Can You Use 128GB, 256GB, 400GB, 512GB, or 1TB SD Cards in GoPro Cameras?

Wondering if you can use a 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB microSD card in your GoPro? So long as you’re using one of these GoPro models and the card is fast enough, you can.

GoPro 128GB SD Cards

Yes, in the new models of GoPro cameras you can use 128GB, 256GB, 400GB, 512GB, and even 1TB microSD cards. There are some things to watch out for, though.

Compatible GoPro Models

First, this doesn’t apply to some older models. Some of those older models only work with SDHC-formatted cards, which, in practice, limits them to 32GB and below.

But newer models also work with SDXC-formatted cards (ie. exFAT filesystem), which means that you can use cards 64GB and larger. The models that do work with the larger SDXC cards are:

  • HERO10 Black
  • HERO9 Black
  • HERO8 Black
  • MAX
  • HERO7 Black
  • HERO7 Silver
  • HERO7 White
  • Fusion
  • HERO6 Black
  • HERO5 Black
  • HERO5 Session
  • HERO Session (2018)
  • HERO4 Black
  • HERO4 Silver
  • HERO4 Session

GoPro doesn’t include the 1TB storage capacity cards in their official guidance (at least, not yet). But I’ve personally tried 1TB cards in some of the new models and haven’t run into any issues. The cards do, however, have to otherwise meet the camera’s speed requirements. And I haven’t tried it in some of the older models. I have more details specifically on using 1TB SD cards here.

Sequential Write Speed

The second caveat is that the card is fast enough.

Not all microSDXC cards are fast enough for the high-end video modes of these GoPros, and using a card that’s too slow can lead to unstable and unexpected behavior such as video recording stopping unexpectedly or error messages. Specifically, you want SD cards that have fast sequential write speeds, which is the spec that’s relevant to recording video or using the burst photo modes on GoPros. That’s not to say that you need the fastest microSD card that money can buy, necessarily. GoPros can’t make full use of the very fastest cards, anyway. 1 But you need one that’s fast enough to meet the camera’s threshold requirements.

If you’re looking for some guidance on which SD cards are fast enough for the various GoPro models, I’ve put together some recommendations for specific models:

microSDXC vs microSDHC

The 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 400GB, and 512GB cards you see will all be labeled as microSDXC. Only cards 32GB and smaller will have the microSDHC label. You won’t find any 128GB cards sold with microSDHC labeling, for example. The distinction is one set by the SD Association’s specification. 2

Aside from the storage capacity, an important difference between microSDXC and microSDHC cards is in the filesystem formatting used. microSDHC cards use the FAT32 filesystem. microSDXC cards use a newer and more flexible exFAT filesystem. While it’s technically possible to use a computer to reformat the card with the other filesystem, it’s not recommended, and the next time you reformat the card in the camera, it will revert to the expected filesystem. (That said, if you really want to do it on a computer, I’ve put together a guide to use the official SD card formatter app.)

Recommendations on Memory Cards for GoPro Cameras

You can find my general recommendations on the best SD card for GoPro cameras here.

  1. For example, current models of GoPro cameras have a UHS-I bus interface, so putting a UHS-II card in the camera will work, but you’ll be limited to UHS-I speeds.[]
  2. There’s also a new specification known as SDUC that covers the range of 2TB up to 128TB, but you won’t find any of those cards in the wild just yet.[]

Best SD Cards for GoPros

Since 2013, after running into trouble with an SD card that was too slow for the HERO3 Black, I've been putting together my recommendations on the best SD cards for GoPro cameras. Because some GoPro models have specific requirements, I've also put together detailed model-specific pages.

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  1. Could be a few things, including a defect in the card. First thing I’d try is to format it using a computer or another camera. Ideally, use the official SD card formatting app (it’s free). That will reduce the number of potential moving parts from app or operating system settings. If the card is still giving an error in those devices, it suggests a faulty card. Most cards come with good warranties now, so I’d try to get a replacement out of the retailer or manufacturer. If it formats correctly in those devices, try in the GoPro again. I’ve come across this situation in the past, and formatting it first in something else makes it easier for the GoPro to work with. You shouldn’t have to do that, but it sometimes works and it’s worth trying as a troubleshooting step.

    Also make sure that the card isn’t locked. Here’s how to check.

  2. Hello….I’m using gopro hero 8 black…Is it compatible to use the bigger memori cards like 256GB / 512 GB…Currently I’m using just the 64GB only. Thanks

    • Yes. I routinely use cards of those sizes in my HERO8 Blacks. So long as they’re fast enough, there’s no problem.

  3. Is 128gb Extreme compatible for Go Pro HERO 7 Silver ?
    As I’ve seen a vid saying that 32gb and 64gb , noone said anything for 128gb


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