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GoPros are tough little things. They end up in places that no camera should go. But even GoPros can do with some TLC.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap
Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap
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UPDATE: The GoPro Swaddle case has been discontinued.

The GoPro Swaddle case is a bit different from other GoPro cases I’ve reviewed before. This one is basically a soft wrap that provides an exceedingly comfy home for your GoPro. It’s made by Two Ogres, a small San Francisco-based creator of adventure sport accessories like chalk bags for climbing and hydration belts.

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So why bother with all that comfy goodness for a GoPro, of all things? The biggest reason, for me, to pack your GoPro in a case rather than just throwing it in your bag is to prevent the lens from getting scratched. Any scratch on the lens itself or on the housing’s lens portal is going to diminish the image quality and create problems with lens flare if it catches direct light. And I’ve found from personal experience that as tough as they are, GoPro lenses to get scratched if you just through them in your camera bag.

The combination of characteristics of the Two Ogres GoPro Swaddle make it a bit different from other cases. It’s light, versatile, and buffers against bumps and scratches. When wrapped up, the whole package doesn’t create too much bulk in your kit. You can, of course, get basically the same effect with an endlessly versatile Domke wrap, although you’ll end up with slightly less padding. The GoPro Swaddle isn’t waterproof, simply because it doesn’t seal all the way around, but especially with the GoPro’s rugged housings, waterproofness isn’t a requirement in a wrap like this.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap

The GoPro Swaddle’s insides are lined with a very soft polyester fur. Its outside is neoprene.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap

The flaps close down with velcro, and there’s a loop for attaching the wrist strap that comes with it.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap

There’s a little mesh pocket on the back that’s about big enough for a microSD-SD adapter card, but that’s about it.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap

It comfortably fits a single GoPro–any model–in or out of its housing, although it’s best with the regular GoPro models rather than the much smaller HERO4 Session.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap

It comes in gray or high visibility orange.

Two Ogres GoPro Camera Protective Wrap

Review sample provided by Two Ogres.
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