GoPro Suction Cup Mounts

If you're looking to mount your GoPro to a flat surface like a car windscreen, surfboard, jet ski, or kayak, there are several different options for suction cup mounts depending on your needs. Here are some of the best.

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Because they’re small, light, relatively inexpensive, and come standard with a waterproof housing, GoPro cameras can go in places many other cameras can’t. If you’re holding or wearing the camera, you can get great POV footage. But sometimes you want the camera to stay put. And for that, you’ll need to create a secure mount.

If you’re looking to mount your GoPro to a flat surface like a car windscreen, surfboard, jet ski, or kayak, there are several different options for suction cup mounts depending on your needs. Here are some of the best.

Because all the GoPros use the same adapter, all of these mounts will work with all GoPro models.

GoPro Suction Mount

This is the official GoPro Suction Cup Mount.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount (GoPro Official Mount)
  • Attach your GoPro to cars, boats, motorcycles and more
  • Industrial strength suction cup proven at speeds of 150+ mph

On the plus side, it’s light, has a slim profile, and comes with a dedicated GoPro fitting. On the negative side, its hinges each works only on one plane, so if you need to adjust the angle by rotating, you have to undo the suction and reattach it. And while it locks well, it feels a bit cheap and plasticky. It doesn’t like repeated uses in salt water–the few metal parts on the mount corrode after a while. I use this suction mount when I need a quick and easy solution, and it’s easy to throw in the bag and take with you. In short, it works, it’s convenient, and it’s portable, but it’s not the strongest or necessarily the best suction mount you can get for your GoPro camera.

You can find them at, Amazon and B&H Photo.

Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Suction Cup Mount

The Delkin Fat Gecko Mini suction cup mount offers similar characteristics to the official GoPro Suction Cup Mount, but the addition of a locking ballhead at the top attachment gives more flexibility in adjusting the angle.

Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Mini Suction Camera Mount (DDMOUNT-MINI)
  • Mounts to Any Smooth, Non-Porous Surface or Object
  • Patented 3 in. Industrial Suction Cup

Some versions of this mount include the GoPro attachment, some don’t. If it doesn’t, you can add a GoPro tripod mount easily (and it means it will also work with your other cameras).

You can find them at Amazon (don’t forget the GoPro tripod mount) and B&H Photo (includes GoPro attachment).

RAM MOUNTS Twist Lock Universal Suction Cup Mount

RAM Mounts make heavy-duty options. On the plus side, it’s strong—the suction is very strong and the locking mechanisms very securely. The fittings all use top-quality materials which are a step up from the cheap plastic used in GoPro’s own mount. The main shaft is metal, and the ball locks are a very strong rubberized plastic that grips very well in different temperatures and precipitation.

One of the things I particularly like about this suction mount is that it’s very easy to position at all sorts of different angles with one locking mechanism locking both ends of the shaft at once. That makes it ideal when mounting on hard-to-reach surfaces.

I use this suction mount for more serious installations where I need both a very secure grip and maximum flexibility in adjusting the angle–it’s the suction mount I use most often. I also use non-suction cup RAM mounts when installing long-term time-lapse cameras outdoors where they’re exposed to all kinds of weather. They stay locked in wind and changes in temperature and don’t corrode easily.

You can find them Amazon.

Joby Action Series

Joby are best known for their distinctive Gorillapod mini tripods and gripping stands. They’ve also released a range of mounts for action cams. A feature of them is that they offer interchangeable, articulating arms that fit on clamps and suction cups. In that respect they’re functionally similar to the RAM system, but the Joby range is made of lightweight plastic rather than the metal of the RAM mounts. That makes them less strong, but it also means they’re lighter.

JOBY Suction Cup with Locking Arm for GoPro HERO6 Black, GoPro HERO5 Black,...
  • CAPTURE SUPERIOR PERSPECTIVES. Find a different point of view with as you mount this industrial strength...
  • QUICK-TWIST LOCK. Just twist a quarter turn to the right and feel the suction cup lock click into place,...

Joby also has a version of this suction mount using the distinctive Gorillapod-style flexible arm.

I have a detailed review of some of the mounts in these series, including the suction cup, here.

The suction cup comes either with a locking arm or a Gorillapod Arm.

