Batteries and Chargers for the GoPro HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO (2018)

GoPros have never had particularly good battery life. So having spare batteries on hand, along with an external charger, can help you keep shooting.

The GoPro HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO (2018) all use the same type of removable battery, so the information here applies to all of those models. The HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White both have hardwired internal batteries that aren’t removable, so it doesn’t apply to those two models (or to the various Session cameras; they also have non-removable batteries).

GoPros have never had particularly good battery life. I’ve found the HERO6 Black and HERO5 Black to have marginally improved battery life over the HERO4 Black, but you’re still lucky if you get two hours of shooting. Depending on what settings you’re using, it might end up being a lot less.

Get $100 Off the GoPro HERO8 Black with TradeUp Deal

The new HERO8 Black is now out, and GoPro has launched their tradeup deal to get $100 off, bringing it down to $299.99.

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It is possible to attach a long-life battery. It’s also possible to connect an external battery pack or battery hand grip via USB and use that as external power. But those setups can become pretty unwieldy, and they aren’t waterproof because it means having one of the access doors open to reach the USB-C port.

It’s much easier to manage the GoPro’s battery life with spare batteries and external chargers. It means you can be charging one or more batteries while still using the camera rather than sitting around twiddling your thumbs waiting for it to charge.

Here’s a rundown of the options for picking up some spare batteries or external chargers for the HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO (2018), all of which use the same battery.

The batteries for the HERO8 Black look slightly different, but they’re the same kind of batteries and can be used interchangeably. The newer versions have a pale blue base, but it’s just a cosmetic change—they’re the same kind of battery, the same shape, and with the same power specs. In other words, you can use a HERO8 Black battery in a HERO6 Black (or other one listed on this page) and vice versa.

Official GoPro Chargers and Batteries

Individual Batteries

GoPro has their own branded batteries and chargers. They work well, and they’re also higher priced than other options. But if you’re after the officially supported option, this is it.

The latest version of this, brought out at the same time as the HERO8 Black, has a pale blue baseplate. Older versions are all black. But it’s just a cosmetic change–they’re the same kinds of batteries and can be used interchangeably.

You can pick up batteries, and if you’re just looking to replace a battery that might be the way to go. But without an external charger you’ll have to charge it in the camera, which reduces somewhat the advantage of having a spare battery.

The batteries are made in several countries, including China and Vietnam.

You can find them at Amazon, directly from, or B&H Photo.

Tip: GoPro offers 50% off many of their accessories through their online store with the PLUS subscription. The discount applies to batteries and the dual battery charger. There’s a 30-day free trial and then the subscription renews at $4.99 each month (a bit cheaper if you pay the year in advance). You also get some other neat perks with PLUS; you can more details here. But for me, I’ve found that just the discount on accessories has paid for the membership fee many times over.

Dual Charger with Battery

This is GoPro’s cradle for charging one or two batteries at a time. You can find it bundled with a battery or as just the charger alone. It has an input for a USB-C cable. It’s also fully compatible with GoPro’s new rapid charger.

You can find them at Amazon, B&H Photo, and


This is GoPro’s fast charger, and GoPro claims that it will charge the compatible cameras up to 20% faster than using a conventional charger. If you plug it into the GoPro Dual Battery Charger, you’ll reportedly get up to 45% faster. And it will also charge the Karma Grip stabilizer.

The current list of GoPro cameras and accessories compatible with its fast charging is: Fusion, HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black,HERO (2018),HERO5 Session, Dual Battery Charger (HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black/HERO6 Black/HERO5 Black/HERO 2018), and Karma Grip.

It makes use of the USB-C connection to beef up the charge. Note that it’s not a cradle–it’s just a charger—so it can’t charge a battery by itself. You can either plug it into the camera or into GoPro’s cradle charger. It comes with interchangeable AC plugs for US, Europe, and Australia as well as a 1.5ft (0.45m) 3A USB-C to USB-C Cable.

You can find them at, Amazon, and B&H Photo.

Third-Party After-Market Batteries and Chargers

There are many third-party after-market batteries available for GoPros. Some are better than others. I’ve consistently had good results with batteries from Wasabi and Smatree but have also found others to work well.

