Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R5 Video Bitrates

Here are video bitrate tables for various video shooting setting combinations on the Canon EOS R5 mirrorless camera.

Nikon D850 Video Shooting

Nikon D850 Video Modes & Features

Here’s a rundown of the video modes and features of the Nikon D850 camera. The camera’s strengths are in stills photography, but it still has capable video features.

Nikon D3400 Webcam Live  Video Streaming

How to Use a Nikon D3400 as a Webcam or for Live Video Streaming

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office for Zoom meetings or building a basic home vlogging studio, you can use a Nikon D3400 as a webcam or for real-time video capture to a computer. But it’s not quite as simple as just plugging your camera in with a USB cable. Here’s a guide on how to do it and what you’ll need to make it work.

How To Capture A Video Frame With VLC 6

How to Capture a Video Frame with VLC

One free, simple option for video frames capture to save it as a JPG is to use the free, cross-platform app VLC. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

How to Export a Frame from Premiere Pro

There are two methods for exporting an individual frame from a Premiere Pro project. One is quick and simple but doesn’t give you much control. The other involves more steps but gives you more control over things like size and compression amount.