Cinetics miniSquid + Joby GorillaPod

This is actually a combination of two products. The Cinetics miniSquid is a kit of three suction attachments that attach to the legs of a Joby GorillaPod 5K (There are several different models. The miniSquid was originally paired with the GorillaPod Focus, but that model has been discontinued. But the 5K model reportedly has the same ball diameter and is compatible with the miniSquid.)

The miniSquid part is a scaled-down version of the original CineSquid system to make it more appropriate for something of the GoPro camera’s size. When used in combination with the GorillaPod it some rather unique features that can come in very handy.

Firstly, and most obviously, it has 3 small suction cups. That can be very useful on surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat.

Secondly, there’s a lot of maneuverability because of the long flexible legs. This adds versatility.

But with that flexibility comes a downside: those flexible legs aren’t quite as rigid as some of the other options above, meaning that in some uses like high winds there might be a bit of camera movement. So it all depends on whether flexibility or rigidity is more important to you.

You’ll have to buy the miniSquid and the GorillaPod separately. And it doesn’t come standard with a GoPro tripod mount, so you’ll need to get one of those as well. And as an alternative, you can replace the GorillaPod with a Cinetics SkatePlate.

Buy them at Amazon: Cinetics miniSquid + Joby GorillaPod 5K + GoPro tripod mount.

Delkin Fat Gecko Dual Suction Cup Mount

This thing is solid. Very solid. It’s made of a combination of metal and plastic. With two suction cups rather than just one, you have extra suction and extra security.

Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Dual Suction Camera Mount (DDMOUNT-SUCTION)
  • Mounts to Any Smooth, Non-Porous Surface or Object
  • 2X Patented 3 in. Industrial Suction Cups

On the negative side, it’s heavy and is probably overkill for most GoPro uses. I use this with DSLRs and in cases where the surface I’m attaching to isn’t as flat as I’d like so I need the extra security of a second suction cup. You can also get a modified version that adds a Fat Gecko Mini to the side to create a triple suction cup mount. The standard unit does not include a GoPro attachment, but you can add a GoPro Tripod Mount easily (and it means it will also work with your other cameras).

You can find them at Amazon + GoPro tripod mount | B&H Photo + GoPro Tripod Mount.

Smatree also makes a less-expensive version that’s also a good option.

Smatree Double Suction Cup Mount with Greater Suction Power Compatible for...
  • Fits for GoPro Hero 9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 and Hero Session HD and fits for compact cameras with 1/4" threaded...
  • MULTIPLE ANGLE: The 1/4" ball head screw adapter is compatible with GoPro Hero 9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 and...

When Not To Use a Suction Cup Mount

When using any of these suction cup mounts, there are some things to keep in mind. The most important is that the strength and durability of the suction depends on several factors.

The mounting surface should be flat and smooth. Even slightly textured surfaces, like you often find on kayaks or surfboards, can reduce the effectiveness of the suction.

It should also be clean–bits of dirt or dust can break the seal.

The suction strength is also affected by changes in temperature. For example, if you mount it on a cold piece of glass and then move that glass into the sun, the sun’s warmth will affect the small amount of air still left between the cup and the glass and could easily weaken the seal. In general, suction mounts are often not suitable for long-term mounting, especially outdoors.

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  • Hi there, i am looking at a suction mount for my gopro hero 6black. Need it for my car but am not sure which one to get. I use my gopro to record my driving during high speed gymkhana & autocross. Would love to mount this outside the car. What can you recommend.

    • I've generally found that the RAM mounts have the strongest suction, although they're also a bit heavier and larger than the standard GoPro one. The standard GoPro one might also work well for this because it has a low profile and is light, even if it's not as strongly built overall. As you'll already know, the problem you're going to face is with the violent shaking and changes of direction, which is going to be a challenge for any of the suction mounts to deal with after a while. If I was doing it, I'd probably test the standard one first to see how it goes. But whichever I'd use I'd definitely add a tether, because there's a high risk of something getting knocked loose and you don't want the camera going flying. Another issue you'll run into is if you put it somewhere that heats up, like the car's hood, the suction could become much less effective when it gets hot.

      Another option that I've used successfully on cars--although never on anything so fast and with the kind of violent movement of autocross--is a heavy-duty magnetic mount. But they're also going to have problems when it gets very bumpy and there's a definite risk of it coming loose.

      A much better option, if it is in option, would be tie a mount around a secure part of the car or even use some kind of bolt clamp. That's going to give a much more reliable hold than a suction cup.

