Allowed Referrers For Sharing Social Media Shared Link Images When Using Hotlink Protection

If you're using hotlink protection but want to make exceptions to allow social media services to pull images for shared links, here's the list of allowed referrers I've been using.

How to Create a Mac Quick Action to Convert HEIC to JPG

Here's a quick guide to creating an Automatic service (quick action) so that you can convert HEIC image files to JPG with a right click.

Change the Frame Rate of an Existing Project Quickly

Here's a quick and dirty way to modify the framerate of an existing project in Final Cut Pro X.

How to Set a CNAME for an Amazon S3 Bucket

Setting a CNAME to an Amazon S3 Bucket is easy to do, but there are some things to watch out for.

How to Clear the Cache in Safari Without Clearing the Browsing History

There are times when you might want to clear your Safari browsing cache without clearing your browsing history. Here's how to do it.

How to Display EXIF Metadata in Wordpress's Media Library

Here's a quick snippet that displays some key EXIF metadata fields for images in Wordpress's Media Library.

How to Restore Your Custom Recipes When Upgrading from Google's version of Nik Collection to DxO Nik Collection 2018

When you upgrade from Google's version of Nik Collection to DxO's new version, it doesn't bring your old custom recipes along. Here's where I found them and restored them on Mac.

Quick Way to Include External Text in Wordpress

Here's a quick and simple way to include external text or HTML in Wordpress posts, pages, or widgets.

Does EXIF Metadata in Images Affect Google Search Rankings?

Does including image metadata affect search rankings for your overall site or image search? Maybe.

Script to Verify a Page's Host Domain

This short script goes in your page's header to verify that the domain matches the expected host. If it doesn't match, you can redirect the user to another URL.

How to Have Yoast SEO's XML Sitemap Register Images Served from a Content Delivery Network

If you're serving your site's images from a CDN, this snippet tells Yoast SEO to register the CDN versions in its sitemap.

How to Prevent Yoast SEO Premium's Automatic Redirects

Here's the snippet that disables the automatic capturing of redirects in Yoast SEO Premium.

How to Transfer Redirects from Yoast SEO Premium to Redirection

A quick guide to moving existing redirects from Yoast SEO Premium to Redirection in Wordpress.