How to Turn On Camera Help Tips on the GoPro HERO8 Black

The camera tips that show you what the screen icons do on a GoPro HERO8 go away automatically after you click on them once. Here's how to bring them back.
GoPro HERO8 Black Reset Camera Tips
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The camera tips are a feature on the GoPro HERO8 Black give popups on some of the key icons and settings. They’re also known as walkthrough tips.

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They’re enabled by default when you first power the camera on, but as you click on each one, it disables them from then on. And that’s nearly always a good thing. Once you know what the icons do, you don’t want popups continually getting in your way. That would quickly go from helpful to an annoying nuisance.

But what if you want to re-enable them? I can think of two scenarios where you might want to bring the help tips back. Maybe you just haven’t been using your camera much or for a while and need a quick refresher on what particular features or icons do. Or perhaps you want to lend the camera to a friend to use for the first time and they could do with some helper tips guiding them along as they get used to it. Thankfully, it’s easy to toggle the camera tips on or off on the HERO8 Black.

How to Reset Camera Tips on the GoPro HERO8 Black

There are technically two ways to get those help tips back. But one is more generally much useful than the other for accomplishing this goal.

The Best Method

The most useful most of the time is a surgical approach that re-enables only the help tips and leaves everything else as is. You find it under the camera reset menu. To do it:

  1. On the camera’s back screen, swipe down to bring up the Dashboard menu.
  2. Go to Preferences > Reset > Reset Camera Tips

Alternative Method

There’s one other method for accomplishing this, but it’s far more drastic.1 While this will reset the camera tips setting back to the default (on), it’ll also affect other settings. So it only makes sense as parter of a broader reset of the HERO8 Black.

Factory Reset

This is a nuclear option that resets nearly everything on the camera. It will wipe all of your custom presets, all of your wireless connections, and deregister the camera from GoPro PLUS. It won’t delete anything from your SD card, and it won’t roll back firmware to earlier versions.

  1. On the camera’s back screen, swipe down to bring up the Dashboard menu.
  2. Go to Preferences > Reset > Factory Reset

Things Worth Knowing

There are two classes of explanatory text popups used on the HERO8 Black. The most basic are those that popup with icons on the main screen. You will have seen those when you took the camera out of the box and first powered it up. When you first turn on the camera, for instance, and tap any of the icons on the back screen, it’ll pop up with a single-time-only display brief explanation of what that icon or function does.

Many settings also have explanatory text that tells you what that option does. This type of help info is permanently available and isn’t affected by the Reset Camera Tips option.

  1. On the HERO7 cameras, there’s also an option for resetting defaults. That option isn’t available on the HERO8 Black. 
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  1. Good morning David and thank you for all your information you publish regularly. I have a question about the GoPro 8. I have purchased the MediMod. So I can connect an external microphone.
    I am interested in the future external GoPro display. This accessoire can I secure ón the mediamod. Somtimes I want to place only the display on another object. So I need an extension cord. ( one or two meters). Would it be possible to use an an HDMI extensioncord?

    Kind regards from Holland,

    1. Great question, but unfortunately I don’t have an answer. I have the Media Mod, but the external display is one of the few GoPro accessories I don’t have. So unfortunately I haven’t tried it and can’t say whether that would work.

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