But there is an important consideration when using after-market batteries. That is that it’s technically possible for GoPro to make the camera reject batteries from other manufacturers. They do it through a firmware tweak, and they’ve done it before. For now, though, GoPro seems to be playing nice with many of the after-market manufacturers, but that’s not guaranteed.

On November 26, 2016, GoPro released firmware update v.01.55 for the HERO5 Black. The release notes were extremely vague: “Includes bug fixes and usability improvements.” What they don’t say is that one of the unannounced changes was that the camera now did a check on the battery, and if it’s not a GoPro-branded one the camera wouldn’t power up. That instantly made all of the non-GoPro branded batteries that were then available paperweights–the camera simply wouldn’t accept those batteries and power up.

In February 2017, Wasabi Power came out with a new version of their batteries (model number BTR-HERO5-JWP-03) that includes a new chip. They claim—even “guarantee”–that they will continue to work “with all future firmware updates” that GoPro puts out for the HERO5 Black.

While I have found no problems using these batteries in HERO5 Black cameras with firmware versions v.01.57 and v.01.55, I can’t independently corroborate the basis for Wasabi’s assurance of future compatibility. GoPro has a program that is specifically designed to assure compatibility–it’s called “Works with GoPro.” These batteries are not currently listed as part of that program. So it’s not clear to me what kind of arrangement they might have (or not have, as the case may be) with GoPro and on what basis they can promise future compatibility. A saving grace is that they’re relatively inexpensive.

In my experience, these Wasabi batteries work well with the current firmware, provide essentially identical battery life, and are priced (MSRP) competitively. But do make sure that you’re getting the specific model BTR-HERO5-JWP-03 batteries. Older versions still won’t work with the newer camera firmware.

Other brands, like this one, are also starting to pop up with with their own branded batteries that also promise ongoing compatibility with future updates. At the time of writing, Smatree, another third-party battery brand I’ve had very good experiences with in the past, hasn’t yet released a new version of their batteries for the HERO5 Black. So for now, I’ve only tried the Wasabi ones. They’re available in various bundles:

Batteries for the HERO4 Black and Silver vs HERO8/7/6/5 Black

If you’re upgrading from the HERO4 Black and wondering whether you can use batteries from the HERO4 Black or Silver in the HERO7 Black, HERO6 Black, HERO5 Black, and HERO (2018), the answer is no. The HERO4 batteries are different and can’t be used interchangeably.

The new GoPro HERO5 Black uses a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that’s rated at 1220 mAh (4.40V), which is a slightly higher rated capacity than the previous model (1160 mAh). It looks very similar to the ones for the HERO4, but the contacts are more towards the center of one side rather than near a corner. Like this:

At left is the new battery for the HERO5 Black. At right is the battery for the HERO4 Black and HERO4 Silver.

I have a separate post on batteries and chargers for the HERO4 Black and Silver.

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  • Hi!

    Not about GoPro specifically but I feel worth mentioning that I live in the US and purchased two Wasabi batteries for my Fuji DSLR. Here they worked out great. However, when traveling overseas the only battery that survived being re-charged at 220-V was the on-brand, OG FujiFilm battery. I'm hesitant now to use a knock-off battery when traveling. For what it's worth :-)

    In relevant news, traded in my Hero 3+ for the new 8! The agency I work for has the 7 and it's been amazing, so I'm looking forward to having my own rockin' lil' adventure cam :-D

    • I think I might know why they wouldn't recharge. The included chargers for knockoff batteries almost always overcharge the batteries to about 4.3 volts per cell instead of 4.1, and that coupled with slightly lower battery quality may have broken them on the first charge. Maybe, maybe not, it's just a thought. I and my brother bought some Artman batteries and took them scuba diving for a week with no failures (other than the warm Florida water causing the GoPro to overheat).

    • THat's useful feedback, thanks. I haven't run into that issue myself, although I usually use switching chargers or USB sources. Enjoy the H8! I took delivery of mine yesterday and have been out shooting with them today.

