How to Enable the Publish Services Panel If It’s Hidden

Here's how to enable the Publish Services, Catalog, Folders, or Collections panels in the Library module if they're not visible.

I was recently asked how to enable the the Publish Services panel. The user wasn’t able to see it in the Library module and it wasn’t clear how to enable.

Lightroom enables you to hide the Catalog, Folders, Collections, and Publish Services panels in the Library module, but it’s not necessarily self-evident how to show them (or hide them, for that matter). But it is simple to do once you know how.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the Library module and make sure that the left sidebar is visible in your workspace (press Tab if it isn’t, to toggle it).
  2. Right click on any one of these panel headings that are visible: Catalog, Folders, Collections, or Publish Services.

The ones with the check mark are the ones that are visible. The one with the asterisk is the one you’ve right clicked on (in this example I clicked on the Catalog heading, for example).

  1. Simply select whichever inactive panel you want to enable. And if you want to hide a visible panel, simply do the reverse and deselect it.