How to Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads

Is your website suddenly covered in Adsense ads that you didn’t put there? It might be because Auto Ads has been rolled out automatically on your site.

How to Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads
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Chances are, if you’re reading this page, it’s because you found that your website is suddenly covered in ads in places you didn’t place them. Google recently rolled out Auto Ads on a much wider scale. And in many cases, you had to specifically opt out of them.

When it comes to ad placement, I’m a minimalist. While it certainly means I make less money from ads than I could, and Google does a much better job of optimizing the ads on my site for maximum earnings, I just prefer not to have my sites covered in ads even if that means forgoing some income. So I just wanted to turn off Auto Ads completely.

This is a nuclear option. It disables Auto Ads site-wide. There are also more granular controls for controlling parts of your content or specific pages. And another option is to completely remove the Adsense code from the page, of course–after all, it’s that code that’s still required to trigger the Auto Ads or any other Adsense Ads.

How to Remove Adsense Auto Ads

1. Sign into Adsense

2. Select the site.

Go to the list of sites you have with Adsense enabled. The second column tells you whether Auto Ads is On or Off for each site.

Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads Sitewide 1

3. Edit options for the site.

Click on the pencil icon at right to open the edit screen.

How to Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads Sitewide

4. Toggle Auto Ads to off.

You’ll see a switch at the top to toggle Auto Ads on or off.

Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads Sitewide 2

Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads Sitewide 3

5. Click Apply to Site.

Don’t forget to do this or the changes won’t stick.

Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads Sitewide 4

6. Confirm the status change.

Now, when you go to the list of website, the status should have changed for that site in the Auto Ads column.

Disable Google Adsense Auto Ads Sitewide 5

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial. If I remove auto ads, AdSense will revert to the manual ad units before auto ads became active. How do I remove the manual ad units? Do I do it in the Adsense dashboard or in the Ad inserter plugin in the WordPress blog? Please share the steps. Thanks.


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