. Not everyone is checking here for newsfeeds – I’m certainly not. I AM trying to stay in touch with family on the other side of the continent as well as friends. The new format makes everything more difficult & cumbersome for me to navigate just for simple check ins. I spent a long time setting up my facebook page to be exactly the way I wanted it – if I want it changed, I’ll do it to suit myself, not some stranger who obviously doesn’t understand what my needs are. I’m really disappointed in facebook, they’ve always been a company that I felt provided a great social service, now I see them for the money grubbing, hands out for adertising company they must be, because they’ve certainly shown that they don’t give a damn about me.

    1. I totally agree. I HATE the new FB and will most likely go into it less often. I used the classic FB daily. Once I find a social media site I am happier with and listens to the people I will no longer use FB.

  98. I don’t like the new format. I get 3 posts that are old. If this is as good as it gets I will be leaving facebook. I don’t like that I have no choice after September. You have truly messed up a good thing.

  99. We the users should determine what is right for us.I realize facebook makes their money via ads,and I am ok with that.I am a researcher often studying things on a global basis,the classic Facebook always worked for me.The new version thus far is slow,and does not help my needs.Classic facebook from search to clear searches to logout was always so simple,and fast-WHY GREASE A WHEEL IF IT”AINT” SQUEALING?Thanks for allowing my comments,as Facebook certainly does not care,authoritarian regimes must not persist in 2020!!!

  100. Dear Facebook ,Please tell me how to get back to Facebook Classic, I cannot stand this New Facebook d may have to sign out of it ,if I can’t get back to the Classic Facebookan

  101. It’s utterly stupid! It seems nothing is going to work once we get switched over to the new Facebook. I am a visual writer with multiple story pages and now we can’t even upload albums anymore!
    Why are they changing something that has been working fine for years???
    I’m very disappointed and have less than 10 days to try save 3 years of hard work ?

  102. I hate it. I switched back to the old version immediately back in June and as of today, it just tried to switch me back and I am getting a popup on my computer that everyone will be forced to the new facebook starting in September. I switched back to the old one again til then :(

  103. I hope all of these comments are being forwarded to someone on Facebook, such as Zuck himself, can read them all and find out how many people he is going to lose over this change. Probably a lot more than those of us that just post here too. They asked for feedback and I responded much the same as most of these comments. I just hope it goes beyond “community solutions”.

  104. Looks like the “Reader’s Digest” large print version. Instead of 20 bookmarks, i see 5! Hate it, hate the “Stories” too, wish I could reclaim that space.

  105. I am also very frustrated and looking for answers with the NEW Facebook platform. I got switched to the NEW platform and no option appears under that little arrow to “switch back to classic FB”. Also, now in my Facebook group I can no longer post PHOTOS or VIDEOS and the “EVENTS” tab disappeared. I used these features daily to engage my group. Wondering how much this might have to do with me still being on Windows 7? Does anyone know if that could be related? Thanks!

  106. I absolutely hate the new version. I haven’t even been able to get into my FB account as it’s not sending me the code to my mobile to be able to login. It’s horrible and when I can get back in, if ever, I will delete myself off the site altogether if it’s to stay like that … the classic version worked so why the hell do they want to change something that works already. The old saying: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

    1. I have to fully agree the new style quite frankly “stinks” and as you said “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, surely they can leave the old style running because not everyone uses Facebook on a cell/mobile phone.

    2. I was switched to the new layout today and I immediately switched back to the “Classic” one, but it says that in September I won’t have any choice. Well, my choice will be to let FB go. I’ll use this last week to save all my pictures and send messages to closest friends and then I’ll be done with it.

  107. the option to switch back to Classic FB is not present. “Help” never replied to help with switching. Is this Nazi Germany now?

    1. Look I am not a fan of the new style either… but you honestly can’t compare a site design and the inability to change it to Nazi Germany. That’s just ridiculous.

  108. Can you please switch my account back to like it was I don’t Iike this new Facebook I can’t see all my friends posts and the news feed ends and has to refresh. I need my Facebook back I can’t even see my nephews posts anymore and he’s in the military I need my account back like it was. I have a iPhone 11 I don’t know how to switch it back myself can u please help me??!!

  109. I freaking HATE HATE HATE the new so-called better Facebook! WTH would they change it so radically without giving us an option to change back! I won’t be using this stupid new/improved FB, but will delete my account when I find something else. Thanks for nothing whomever did this!!!!

