Which GoPro HERO4 Accessories Will Work with the GoPro HERO5 & HERO65 Black?

Wondering which of your HERO4 accessories will work on the new GoPro HERO5 Black? Here’s a rundown of what will and won’t work.

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GoPro have made a number of changes in the HERO5 Black. Some of these changes have to do with how things fit onto or plug into the camera.

The HERO5 Black and HERO6 Black use the same camera body. So most accessories that work with the HERO5 Black also work with the HERO6 Black (including housings, mounts, cables, memory cards, and batteries).

So here’s a rundown of the types of accessories that you might already have on hand for the HER04 line that will and won’t work on the new HERO5 Black. (NB: The HERO5 Session has a different camera body and doesn’t have a removable battery.)

In general, anything that attaches via the distinctive GoPro mounting clip system is fine. That part hasn’t changed. So bobbers, handles, tripod adapters, suction cups, chest harnesses, etc, will all continue working just fine.

But the HERO5 has done away with the mini USB port and the docking port on the back panel. And the size and shape of the camera is a bit different.

So here’s a rundown of some that are more problematic.


NO. The new model is a slightly different size and shape and won’t fit in housings designed for the HERO4 or HERO3+ cameras.

The good news, though, is that in many cases you won’t need a replacement for the Standard Housing. The HER05 models have waterproof casings built-in. While not quite as rugged or strong as the old Standard Housing, it’s good enough for many uses. If you’re Scuba diving with it, though, you’ll want to pick up a new “Super Suit” Dive Housing for the HERO5.

Batteries & Chargers

NO. The new models use a new battery with the connectors in a different spot. So you’ll need new batteries and battery chargers designed specifically for the HERO5.

Of course, standalone, external power bricks that connect via USB will continue working just fine–so long as they’re not ones that clip onto the camera housing (like the Brunton All-Day 2.0 Extended Battery).

Memory Cards

Yes. There’s a lot of overlap between the video modes of the HERO4 Black and the HERO5 Black. And the top-end video modes of both models max out at 60 megabits per second. So you’ll need a memory card that can handle a fast write speed, but if you’ve already got that for the HERO4 Black then you should have no problem using the same card/s in the new model. There are also faster, bigger memory cards coming out all the time, and many of those will also work.

I’ll be posting a detailed breakdown of recommended memory cards for the HERO5 Black very shortly–stay tuned!

Clip-On Batteries and LCD Screens

NO. The new model doesn’t have the attachment point on the back panel that earlier models had. So there’s no way to clip on accessories like the BacPac Extended Battery or the BacPac LCD Touch Screen. That also goes for third-party variations like the Brunton Battery Pack.

The partial good news is that the HERO5 Black has a built-in LCD screen and it’s better than the previous LCD screens GoPro has used.

Charging Cables

The HERO5 Black and HERO6 Black use a USB-C charging cable.

External Microphones

YES, but. Most external microphones will work, but you’ll need to replace the adapter. GoPro has done away with the mini USB port of older models and now uses a USB-C port instead. To connect an external microphone that uses a 3.5mm plug you’ll need the new GoPro Mic Adapter.

An exception is any GoPro-dedicated microphone that had the mini-USB plug hardwired onto the microphone cable. You’ll need a different adapter for those, from mini-USB to USB-C. The HERO4 Black uses Mini-USB.

GoPro Smart Remote

YES. The Smart Remote will work. GoPro has also released a new remote, called the Remo, that integrates voice-recognition controls and is waterproof.


PROBABLY NOT. The lens port on the HERO5 Black is smaller than with the HERO4’s Standard Housing, so any clip-on filter designed to go over the housing’s lens port won’t fit. GoPro has released their own line of HERO5 underwater filters.

Similarly, filters that attach onto the naked camera lens without a housing won’t work because the shapes are different (round for the HERO4 models and square for the HERO5 Black).

There’s also no practical way to insert a filter gel between the lens and lens port, so internal filters aren’t really a viable option either (technically you can remove the lens port and replace it, but I’ll need convincing that it’s practical to insert a gel in there).

