Batteries & Charging

Reviews, tips and tricks related to keeping GoPros powered up.

GoPro HERO10 Black Extended Battery Video Performance Mode

How to Maximize GoPro HERO10 Battery Life

Like all GoPros, the battery life of the HERO10 Black isn’t among the camera’s strong suits. But there are some things you can do to maximize your shooting time before the battery dies.

GoPro HERO10 Batteries - Standard and Enduro

GoPro HERO10 Batteries

There are two official batteries for the GoPro HERO10 Black: the standard battery and the new high-performance Enduro battery.

GoPro HERO10 Batteries

How to Charge a GoPro HERO10

There’s more than one way to charge the GoPro HERO10 Black’s battery. Here are the alternatives, and which method is best in what situations.

GoPro HERO9 Charging and Batteries

How to Charge GoPro HERO9

There are several ways to charge the battery of your GoPro HERO9 Black. Here’s a rundown of the options, and which is best to use, when.

GoPro Batteries

GoPro Battery Compatibility Chart

If you’re looking for a replacement battery or a spare, here are the model numbers for GoPro batteries that correspond to GoPro cameras.

GoPro Charging Cables

GoPro Charging Cable Guide

GoPro cameras have used three different USB charging cables. Which type of charging cable you need depends on which camera you’re using. Here’s a master list.

GoPro Fusion Charging AC Power

How to Charge a GoPro Fusion

While charging GoPro batteries isn’t complicated, the specific options vary from camera to camera. Here’s a rundown of the charging and battery options for the GoPro Fusion.

Charging GoPro Remotes

How to Charge GoPro Remote Controls

There are three different GoPro-branded remote controls available for their cameras, but they don’t all charge the same way or use the same cable.