How To Switch From New Facebook Back to Classic Facebook is rolling out a new look. They're calling the old version Classic Facebook and the updated version New Facebook. Here's how to switch between them.

UPDATE: This post was originally written when there was an option to switch between New Facebook and Classic Facebook. That option has now been removed for many users’ account (including mine, as of September 22). I’m not aware of any official way to go back to the old layout.

But there’s at least one unofficial alternative. A method that many users have reported success with is to install a browser plugin that tricks Facebook into thinking you’re using an old, outdated version of Internet Explorer that Facebook doesn’t support.

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There’s more than one plugin that will do this. Two plugins that readers have reported success with are Old Layout and Revert Site (links below). They’re free, and there are versions for multiple different browsers.

There are some things worth noting with these, however:

  • This might end up being only a temporary fix. Facebook might change settings on their end that would stop the plugins from working.
  • It’s likely that Facebook features might still be missing. The plugins can alter how the page is displayed, but they can’t restore features that Facebook might have disabled on their end.
  • Please review the permissions required for the plugins. I do not know the plugin authors, nor can I personally vouch for the security of the underlying code.

With that said, if you want to give them a try, you can find the Old Layout plugin here and Revert Site here.

Below is the original post, although the setting it describes is no longer available for many users.

UPDATE: An increasing number of users have reported that they no longer see the options to switch between the interfaces below. Facebook usually rolls out changes to some users at a time. At the time of writing, I’m still seeing the options to switch between Classic and the new versions on my account, but it’s possible that Facebook has already removed the options from your account.

If it hasn’t, you’ll likely see a warning message that classic Facebook is going away soon when you log in:

Elsewhere, there’s a message that “the classic Facebook will no longer be available starting in September.” As of September 15, it’s still available on my account, although the option has been changed to a temporary switch for 48 hours.

To be clear, the guide below was written some time ago and applies only when Facebook hasn’t disabled the switch on your account. Once you’ve been switched over totally to New Facebook, I’m not aware of any way to switch back.

In mid-2020, Facebook started rolling out a new, updated look to to bring it closer in line with the mobile version. Mark Zuckerberg announced the change a year earlier, but they took their time rolling it out. But it’s now being rolled out in stages.

Facebook is calling the old version Classic Facebook and the updated version New Facebook. At least on some screens, it’s still referred to as “Facebook Beta.”

As with most Facebook updates, it’s being rolled out gradually. And Facebook knows as well as anyone that change can be controversial. Many users don’t like the new version, and there seem to be some significant features missing so far (hopefully, they’ll be added back sooner rather than later). To ease the transition and provide a workaround if you run into any glitches or missing features, Facebook added a function to let you switch between New Facebook and Classic Facebook.

How to Switch from Classic Facebook to New Facebook

First, click on the small white down triangle at the top right of the blue bar at top.

Then choose Switch to New Facebook.

How to Switch from New Facebook to Classic Facebook

As it usually does, Facebook is rolling out the switchover to New Facebook incrementally to some users at a time. I don’t know what criteria is used to determine who gets switched over when.

This is the welcome message that should show up when you’ve been switched over the New Facebook automatically. When you hit Next, you get to choose between the Light and Dark themes.

Many users have been reporting that they’ve been switched over automatically and the option to switch back to Classic Facebook no longer appears for them. As of the time of writing, the option is still available on my account.

This popup appears in some cases, reading: “You can switch to the classic Facebook at any time.” But many users report that this option to switch back no longer appears when they log into their accounts.

Click on the small dark blue triangle at the top right (it’s surrounded by a light blue circle).

Then click on the Switch to Classic Facebook option.

Things Worth Knowing

It’s worth pointing out that switching these affects how you see It doesn’t affect how others see it. So you can’t force visitors to see only the New Facebook version, for instance–it’ll depend on what setting they’re using for their viewing.

It’s also worth pointing out that this is a temporary feature. At some point, they’ll flick the switch for everyone and there won’t be an option to go back to Classic Facebook.

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  • I had a Facebook account for a while and I had to get a new phone because mine burnt up in a fire and I've tried everything to get back in my old account I purchases a new phone and made another facebook account. But I would like to have my old account back

    • For that you'll need to get help from the Facebook customer support--easier said that done. It's not something we can help with. But you should be able to reclaim access so long as you have access to the same email address and/or phone number.

  • How do I create a story on the new fabebook business page? I can't seem to find it anywhere. Please can FB change back!! This new look is just not user friendly at all!

  • An utterly disastrous mis-step by FB. Since I don't have the desire to figure it out all over again, I'm just not going to use it anymore. Advertisers and marketers, please take note.

  • This has got to be the biggest untested piece of GARBAGE software update I have seen in 40 years. Loaded with bugs! Even the simplest of quality testing would have axed this forced update on loyal customers. SUCH A HUGE STEP BACKWARDS IN INTERFACE DESIGN!! Makes me think the Facebook Management Team has lost its mind and/or PROMOTED COMPLETE DRUG ADDICTS to its ranks.

    • microsoft has done the same thing over the years. I've stopped using both companies. I'll go elsewhere, where there's an interface I can stand to use.

  • This new Facebook page is just horrible !
    I mean if you create something that won’t better why are you even changing I want my old good page ! I can’t even have my admin on this one

  • I got the new FB in the last week. I have no option to switch back. I also noticed that the algorithm for which people I see has also changed.

  • IM 71Year OLD I Like The Old Facebook Back I Can Play Game Better Then New One So Help Me Get OLd Fackbook Back