An Image Resizer for All Your Social Media Channels. And It’s Free!

Biteable’s free image resizer generates perfectly sized images for all your social media channels with one click.

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Biteable is focused mostly on video. But somewhat buried on their website is a very useful resizer tool for still images. Biteable’s image resizer is a neat tool I came across recently. And it’s completely free. You can find it here.

There are many, many apps and online services that can resize images. Many of them are also free.

But there’s something different about Biteable’s that I think makes it worth a special mention. It’s something I’ve found useful, and I suspect others will find it useful, too.

And that is that it’s great for resizing for all your social media images in one hit. Whether you’re posting to one social media channel or multiple, this particular image sizer can make things much easier and save you a lot of time and effort.

Getting the perfect dimensions for all the different social media channels you run is a pain. You first have to find out the best dimensions–something social media companies seem determined to make hard to find. Then you need to resize the images, and that probably also involves recropping, because with a different shape, you might well have cropped off part of the image area that you want to keep. The Biteable image resizer has thought of that. And it couldn’t be simpler to use. There’s nothing to install or sign up for, and it’s entirely free!

So here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

How to Resize Images for Multiple Social Media Outlets with Biteable’s Image Resizer

It’s extremely simple to use. Resizing shouldn’t be hard. It has a very clear user interface that makes it very easy to see what you’re doing. That’s already a plus.

Social Media Image Size Presets

It has preset image sizes for multiple social media services. Upload one image to resize, and you can download multiple versions perfectly sized for various social media channels. That’s a big timesaver.

The social media services that this caters to are:

And it doesn’t just do one size for each service. Most of these services use different image sizes in different places. Biteable’s image resizer generates many of those different sizes.

Assign a Focal Point

And a thoughtful feature that I like is that has a way to assign a focal point, which is incredibly handy to accommodate different crops and aspect ratios without losing the most important part of the image (i.e., the chopped-off-heads problem).

In this example, I’ve used a photo I took of a tiger (at National Zoo) where the tiger’s face is off-center. Obviously, the image would look a bit odd if the face was cropped off. Which is where the focus point adjustment tool comes in particularly handy.

You can see in the images below, the tiger’s face remains prominent, regardless of whether the image is in portrait (vertical) or landscape (horizontal) orientation.

Biteable Image Resizer for YouTube
Biteable Image Resizer for Instagram
Biteable Image Resizer for Facebook

Download Image Package

Once you’ve generated the resized images, you can then use one click to download them as an image package. The images are sorted into folders by use case, and the image named for their intended placement and dimensions.

Biteable Image Resizer Download Image Package

Things Worth Knowing

It’s for working with one image at a time. You can download multiple formats, crops, and aspect ratios from that one original image, but you can only feed one image at a time into it.

Wrap Up

Biteable’s image resizer is free, quick, and simple to use. You can find it here.

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