GoPro HERO4 Menu Icons Cheat Sheet

GoPros use quite a lot of icons for various modes and functions. But it's not always clear what they mean. Here's a cheat sheet.

There’s not a lot of screen real estate on those tiny monochrome LCD screens on the front of GoPro cameras. So for a bunch of features and modes, GoPro uses icons in place of text. Some of them are obvious, but some aren’t. Yes, that really is a rabbit. What does a paint roller have to do with it? And no, that thing that looks like a stock price chart has nothing to do with GoPro going public.

In case you’re not carrying the paper instruction manual around with you when you’re out and about shooting, here’s a cheat sheet of all the icons used on the new GoPros’ LCD screens.

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Quite a few of these are familiar from earlier versions of the GoPro cameras. But there are also some that are new for the new features of the GoPro HERO4 range like the night modes.

Icon What It Means
Video. It’s also used for Video Mode
Still photo. Also used for Photo Mode
Continuous photos
Burst photos
Night Still Photo
Night Timelapse (GoPro calls this Night Lapse)
Video + Photo simultaneously
Setup Mode
Auto Low Light
Auto Power Off
Beeps. Camera function sounds (not related to audio recording)
Date and Time (it’s a calendar)
Default Mode (when you turn the camera on)
Delete, format, erase
Exposure Compensation Value
Field of View (ie. wide-angle or not)
Frames per second (for video recording (eg. 30fps, 24fps, etc)
Interval between shots
ISO Limit
LEDs (turn lights on exterior of camera on or off)
Video looping
Megapixels (size of stills photos)
On-screen display
Orientation (want to shoot upside down?)
Playback mode
Spot meter (ie. light meter)
Touch display
Video format
Video resolution
White balance

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