GoPro Charging Cable Guide

GoPro cameras have used three different USB charging cables. Which type of charging cable you need depends on which camera you're using. Here's a master…

GoPro cameras have used three different USB charging cables. Which type of charging cable you need depends on which camera you’re using.

I’ve previously written up a guide to charging GoPro cameras. What I’m focusing on here are the charging cables for GoPro cameras.

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GoPro Charging Cable Table

Here’s a master table of which USB cable to use with which GoPro camera model.

GoPro ModelCharging Cable Type
HERO (2018)USB-C
HERO5 SessionUSB-C
HERO SessionMicro-USB B
HERO4 SessionMicro-USB B
HERO4 BlackMini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HERO4 SilverMini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HERO3+Mini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HERO3Mini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HERO+ LCDMini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HERO+Mini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HERO (2014)Mini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HD HERO2Mini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))
HD HERO OriginalMini-USB (USB Mini-B (5 pin))

Things Worth Knowing

The cables I’ve linked to above have a USB-A plug on one end. That’s the most compatible style. But more chargers are coming out that have USB-C output port. For those, you can, of course, use a USB-C to USB-C cable, for example.

It would be nice if all cables were created equal, but unfortunately, they’re not always. Particularly if you’re using the newer models with USB-C, the ideal is to use the 3A cable that came with the camera. But if you’ve lost that or don’t have access to it, there are other options. I routinely use other aftermarket ones and don’t run into too many issues, but it’s worth being aware that it is possible to come across substandard aftermarket cables. So whichever model you’re using, if you go with an aftermarket cable it’s a good idea to test before heading away on a trip to make sure it works as expected, just in case you have to swap it out for a different one.

HDMI Cables for GoPro Cameras

Some GoPro models include an HDMI-out port, which you can use for sending the video signal out directly from the camera to an HD TV or to a computer for using a GoPro as a webcam. The specific models are:

  • HERO8 Black / with HERO9 Media Mod accessory
  • HERO8 Black / with Media Mod accessory
  • HERO7 Black / built-in
  • HERO6 Black / built-in
  • HERO5 Black / built-in
  • HERO4 Black / built-in

There are different sizes of HDMI connectors. The one you want for GoPros is a micro-HDMI connector (also known as a Type D HDMI connector).

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