The only reason I’ve qualified this one as probably not rather than a flat no is that there’s are multiple different third-party approaches to filters, and some of them can work independently of the lens port or housing. But those are minority cases.

Anti-Fog Inserts

DEPENDS. The HERO5 Black’s own case is now an integrated waterproof housing that’s rated down to 33 feet. Because you’re not opening up the area in front of the lens and potentially trapping moisture in there, there should be no need for anti-fog inserts. And there wouldn’t be anywhere to put them if you did.

But that only holds true for the integrated housing. If you’re going deeper and using the Dive Housing then anti-fog inserts can still be very useful.

GoPro HERO5 Session

The Session models, retain the same form factor, so HERO4 Session housings and floats should work just fine.

Compared with HERO4 Black

If you’re looking for a visual reference, here are some side-by-shots comparing with a HERO4 Black.

GoPro HERO5 Black vs HERO4 Black front view
GoPro HERO5 Black vs HERO4 Black side view

The Latest Model: GoPro HERO11 Black

Released in the fall of 2022, the HERO11 is GoPro's current model. Well, actually two models.

First, there's the flagship Black that has all the bells and whistles and sets the standard for action cameras.

GoPro HERO11 Black
  • Shoot 5.3K60 & 4K120 video at up to 120Mbps bitrate
  • Take 27MP photos
  • Waterproof to 33ft / 10m without a separate housing
  • Built-in mount point
  • HyperSmooth 5.0 In-camera Video Stabilization creates smooth video without a gimbal
  • Shoot up to 8x slow motion

A couple of months later, they released Black Mini. It's smaller and shares many of the flagship models capabilities, but it's also stripped-down in important ways. For instance, it doesn't have a touchscreen, its battery isn't removable, and it shoots video only (so no photo mode).

GoPro HERO11 Black Mini
  • Shoot 5.3K60 & 4K120 video at up to 120Mbps bitrate
  • Compact form factor
  • Waterproof to 33ft / 10m without a separate housing
  • 2x built-in mount point
  • HyperSmooth 5.0 in-camera video stabilization
  • Shoot up to 8x slow motion @ 2.7K
  • Built-in battery
David Coleman / Photographer

David Coleman

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68 thoughts on “Which GoPro HERO4 Accessories Will Work with the GoPro HERO5 & HERO65 Black?”

  1. I have a Feyutech G5 3-Axis Gimbal I use with my HERO4 Silver. The manual says it works with the HERO5; they’ve even included an attachable counterweight for balance. Have you,or anyone you know, tried it?

    • It depends on the specific gimbal. In general, no, but it’s not impossible if the gimbal has some flexibility. The two main things to look for are the frame that physically holds it in place and the power/USB connection. The body shapes are a bit different, so frames and housings for the 3/4 models won’t work with the HERO (2018). And the 3/4 models use a micro-USB connection, whereas the HERO (2018) uses a USB-C.

      • Yes, in nearly all cases you can use HERO5 Black accessories with HERO6 Black accessories–off the top of my head I can’t think of any that don’t. The problem is mostly about product listings at retailers (and packaging) not being updated for the HERO6 Black, but the camera’s shape, case, battery, and connectors are the same.

  2. Hey. Im looking to buy a case for my hero 4 silver with screen atback. but cant find it anywhere, will hero 5 water proof case work?

    • No, it won’t work. What you want for the HERO4 Silver is the standard housing. That has a clear back that you can see through, but if you want to be able to use the touch controls on the back, you’ll want the touch back door for it. Those are included with the GoPro-branded housing or you can pick up third-party versions separately.

    • The housings that fit the HERO5 Black will also work on the HERO6 Black, but neither of them need a separately housing for basic use because the waterproof protection is built into the camera’s own body. But if you’re talking about the SuperSuite dive housing or any of the frames, then yes.

