How to Update GoPro HERO7

Here’s how to check and update the firmware of the HERO7 Black, Silver, and White.

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Firmware updates improve the performance of your GoPro camera. They can add features, improve stability, improve compatibility with accessories, and fix bugs. So it’s always a good idea to keep your HERO7’s firmware up-to-date.

There are three ways to update your GoPro HERO7. These apply to all three models in the HERO7 lineup: the HERO7 Black, HERO7 Silver, and HERO7 White.

  1. Use GoPro Quik mobile app
  2. Manual update
  3. Use GoPro Quik desktop app

The first method is the recommended one, and it’s the most convenient. It’s the method I use most often in updating my GoPro cameras.

The manual update is useful if you need to roll back to a previous version. That doesn’t happen often, but it can crop up from time to time.

The third method uses GoPro’s Quik desktop app, which has been discontinued but is still available.

So here’s how to do each method.

With all of them, make sure that your HERO7’s battery is charged. This is to avoid interruptions to the update process, which can cause problems.

1. How to Use GoPro Quik Mobile App to Update GoPro HERO7 Black

With this method, there’s no need to copy files or enter the camera’s serial number–that’s all handled by the automated update process.

Connect the GoPro Quik mobile app to your HERO7 Black. (If you haven’t done that before, here’s a guide.)

Once the wireless connection is established and the camera and phone paired, the GoPro Quik app will automatically check the firmware version. If a newer version is available, it will prompt you. You can choose to proceed with the update or skip it.

How to Update GoPro HERO7 - Camera Update Available Notification

Assuming you proceed–and, if you’re reading this page, I would assume that’s what you’re going to do–the camera walks you through the update process. And it’s actually pretty good about it, explaining what it’s doing and what to expect (such as camera rebooting, etc).

How to Update GoPro HERO7 - Firmware Version

So just follow the on-screen instructions, confirm the update when prompted, and wait for the process to complete. That’s really all there is to it.

2. How to Manually Update the Firmware of Your GoPro HERO7 Black

The manual update method is less automated–obviously–and less convenient, but it’s the only method that will let you roll back to a previous version if you need to.

With this method, before you can download the firmware file, you’ll need to have your camera’s serial number, and you’ll also need to register the camera with GoPro.

On GoPro’s website, go to the update page that corresponds to your specific HERO7 model. It’s different firmware for the Black, Silver, and White versions–you need to get the right one for the specific camera model:

Scroll down to the “Update your camera manually” link.

Enter the camera’s 14-digit serial number and register the camera, as prompted. (That page has an illustration of how to find your camera’s serial number. While it’s not hard, the text on the camera is tiny and it can be hard to see. On the HERO7 Black, it’s inside the battery compartment. On the White and Silver, it’s inside the side compartment, next to the memory card slot. Another way to find it is on the camera’s menu system. Go to Preferences > About > Camera Info, and the serial number is displayed as one of the fields.)

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to download the update file. The site will prompt you for the next steps, and there’ll be some variation depending on which computer operating system you’re using, but the basics are that you copy the file to your microSD card, insert the card, and update the firmware.

3. How to Use the GoPro Quik Desktop App to Update GoPro HERO7 Black

This works the same way as the mobile app method, with the exception of the connection method. Instead of using a wireless connection, you connect the camera to your computer with a USB cable.

The Quik desktop app is now discontinued, but you can still download it here. It’s free.

With the camera connected (and powered on), when you fire up the Quik app it will prompt you to update the firmware if there’s an update available.


What is camera firmware?

Firmware is actually a kind of software–or code–that’s stored in your camera. It tells the camera’s hardware how to work and how to interact with external accessories and commands.

You don’t interact directly with the firmware, but from time to time it might be necessary to update the camera’s firmware if the camera manufacturer has posted an update.

What is the current firmware for the GoPro HERO7?

GoPro posts the latest versions of the firmware on their website. You can find the latest version for the HERO7 cameras at these links (note, it’s different firmware for the Black, Silver, and White versions–you need to get the right one for the specific camera model):

The most recent versions for the HERO7 were released in November 2019, and it’s unlikely that there’ll be new versions beyond those.

