How to Charge Canon EOS 2000D Batteries

Charge the Canon EOS 2000D’s battery using the provided battery charger; it cannot be charged within the camera. If you require a replacement or spare charger, find the necessary information here.

Canon EOS 2000D DSLR Camera
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Quick Summary

  • Charge the Canon EOS 2000D using the external LC-E10E battery charger; in-camera USB charging isn’t supported.
  • The EOS 2000D uses the LP-E10 battery, which is shared with other Canon models like the Rebel T7 and EOS 1500D.
  • Full battery charging takes approximately 2 hours at room temperature, but can extend to 4 hours in colder conditions.
  • Aftermarket chargers offer benefits like dual-battery charging, USB power source compatibility, and cost savings.
  • For extended storage, remove the battery from the camera to prevent slow drainage.
  • If the battery depletes quickly after charging, it’s an indication to replace it.

To charge the Canon EOS 2000D’s battery, you’ll need to take the battery out of the camera and use the battery charger that came with the camera.

Unlike many other cameras, you can’t charge the battery in the camera by connecting a USB power source—the USB port on the 2000D is purely for data, not power.

If you need a replacement for the battery charger (or the battery, for that matter), there are model numbers and suggestions below.

Confusingly, the EOS 2000D goes by several different names.

In the UK and Europe, it’s known as the EOS 2000D. But it’s known as the Rebel T7 in the Americas, the Kiss X90 in Japan, and the EOS 1500D in India, Australia, and Southeast Asia. They refer to the same camera–they’re just marketing distinctions (although warranties and charger plugs vary).

Canon EOS 2000D Battery

The model number of the Canon EOS 2000D battery is LP-E10.

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It’s a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s rated at 860mAh. The 2000D comes with one as standard.

Canon EOS Rebel T7 Battery Model LP-E10
The LP-E10 battery for the Canon EOS 2000D.

It’s the same battery that several other popular Canon camera models use, so they tend to be quite widely available. And it’s also exactly the same battery used by this camera in its other model names. So if you find a battery listed as one for the Canon Rebel T7 or EOS 1500D, it’s the same thing.

If you’re after a replacement or spare, you can get the official Canon version. If you want to play it safe, the official version is the safest version and the one guaranteed by Canon itself. The catch is that they come with a premium price tag.

You can also find aftermarket versions of the LP-E10 from other manufacturers. They’re often significantly cheaper, and many aftermarket batteries work well. But quality control can vary with lesser-known brands, so it’s best to try to stick to those that have good reviews from other users.

Some of these spare batteries come with their own dual charger dock included. And something I like about these is that they’re often USB charging docks, which greatly expands the options for charging the battery, especially when you’re on location or traveling.

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Charging Time

This is the guidance that Canon provides in the manual:

It takes approx. 2 hours to fully recharge a completely exhausted battery at room temperature (23°C / 73°F). The time required to recharge the battery will vary greatly depending on the ambient temperature and the battery’s remaining capacity.

For safety reasons, recharging in low temperatures (6°C – 10°C / 43°F – 50°F) will take longer (up to approx. 4 hours).

Battery Charger for the Canon EOS 2000D

The charger for the 2000D is model number LC-E10E.

LC-E10 Battery Quick Charger for Canon: LP-E10 LC-E10C LC-E10E Battery…
  • Charger Power: Input Voltage-AC100-240V/50-60Hz, LED lights that shows the charging status.
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  • Compatible camera model: for Canon EOS 1100D 1200D 1300D 1500D 2000D 3000D 4000D kiss X50 X70 X80 X90…

It’s a switching charger, which means you can use them in foreign countries, anywhere from 100V to 240V. But when you’re traveling abroad, you might still need to use an international adapter (it will depend on which countries you’re visiting, and I’m referring here to a standard plug adapter).

Again, there are plenty of aftermarket versions. They can offer three advantages:

  • They can be much cheaper. They’re often sold as a pack with the batteries as well, making them especially good value.
  • Several are dual-battery chargers, meaning that you can charge two batteries at once.
  • Some can charge from a USB power source, which increases flexibility when charging on location or when traveling.

As with aftermarket batteries (or any aftermarket electronics, for that matter), quality control can vary with no-name brands.

Things Worth Knowing About Charging a Canon 2000D

  • If you plan to put the camera aside for an extended period without using it, it’s best to remove the battery.
  • When the battery is in the camera, there’s a small drain on it even when the camera is powered off. So be sure to top up the battery before going out to shoot.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have a finite life expectancy. If the battery starts running out very quickly even after you’ve charged it, it’s time to get a replacement.
  • If you’re after a memory card, I’ve put together a separate post on Canon 2000D SD card recommendations.


Which battery does the Canon EOS 2000D use?

The Canon EOS 2000D uses the LP-E10 battery.

Does the Canon EOS 2000D come with a battery?

In the standard configuration, the Canon EOS 2000D comes with one LP-E10 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Can you charge the battery while it’s inside the Canon EOS 2000D camera?

To charge the Canon EOS 2000D’s battery, you need to remove the battery from the camera and charge it with the LC-E10E external charger (it comes with the camera). The USB port on the EOS 2000D is for data transfer only and won’t transmit power for charging.

Does the Canon EOS 2000D come with a battery charger?

The Canon EOS 2000D comes standard with an LC-E10E external battery charger.

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