  110. Dont like the new Facbook either, I cant find the heart tugging memories ive saved in videos The Oroville Dam where my family was evacuated. Videos of the big fires where one sees the heart break of loseing family members in the fire.Iwant my old facebook back, I feel sick in the pit of my stomach not knowing where my photos n videos are,

    1. You can’t rely on “free” storage to hold your data. Keep anything important on your own drives and on a paid cloud backup. If truly paranoid, keep an off-site backup as well.

    2. I, too, have several FB groups with photos. Here’s how to switch back to the old FB:
      open FB
      Click on the ‘down’ arrow (top of screen –it is preceded by help tab). A window will open.
      Scroll down and click on OLD Facebook
      hope this helps.


  111. All of a sudden, I can’t post on pages unless replying to someone else. Checked different browsers, same crap. Googled a fix and that’s how I found out about this new version. I switched to new version. I can now post but it’s a piece of crap new version. Switch to class and posting is gone again.

  112. its been a longtime that I havent received Notifications & prob losing friends pretty fast-since they feel I’m not replying to anything they do-in the Classic FB With that said- I like the new FB much better–seems like more to do & see-of course, since I’m not getting notifications anyway! Love going back & forth but that wont last!!!

  113. Once the new version came out I immediately switched back to classic and since then nothing has been working. I cannot see my notifications anymore, I cannot post in the groups I am a member of, I cannot see who messaged me and worst of all: the arrow icon doesn’t work either! In other words, even if I wanted to, I cannot go to the new version…..

    1. Why does it take so long for pictures to upload on the new facebook??? Sometimes the photo uploader doesn’t even work at all!! Classic Facebook’s uploader was much, much better! Absolutely terrible!

  114. It’s been over a month sense they switched me off classic FB and I can’t get back it fucking sucks you spend time with people you become good friends the out of the blue your friends are gone and you can’t tell them where you’ve gone I’d like very much to punch the people responsible right in the Throat Ignorant bastards

    1. I can not switch back to old facebook classic layout. How can I go back to previous design. Switch to classic option is missing in my facebook (all browser)

    1. Cannot find a way to return to Classic Facebook on my Samsung tablet – the ‘icon’ to click does not show. I don’t like the new Facebook, whole notifications do not show, nothing in settings to change it, Not happy.

  115. I don’t have the option to switch back to bFB. Can you do this? Hate the new version. I will delete my account if I have to. WTH.

  116. I don’t have the option to go back. It would take a stretch of imagination to believe that Zuck and his ilk are competent to provide the choice. Bye, punks, embrace a financial death penalty.

  117. I am also very frustrated and looking for answers with the NEW Facebook platform. I got switched to the NEW platform and no option appears under that little arrow to “switch back to classic FB”. Also, now in my Facebook group I can no longer post PHOTOS or VIDEOS and the “EVENTS” tab disappeared. I used these features daily to engage my group. Wondering how much this might have to do with me still being on Windows 7? Does anyone know if that could be related? Thanks!

  118. Found the solution – you can log in Facebook into the incognito mode ( Private Window ) and switch back to the classic – It works

    1. I hate the new Facebook. None of the ways we moved pics work. Posting is even more trouble. Please go back to Classic!!! Why would you even consider changing? UGH, so annoying.

  119. me too, My group page is a shambles I can’t take off the selling feature, I can’t pin posts and I can no longer switch to the “cklassic” facebook This sucks…maybe I should take all my business to LIker

    1. While I like that fact that the new FB home page is now in larger print, I am having issues with my Group Albums. I cannot rearrange my photos. The photos are all over the place. I really hope someone reads these posts.

  120. Face book why the new format that everyone hates? I switched it back at one point when I had the option and it switched back over the new format :( ! Now there is no option to switch. WHY ?WHY ?WHY?

  121. I am unable to switch back to classic Facebook. AND more importantly, I can’t get to my page AT ALL. I have a business page, on which I schedule posts so it’s crucial that I get this sorted out. When I log onto my page, it goes to the “Your pages” screen. None of the links on it work (well, except for creating an ad, which I certainly don’t need to do right now!). Any suggestions? I can’t even get to a page that allows me to send feedback to FB.

