My hands-on reviews of GoPro accessories, including memory cards, mounts, microphones, batteries & chargers, sticks, housings, and advanced controllers.

Charging GoPro Remotes

How to Charge GoPro Remote Controls

There are three different GoPro-branded remote controls available for their cameras, but they don’t all charge the same way or use the same cable.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap

GoPro Swaddle Case

GoPros are tough little things. They end up in places that no camera should go. But even GoPros can do with some TLC.

CamKix Bobber for GoPro

CamKix Bobber for GoPro Cameras

GoPros love the water. But they don’t float. The CamKix Premium Bobber is a good option for keeping your GoPro afloat and visible.

GoPro HERO4 SD Card Recommendations

Here are some practical recommendations for SD cards for the GoPro HERO4 Black and Silver. Not every microSD card you can find will work–you’ll need a card that’s fast enough to keep up with the high-bitrate recording that these cameras are capable of.

GoPro Suction Cup Mounts

If you’re looking to mount your GoPro to a flat surface like a car windscreen, surfboard, jet ski, or kayak, there are several different options for suction cup mounts depending on your needs. Here are some of the best.