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Lightroom Tips & Tricks

How to Optimize Images from Lightroom with ImageOptim

Using Lightroom’s post-export options, if you’re using Mac it’s possible to optimize your images as part of the export process.

Lightroom’s Dehaze Filter

Lightroom’s new dehaze slider can be a very useful tool in recovering detail in hazy or misty scenes. It can also have some strongly negative effects.

How to Flip an Image Horizontally or Vertically

Flipping an image horizontally or vertically to create a mirror image isn’t hard, but the functions might not be where you first look.

Correcting GoPro Fisheye Distortion in Lightroom

Correcting GoPro Lens Distortion in Photos Using Lens Correction Profiles

GoPros have a distinctive fisheye look to its photos and videos by default. But it that’s not what you want for your photos, here’s how you can correct it in Lightroom.

How to Speed Up Importing Photos Into Lightroom

Importing images into Lightroom can sometimes seem to take forever. Here are some ways to streamline the process and save time.

Lightroom Tutorials and Classes

Best Lightroom Tutorials & Lightroom Classes for Online Learning

Whether you’re new to Lightroom or looking to dive deeper, here are some of the best places to find Lightroom tutorials, classes, and courses.

How to Upload Photos Directly From Lightroom to Wordpress

The image uploader baked into Wordpress is pretty good. But if you’re using Lightroom there’s an even better option.

How to Use Lightroom’s Crop Overlays to Help with Composition

If you want more control or precision in your cropping than just eyeballing it, Lightroom has some built-in tools to help. Guides include Golden Thirds, Golden Spirals, or Aspect Ratios.

Using the Loupe Overlay Guides to Align a Spot or Vertical or Horizontal Lines

Lightroom’s Guides loupe overlay is a simple yet flexible tool for aligning either a specific spot in the frame or aligning horizontal or vertical lines. It’s one of a few different overlay tools available in Lightroom.

How to Customize the Color Labels in Lightroom

Lightroom has many thoughtful workflow tools. Color coding image labels isn’t especially glamorous, but it can be an extremely useful way of organizing your images. And if you want to customize what text label is paired with which color, you can. Here’s how.

Does Editing JPGs in Lightroom Reduce Image Quality?

The image quality of a JPG degrades every time you save it. So you might be wondering how editing a JPG in Lightroom affects image quality.

Comparing the AI Auto Processing of Lightroom Classic CC and Luminar 2018

Both Lightroom Classic CC and Luminar 2018 now offer processing using AI, or artificial intelligence. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of their initial automatic one-click processing options.

How to Rename a Lightroom Catalog

Whether you need to back up, move, or just change the name of a Lightroom catalog, here’s a step-by-step guide.

How to Resize Thumbnails in Lightroom’s User Interface

If you’re using Lightroom on different computers, you might want to change the size of the thumbnails in Lightroom’s user interface. Here’s how to do it.

How to Export Photos from Lightroom to Flickr

Flickr is one of the most popular ways to share photos online. Here’s how to get your photos from Lightroom to Flickr.

Can Lightroom Find Duplicates?

By itself, Lightroom can’t find duplicate photos. But here are a couple of plugins available that can add that functionality.

The Ins and Outs of Zooming in Lightroom

Lightroom’s basic zooming in on a photo is simple and intuitive, but there are ways to get even more control over how it works to better suit your preferences and workflow.

How to Find the Original Image File on Your Hard Drive

Sometimes you just need to find the original file on your hard drive. Lightroom has a simple built-in function for that.