  122. How to revert my original facebook? its really crazy to have this new version. How can i revert back my facebook? i dont have that option you mentioned, please do let me know how


    1. I’m with Sue!! I want my old Facebook back! Quit fooling around with this crap.

    2. I wish the FB developers would take note of all this negative feedback and give us back the option to return to Classic :'(

  124. There is no option to switch back. It is very annoying. This is how facebook treats us. We are not allowed to make our own decisions.

  125. Any update on how to improve the New FB? Mine is slow, texting is lethargic ( like 8-10 letters behind), after a few images the pinwheel appears and twirls forever and loads new postings very slowly…not impressed!

    1. My FB account was switched to their new view without notice to me. I’m unable to switch back to the classic view because I have other people who use the same desk top in my home who have their own facebook accounts (which should have NOTHING to do with my account). FB eliminated that option for me because of it. Microsoft Edge does not work well with FB’s “‘new” view and is slow. What can I do, if anything?

    2. Facebook now is just a jumbled up.piece of junk slow poor designed and absolute disgusting layout and terrible to work with Windows 10 updated May 2020 that is using Google Chrome as the browser nothing works good like flogging a dead horse. Facebook on mobile phone Android app works much better than this desktop piece of junk. Goodbye Facebook another customer lost permanently

  126. I never had the option. It happened to me today and as I searched on instructions to GO BACK, there just is NONE.

    1. I’m having that same problem now. No option to go back to Classic FB!!! I followed the instructions to return to Classic but don’t have that option!!

  127. I was gone on vacation and came back to a new Facebook. And I don’t like it. It seems hard to navigate. And I don’t have the option to change. No blue arrow, no blue arrow with a circle and no revert to Classic option under the black arrow or anywhere. Is this just temporary? Or am I stuck with it?

  128. Not everything mobile-friendly is good for everyone..
    I cant see the link to switch back to classic view.
    Is Facebook trying to force me to say good bye?
    It’s not something of whether not using to it, everything just looks large and messy !

  129. I want this new layout, but I don’t get any option in menu to switch. I stuck with old design. Does anyone know how to get this option? :/

  130. I have nothing like your examples. I thought the old format was too busy, but I guess that was better than this wasteland. What I have now is like a widescreen TV with a few horizontal lines going across it. Every line spans the screen; there’s no sidebar. And it’s impossible to find anything. I hate it and want another alternative! Maybe what we had, with an option to control what modules are on our home page (Like do we want who’s available to chat right on every page? I don’t).

    1. Yes, it sounds like the option to switch back has been removed for many users. I just checked on my account this morning, and it’s still there for me. As for the strange layout you’re seeing, the first thing I’d try would be clearing the browser cache. It’s possible that your browser is getting confused with conflicting css style sheets. Beyond that, I’m not sure–I haven’t come across the kind of display you describe.

  131. Why change something that was working fine. I HATE this new Homepage format I liked the classic one but now I no longer have the option to switch back to this. I am obviously not alone in my thinking !!!

    1. hi there. my facebook interface is not showing the switch to classic button . please add this and fix the issue.

  132. I tried the “fix” that someone linked here. After some frustration, I gave to my very tech savvy spouse, who could not get any of it to work, and didn’t really get what the author was trying to do.

  133. Has anyone tried to do this? I can’t even read the writing, it is too small, to feint and too fast :'(

  134. Hey so you know this is not an option for everyone. Why, I don’t know. Facebook is dumb like that though. I know I’m not the only one in this boat. It’s all over facebook community forums.

  135. I do not like this new fb look and I would love to decide in my behave what is better for me not what someone think its better. GIVE ME MY OLD FACEBOOK LOOK BACK!!!

    1. Sadly I think the switch may have been flicked – I don’t seem able to get back and the new look version doesn’t seem to work very well :'(

      Several functions don’t work smoothly including add a gif or add a photo. Also the layout means you have to go back and forth to get where you want to and the messenger pup-outs don’t function properly you have to go into messenger :( all very slow, clunky and inconvenient

    1. This is all I could find via Google:

      I do not know if it works. I always hate it when things change, because they never work as well as the former version. The larger format is Too large and doesn’t give one a sense of command with being able to hold a wide-angle view of the page. It is more like a telescopic view with less items showing on the page!

      People seem to dislike the new version and I really think that if they SAY there is an option to Return to the Classic version, then they should deliver on this. And not everyone has updated their system either! I am so afraid of even moving forward with the FB demonstration. I am doomed.

