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Nikon D3500 with qDslrDashboard Interval Timer

Nikon D3500 Intervalometer: How to Shoot Timelapse with a Nikon D3500

The Nikon D3500 isn’t compatible with standard external intervalometers. So it’s not practical to shoot a long timelapse sequence of photos natively. But there is still a way to shoot timelapse with a D3500 by connecting it to a computer and using a software intervalometer. Here’s how.

Kodak Mini Film Scanner

Scan Old Slides & Films to Digital with the Kodak Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Have some old family photos you’d like to scan? If they’re slides or negatives, a basic film scanner can be a great option, whether you want to share the old photos on social media or preserve the photos in a printed photobook. I’ve been trying out one of the simplest, cheapest, and smallest options, the Kodak Mini Digital Film Scanner. Here’s how it works.


MOVO MTP-10 Timelapse Panning Base

The MOVO MTP-10 is a device that adds rotation and panning to timelapse photos. It offers more features but is also more expensive compared to other options. Here’s my review based on personal experience.

Geotagging Software

Here’s a roundup of software that will take your photos and a GPS tracklog and marry them together to geotag your photos.

GPS Trackers for Photographers

For travel photography, location matters. Whether you’re trying to track your adventures on a map or enter caption information in the image metadata, it helps to know exactly where a photo was taken.

A Better Way to Remove Dust & Scratches with Photoshop

If you’re scanning film, slides, or prints, you’re almost certainly going to run into the problem of dust and scratches. Here’s a handy technique for removing them that works particularly well with black and white images.

Timelapse Calculator for iPhone

Timelapse Calculator for iPhone is a simple yet effective app for calculating shoot durations, frame rates, and clip lengths for creating time-lapse video.