Can anything go wrong when updating firmware?

Yes. It is possible to brick your camera during a firmware update, but with simple precautions it should all run smoothly.

The most important thing to know is that the update process should not be interrupted. That’s why you should only start with a charged battery. While the update is being applied, avoid touching the camera’s screens or buttons or messing with your phone (if you’re using the mobile app method).

And keep the phone and camera close together so that the wireless connection doesn’t get broken (again, if you’re using the mobile app method).

How often should you update the HERO7’s firmware?

Updating your GoPro’s firmware isn’t something you have to do often, but if you haven’t use your camera for a while, it’s worth checking that you’re running the latest version.

GoPro’s firmware updates are often quite important–they have a tendency to fix problems after the camera has been released rather than exhaustively test before release. They also release new accessories–such as batteries–that can be backwardly compatible with earlier cameras if those cameras’ firmware is updated.

Do I need a battery and SD card to be installed?

Yes, you need both a battery (charged) and an SD card (formatted) in your HERO7 in order to update the firmware. It won’t let you proceed with the update without them.

How to Update GoPro HERO7 - Error Message

How do I check what version of the firmware is on my HERO7 and whether it’s up to date?

The simplest way to check whether there’s a firmware update for your GoPro is to connect it to the GoPro Quik mobile app. When the app fires up, it automatically checks the firmware versions and alerts you if there’s an update.

You can manually check the versions by:

  • On the HERO7’s back screen, swipe down to show the menu dashboard. Then go to:
Preferences > About This GoPro

You’ll see the camera name and then the serial number. Below that is Version Number; that’s the current firmware version that’s installed on the camera.

You can also find this information by using the GoPro Quik app. Once you’ve connected wirelessly to your HERO7, go to Settings (the gear icon), and then scroll down to the Camera Info section. The Version field is the current firmware running on the camera.

Armed with that information, you can check the latest version released for your specific model:

Price & Availability of GoPro HERO7 Black

Check the current price and availability of the GoPro HERO7 Black at:

GoPro HERO7 Black Action Camera
  • HyperSmooth: Get gimbal‑like stabilization—without the gimbal. HERO7 Black corrects for camera shake...
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GoPro HERO7 Cameras Compared

HERO7 BlackHERO7 SilverHERO7 White


Resolution / Max fps4K / 60
4K (4:3) / 30
2.7K / 120
2.7K (4:3) / 60
1440p / 120
1080p / 240
960p / 240
720p / 240
4K / 30
1440p / 60
1080p / 60
1440p / 60
1080p / 60
Max Bitrate78 Mb/s60 Mb/s40 Mb/s
File Format (Codec)MP4 (HEVC / H.265)
MP4 (H.264 / AVC)
MP4 (H.264 / AVC)MP4 (H.264 / AVC)
Digital Zoom
External Mic Compatibility--
HDMI Video Out--
Live Streaming--


Max Photo Size12MP10MP10MP
File FormatRAW (.gpr)
In-Camera Image EnhancementSuperPhotoWDR-
Top Burst Mode30 / 115 / 115 / 1
Continuous Photo
Night Photo--
Photo Timer


Timelapse Photo--
Timelapse Video
TimeWarp Video--


Built-in Touchscreen
Front Screen--
Voice Control
WiFi / Bluetooth


Waterproof Body
Dimensions62.3 x 44.9 x 33 mm62.3 x 44.9 x 28.3 mm62.3 x 44.9 x 28.3 mm
Weight4.1 oz / 116 g3.3 oz / 94.4 g3.26 / 92.4 g


Battery Type1220 mAh1220 mAh (non-removable)1220 mAh (non-removable)
Memory CardRecommendationsRecommendationsRecommendations
* Not every feature is available in every shooting mode. As examples, video stabilization is not available in every resolution/framerate combination and the option to save RAW images is not available in burst mode.

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