1. The external microphone is not on. The offer GoPro not turn off the microphone internally. interni still sound spoils.

  2. I bought a Rode microphone which works great on my dslr, but it makes a crazy static noise on the gopro. Anybody else out there who has the same problem? I have a hero 4 silver, with a gopro conversion cable and I’ve switched off the wifi and the screen to try and get rid of the noise to no avail… please help!!!

  3. I’m not crazy. For excellent sounds recording in stereo with no adapter google immortal mics’ “monkey nuts.”
    They are niche, but at fifty bucks the quality and radio of use is hard to beat.

  4. Would any of the studio Microphones be good for using in live shows, as fan ? From what i see from them, they can get a really nice sound from the ambient of a show, but they don’t seem to be very portable to attache on the camera and just put on your chest and start filming. The first ones, looks good for that but I don’t know if they have the same quality.
    Can I have anyone’s opinion ?

  5. I tried connecting my Blue Snowball to my GoPro Hero 4 via a USB cable through the charging port…aaand I wasn’t able to get it working. Can anyone help me find what the problem is?

    • blue mics are usb mics. odds are the camera doesn’t have any drivers to use that. It sends a completely different signal than the 3.5 imput that the camera is used to.

  6. When i connect the mic to the gorpo silver my LCD screen turns off, and when i unplug it the touch screen is off too. Anyone have the same problem? is there a fix?

  7. I am trying to get a recommendation for the best external mic to use with the Go Pro Hero 4 Silver/Music camera for the sole purpose of recording live music. I am looking for something that will capture a full, ambient sound with nice clarity and separation of the instruments. Anybody have some good advice? Thank you.

  8. Do you need an additional adapter to connect the iGoMic Mini Shotgun? It looks like it plugs directly into the GoPro Hero. Is that right?


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