      1. I cannot get back to the old facebook. Do not like the new one. Playing bingo with over 22, million pts amd can’t get them back. Just put the other back on.

  136. I switched back to the classic view immediately, when the new one appeared, about 6 weeks ago. All of a sudden, 2 days ago, it is back to the new view and I no longer have the option to switch back. I don’t care about the new functions, but I do find this to be awkward when trying to scroll through different groups. And the whole thing just looks too big. Guess there’s no option now…

  137. I switched to the new look which I don’t like so I want to switch back to the old version but I cant see that option :(

  138. I can’t seem to switch from the new back to the classic. what’s going on? I click on the iron in the corner but it doesn’t offer me the option to switch. do not like thenew facebook at all. help me please

  139. i would like to go back to my old facebook i dont like the new one itas a lot so can you please turn it back for me please ty

  140. People should always have the option to switch back to classic facebook just like a on off switch on a table radio..! That’s my opinion!

  141. Got the new layout without my approval and I can not add pics or vids anymore in reaction …. did not ask for this restriction, crap FB ……

  142. new facebook look is totally confusing especially for seniors….no option to go back…it is a piece of crap…

  143. Without any given permission from my side, this new FB has been shoved in my throat. Okay one sez, i will try to swith back to the old layout, if i was only allowed and could find the damn switch in configuration!!

  144. Not happy with the new FB style. It’s not useful.
    Luckily i use FB only rarely. I may stop entirely now because it’s just not enjoyable to use.

    1. With this screwed up FB mess at least the Russians will have a hard time getting us to read their anti Biden crap.

  145. I do not like the new format and it will not let me switch back to the old one. Is there a way to do it?

  146. I totally agree.they didnt give me the change to even choose between keeping the old version or change it into the new version.i could not find a cancel or an x anywhere on the screen, so i accept it by force and i cant find a way to take the action back,this sucks.i will keep on trying to find some answers or else i might delete my account for good.

  147. A friend of mine has been trying to retrieve her account uploading her id in jpeg, png and gif formats.
    However, a message is showing up saying that she should use exactly the same formats she had been using.
    What is she supposed to do?

  148. My Facebook changed to the new look yesterday and I was actually fine with that, but this morning when I logged on via desktop it had reverted back to the old look and no option to switch back to the new look.

    Anyone else have this?

    1. I have the opposite – I can’t switch back to classic. There is no option to do so as per the advices given

  149. I want to switch to the NEW version and I cannot find that option where they say it is supposed to be. Help!?

    1. I am also facing same problem. there is no option to change to classic view. FB people are saying about option tin menu but no found that option in my FB

    1. they unwillingly forced me to use the new Facebook look ! and now as u just said ! they took that option away and can’t switch back to the classic one any more !!!!! I don’t know what the fuck is happening right now ! this is so fuckin’ outrageous and provocative

      1. My fb page changed to the new one and I would actually like the classic fb back because it is easier for my old eyes to read. It no longer has an option to change it.

        1. Same here.
          Please put FB back on the classic one and leave it alone! I know so many others who feel the same way. My only option is to no longer use FB at all.

      2. I also do not like the new look but doesn’t give me the option to switch back to classic. I hate this!!!!

      3. I want my classic Facebook back and they took away that option….I’m not going back until I can get back to classic!!

        1. Me too i dont want this new FB hard to use. every time i log in to FB this thing comes up and i cant get rid of it. They blocked the button to switch to old FB too.

  150. hello. As i know, there are many facebook members (including me) who they dont have that switch option to return to classic style. There is not this switch in our facebook page. I have tried to communicate with facebook help, i have send maybe 5 or 6 emails, but i didnt recieve any answer. …SO DIPPLY DISAPOINTED of their behavor…. I am almost ready to delete my account, and start a new one, because i can not use this stupid new style…
    If any of you knows any other way to return to the old style, pls let me know..
    Thank you in advance!

    1. I totally agree.they didnt give me the change to even choose between keeping the old version or change it into the new version.i could not find a cancel or an x anywhere on the screen, so i accept it by force and i cant find a way to take the action back,this sucks.i will keep on trying to find some answers or else i might delete my account for good.

    2. Does we have a resolution about, how to switch back?I dont have the option anymore and i really hate the new look. Really. This is not ok..

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