  3. is the hero 4 dive housing filters and the hero 5 super suit filter similar ? I have the hero4 dive housing , and i am having trouble finding red filter that fit it (its phased out)

  4. i want to give Go Pro 6 as xmas present to my bf and would want to add some accesssories to it ! i am planning to buy it on line , but will the chest strap for go pro 4 fit the go pro 6 camcorder ? please advise

  5. I lost my GoPro Silver 4 in a boating accident. I just purchased 2 red filters for my Hero 4 and have replaced it with a Hero 5. I also purchased the waterproof case for the 5. Will my red filters fit? If not is there any way I can exchange them for the correct ones since they have not been opened?

    • Most of the filters won’t fit, but it does depend on how the specific ones you have attach–some filters do it different ways. The place where you bought them should be able to help with information about a possible exchange.

    • Do you still have these red filters for the hero 4 and are they for the standard housing? If so I would you be willing to sell one?

    • Most mounting accessories will work, such as clamps, clips, selfie sticks, harnesses, etc. The batteries and BacPac accessories won’t. Housings and harnesses won’t.

  6. I bought a Hero 4 Black. Will Hero 5 accessories Chest, wrist, car window, head straps ect… work and fit my Hero 4 Black.

    I can buy some accessories from a guy that used these accessories on his Hero 5.

    Help please!


    • Yes, those will fit. Most things that simply attach using the standard GoPro mount will work. The ones that won’t work are housings, frames, and harnesses that require a snug fit around the outside, accessories like the BacPac that plug into the back of the HERO4 Black, batteries and power supplies that use the battery compartment, and some devices that attach via the USB port.

  7. Hi so I have a GoPro Hero 5 and I lost the charger cord that plugs into the GoPro and the wall plug. I’m wondering if the hero 4 fits it? And if not I can’t seem to find a new one to buy. It keeps coming up with a ‘battery charger’ but I just want the cord. Thanks

  8. Hi, I have a Hero 4 Session and I’m looking at attaching an external mic but in checking I see there is only the Hero 5 adapter cable available will work on my Hero 4 Session.

    • Based on the supplied photos, it looks like the only part that won’t work with the HERO5 Black is the back door float (well, technically, it would, but it wouldn’t make any sense to stick it over the back screen). All of the other parts are mounting accessories that will work with any GoPro.

  9. Hi, does anybody know from where i can buy a Red filter for Deep Diving for GoPro Hero 5? The ones on ebay are not good since we already tried them.

    Another question, the waterproof covers on ebay, are they reliable? has anybody tried them? cause an original gopro waterproof cover costs about 60euro.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Have you tried one of the official GoPro ones? They attach to the GoPro Super Suit for the HERO5 Black (may or may not fit on after-market cases).

      Third-party accessories can certainly be hit and miss. Many of them come directly out of factories in China without anyone really providing quality control. While there are definitely some I’ve been impressed with, there are also plenty I’ve used that have very shoddy quality control and use cheap materials. If you’ve already been through several third-party ones and haven’t been happy with them, it might ultimately end up cheaper to go with one of the more expensive but good-quality GoPro ones. That’s especially true of things that could end up damaging your camera in the wrong conditions, like a leaky dive case.

  10. Hiiiiiieee My name is Rajeshwar Rao from India I have Go pro Hero 4 nd now I have to buy new Hero 5 black.. Nd m confused which one is best.. Nd hero 4 mounts are working in it..

  11. Hi Dave,

    I saw that filters probably won’t match. Just to clarify this would include the official GoPro Hero 4 Red Dive Filter not matching with the GoPro Hero 5 Dive Housing Filter?


    • Most things that attach via a regular GoPro mount attachment (selfie sticks, etc) will continue to work. Most things that attach to the camera itself (housings, Battery BacPacs, etc) won’t. There are, of course, exceptions. More details in the post above.

