How to Enable Camera Help Tips on the GoPro HERO7 Cameras

The camera tips that show you what the screen icons do on a GoPro HERO7 go away automatically after you click on them once. Here’s how to bring them back.

GoPro Camera Tips Help Popups
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The camera tips are a feature on the GoPro HERO7 models that give popups on some of the key icons and settings.

They’re enabled by default when you first power the camera on, but as you click on each one, it disables them from then on.

And that’s nearly always a good thing. Once you know what the icons do, you don’t want popups continually getting in your way. That would quickly go from helpful to annoying.

But what if you want to re-enable them? Two situations come to mind when you might want the help tips back. Maybe you just haven’t been using your camera much or for a while and need a quick refresher. Or perhaps you want to lend the camera to a friend to use for the first time.

How to Reset Camera Tips on the GoPro HERO7

There are technically three ways to get those help tips back. But one is more generally useful than the other two.

The most useful most of the time is a surgical approach that re-enables only the help tips and leaves everything else as is. You find it under:

Preferences > Reset > Reset Camera Tips
GoPro Camera Tips Help Popups

The other two options are more drastic.

  • One is to reset the whole camera back to factory settings (Preferences > Reset > Factory Reset). That works, but it’s the nuclear option and applies to everything on the camera, not just the help tips.
  • Another is almost as drastic: using the reset defaults (Preferences > Reset > Reset Defaults). That spares some settings (date, time, network settings of camera name and password, language, and video format).

Things Worth Knowing

There are two classes of explanatory text used on the HERO7 cameras. The most basic are those that popup with icons on the main screen. You will have seen those when you took the camera out of the box and first powered it up. When you first turn on the camera, for instance, and tap any of the icons on the back screen, it’ll pop up with a single-time-only display brief explanation of what that icon or function does.

Many settings also have explanatory text that tells you what that option does. This type of help info is permanently available and isn’t affected by the Reset Camera Tips option.

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Text & Photos by David Coleman

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  1. Just bought a GoProHero7 for my husband. He will be fishing in a Tuna Tournament. We are both not very technical. I practiced yesterday taking an indoor movie of my cat. The picture was horrible. I am wondering if you can help me with the settings for a bright day setting for a video of a gamefish setting (most often need a field of vision kind of far and then closer to boat when reeling fish in). I think he will use the video for that and my iphone for closeups (to avoid having to make a decision on how to change the settings) I appreciate your help because I am so challenged technically. Thank you, Robin Vandenbroeck

    • Hi Robin. GoPros don’t work especially well in low light, which might be part of the explanation for why the cat video didn’t work out well. For something outdoors like that, I’d be inclined to leave it on the default settings–they should work well for that. I’d have the video setting to at least 1080p60. You could go all the way up to 4K60 if you wanted to, but the files are very big and it might be overkill, depending on what you’re going to do with them. One issue you’ll/he’ll run into is related to the very wide-angle lens. It works very well for things that are close, so if the camera is facing the people or when the fish is very close to the boat, it’ll capture things nicely. What it’s not going to work as well for is capturing the fish in the distance–if the fish is jumping or thrashing, for instance, it’ll just be a speck in the frame. While there’s technically a zoom, it’s not really strong enough for that kind of thing. But you should be able to get some great shots, especially if you shoot with the people in part of the frame, perhaps including both people and fish in the same frame, for instance.


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