  • I have a Hero 2018. Looking at the released updates, there are none (yet). If I have a third party battery and a future new update renders it useless (I guess the risk isn't that great, but just in case) could I manually revert the firmware to the previous update or even just reset the camera without losing or damaging anything? Thanks for your help!

    • Good question, but I don't really have an answer because I've never tried going backwards with GoPro firmware updates (using customized firmware is different--I've done that). On some other camera brands/models it works, but on others the firmware process first checks that the "update" is in fact newer and will not allow going backwards. I've seen some reports of people successfully rolling back on earlier GoPro models, but I'm not sure how well that works with the newer firmware update process. One complication is that GoPro removes the old firmware versions online when they release a new firmware update, so you'd have to go digging to find the file and then do it manually. So I can't say for sure whether or not it's technically possible, but I wouldn't necessarily be counting on being able to do it.

    • Yes. Same battery. I've been using them interchangeably without issues--original GoPro branded ones as well as aftermarket brands.

    • You can use a standard USB powerbrick, which is a cumbersome approach but works. You could also use something like the Wasabi Clutch, which is a combined handle and battery. The other side-by-side versions, like the first two I've written about here, won't work with the HERO7 White or Silver because the USB-C socket is in a slightly different position on those models.

  • I have shortlisted the following for my hero 6 black. Pls suggest if they would work fine with it -
    1. Sandisc 128 GB class 10 microSDXC memory card
    2. RAVPower Camera battery charger set

    • It depends which model of memory card you mean. SanDisk has several cards that have the Class 10 marking on them, but I'd recommend going with one that also has V30, U3, or U1 on it as well and not one that only has Class 10. I have some specific recommendations here.

      I've had good experiences with RAVPower products. I'm not sure what specific model you're looking at, but so long as it's marked as compatible with the HERO6 Black, I would expect it to work well (although I haven't tried that specific combination).

  • Any update on the subject?

    I just bought a Hero 6 and I'm looking for extra batteries... As I travel on a motorcycle, a power pack wouldn't be a good option to me.


  • Hello,
    I received the GOPRO black camera and dual battery charger while living in Canada. I have since moved to Europe.
    Can I simply plug in the USB cord to the same usb plug I use for my iPad or do I need to adjust to the voltage in Europe. I've googled my question but I'm still not 100% if a voltage converter is necessary or not.

  • Hi David,
    I am away on vacation and have lost my hero 5 charger. The only USB cable I seem to be able to locate is a fast charge USB c by the company renal international. Would this be ok to charge my GoPro?

    • I don't know that specific brand, but I've not run into any real compatibility issues with any of the USB-C cables I've tried with a GoPro. I haven't found them to be as picky as some smartphones.

  • Here goes - going to be doing a marathon in a couple months. It will be a 5 guy relay and we'll be pushing a wheelchair race cart. We want to capture this journey and have a hero 5 black we can use. What's the best and lightest battery solution to cover us for apx 4 hours or so? That would be race and finish. May need more time as well - just don't know yet.

    • If you plan to mount it on the cart itself, you have many more options. With that, you could add an external USB powerbank that will easily cover 4 or 5 hours at least. If it rains it won't be weatherproof without some well-placed tape or jerry rigging, but it's the cheapest and most flexible. Pretty much any powerbrick will work--it doesn't need to be fancy--but if you're looking for ideas, I recently posted some of my current favorites of various types.

      If you plan to hand-hold or mount on the runners somehow, two good options come to mind to keep things highly portable. The first is a battery grip like this one. It's not waterproof because you need to have the ports accessible on both the battery and the camera, but it is highly portable and from my own experience should easily cover the duration of the race. The second is a product that isn't released yet but is expected to start shipping in early August--a Wasabi extended battery that attaches onto the back and side of the camera. You can find them here. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising. An advantage of this one is that it can be waterproof if you add the optional waterproof case.

      Hope this helps, and good luck in the race!

  • Thank you for all of this info!
    I just wanted to confirm what I've been reading.
    Can I charge my hero 5 black battery in the camera by using my iPhone small plug , plugged into an outlet ??