  12. Hi David, i’ve been contemplating it for a long time between 4 and 5
    1) Does the 5 come with the ‘selfie stick’ that allows us to hold it?
    2) Since 5 does not come with any housing, is it as rugged as compared to the housing for 4?
    3) In your opinion, which one do you think it’s better for travelling (tourist kinda travelling not hiking and all)

    • It really depends on the shooting mode and conditions. For instance, using things like wifi, GPS, and stabilization will all eat more battery than without. But in general, I’ve been getting a little more out of the battery of the HERO5 compared with similar settings on the HERO4 Black and Silver models. We’re not talking huge amounts, but it’s better than being less.

  13. How do we attach to mains or extended battery and still keep waterproof/dustproof? With Hero4 I was using a battery eliminator. If it can’t be done, I hope they will keep supporting the Hero4!

    • I don’t have the Phantom 2 and can’t give a definitive answer, but from a quick web search it looks like it’s not natively compatible but depends on the gimbal (and its connection) used. It doesn’t look like you can assume it will work–at least not without some adapter that converts the USB-C connection.

  14. So basically, GoPro is ripping off the consumer by making us buy an entire laundry list of new accessories all over again?!?!?!?! How is this a customer friendly company? It’s not as if this company isn’t making a $hitload of money already? This is just greedy and seems more about profit than being consumer friendly. There is no reason in the world, why GoPro couldn’t make batteries, cables and chargers all universal to every version of camera they manufacture. This is strictly about profit, and you’re a sucker if you continue buy this stuff. Apple does the same, and honestly people are so mesmerized by the “brand” that they fork over their wallets with ease.

    • There’ll be third-party options eventually, which are often cheaper, but that’s going to take some time. I suspect it’s not accidental that third-party manufacturers haven’t been given access to the new models ahead of launch so that they can get their own products ready.

    • GoPro is not a customer friendly company. GoPro stocks are at an all time low and they need to make up the money. On 11/4/16 I decided to update my GoPro Hero 4 black to the firmware update that was released on October 2016. My camera was fully functional and nothing wrong with it. After updating my camera, it would not turn back on. GoPro will not replace or fix my camera which the update messed up. The best they can do is offer me a 40% off a new GoPro Hero 5. I will certainly have to buy all the accessories all over again. GoPro is one greedy company

    • You can’t expect them support same sh$t for years! As far as I know hero 3&4 shared the same accessories. Thats 4 years. More than that, some things are still compatible. Of course we need better battery, usb-c is current standard that would last for years.
      you mentioned Apple, they still have lighting cable since iphone5 i guess, thats also is like 5 years.

      Now, tell me what other manufacturer keeps same accessories for 10 years?

      Maybe you want a COM-port in it?=)))))

      • There are in fact laws in most civilised countries requiring companies to support consumer durables for some number of years after production ceases.

        You should investigate for your local country.

    • I am with you! Well over $1000 invested in Hero 4 Black. All wasted. Will never go this route again!

      • i have hero 5, session and hero 4. hero 4 is definitely a winner. i shouldn’t have bought hero 5, i should have just bought another hero 4 and be done…

    • I haven’t tried it, but I don’t believe it will work on the G4S because of the male mini USB plug that the camera attaches to when mounting–that’s not on the HERO5 Black. I’ve seen Z1s with different mounting cages, and the simplest of them should work–the ones that are a simple wrap-around bracket like the one shown here. I haven’t confirmed that the locking screws are long enough, but they should be if they work with the larger, original HERO model. I have confirmed that it doesn’t work with the GVB gimbal because the locking screws aren’t long enough, although it would be possible to replace the screws with longer ones or come up with some other DIY solution to replace them (as with the Z1, presumably).

    • It does not fit. I spoke to Feiyutech tech support and they stated that they’re working on an adapter that will allow it to fit.

    • I’m having trouble finding the official GoPro measurements, but this is what I get with my digital calipers: Body / W 2.4in (61.7mm), H 1.7in (44.4mm), D 0.9in (24mm). The lens port protrudes a little from the body, and the depth of that portion is 1.3in (32.3mm). For comparison are a couple of side-by-side shots with a HERO4 Black: 1 | 2.


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