  • Hi

    I need some help. I don't know which one i should choose. I need it to place my gopro on the wall and the bottom of a swimming pool. Does anyone have experience with this?
    Sorry for my bad english.:)

    • I've used the GoPro-branded one attaching underwater and it works. But suction cups can be less reliable underwater, so factor in the risk of it coming unstuck. It also very much depends on the surface. Tiled or rough surfaces, as some pools have, aren't going to maintain a seal. If I was shooting from the pool bottom, I'd probably be more inclined to use weights simply for reliability.

  • Joby now makes a suction cup mount with both an extension arm and a Gorillapod type arm and I've found it to be much superior to anything on your list. Maybe you could update your article?

  • I'm using various RAM products, so I decided to purchase the suction cup mount too and fit it onto my motorbike (Honda CBF1000F). Interestingly I am unable to mount the RAM suction cap anywhere (!) on the motorbike, because it requires a totally flat surface. It won't even tolerate the slightest curves. On the other hand, I also have the GoPro gen #1 suction cup mount, which can be used at several places on the bike, but unfortunately it lacks the versatility that RAM could have provided...

  • First of all I have to say WOW. AMAZING. INCREDIBLE. KNOWLEDGABLE. site David!!! I have never bought a gopro or thought about it (until deciding on going to school in Hawaii for a semester) and your site as given me so much helpful information! I am beyond impressed. Regardless like I said I am going to Hawaii soon and after reading think the HERO4 Silver is my best option for wanting in the water shots, kayaking, hiking, and when I get home wakeboarding. However, I am looking at different mounts that would be the best fit for a surfboard/kayak and would love your suggestion! I thought possibly one of these or CamKix Clamp Mount? Just would appreciate your insight.

    Thank You!

    • The Silver is a very good choice for all-around use. As for what kind of clamp, it depends a lot on exactly what kind of surface you're attaching to. The problem with a lot of kayaks and surfboards etc is that the surface is actually rough to help with grip, and suction cups won't stick well to rough surfaces. GoPros do come with a couple of adhesive clips that can be a very good option for surfboards and wake boards, etc, but the adhesive on them isn't reusable, so you'd want to get some spares (like these. A float is a good idea just in case it does come off, as is a tether if you're using it on a kayak.

  • I would like to make movie placing the GoPro with succion cup in front of the car at speed of up 110 km/hr. Any recommandations ? Thanks.

    • Keeping it low and close to the car will minimize any wobble or give in the mount. The longer the extension the more risk there is of give that will become wobble in the video. Make sure the surface is clean before you attach the suction cup--there's going to be a lot of force on it, and any dust or dirt or oil will reduce the suction seal. And using a secure tether (like this one will reduce the risk of the camera going flying and either breaking, getting lost, or, worse, creating a hazard for other cars.

  • Great article. I'm looking for a suction cup to mount my GoPro to a rental car for a 3 week road trip through Europe. Thinking about either the GoPro or RAM. Which would you recommend?

    • The RAM is stronger and more flexible. The GoPro is lighter and smaller. If you're putting it inside the car, either should work well. If you're putting it outside the car, I prefer the extra strength and suction of the RAM.

  • I am looking for a GoPro mount that can be attached to either a snowboard or on a Stand up Paddle Board. Is there anything that can be used that is secure? I didn't find a clear answer on which model would work best. Thanks!

    • The snowboard is a bit trickier because of the vibration and it getting hit with snow. The lightweight suction cup by GoPro is probably the place to start, although in some conditions it might still come loose. And I'd recommend a tether as a precaution. This thread might also help. A stand up paddle board isn't as demanding and any of the suction cups should work so long as the area on the board where you're mounting isn't too rough and the cup can get a good seal. A float, like GoPro's Floaty Backdoor, would also be a very good precaution.

  • Awesome review! I would like to know which of these (or any others that might be new in the market) would you suggest for a Panasonic GH2 paired with a Voitlangder 25mm (0.95) lens (which add up to a exact total weight of 1049 gms). I am from Mumbai, India and plan to shoot a feature film soon. The roads here are pathetic and bumpy beyond description and hence i would need something which can secure it well. Thanks in advance.

    • I've found that I tend to reach for the RAM mounts first. They're rugged and have been good workhorses for me in all sorts of conditions. The Fat Gecko is also very good. But when using heavier and more expensive cameras like you're using, I would generally also attach a light safety tether just in case.