How to use Gramblr to Post to Instagram from a Desktop or Laptop

Gramblr is a free app and web service that lets you post photos to Instagram from a desktop or laptop. Here's how it works.

Two things to note. Firstly, Instagram takes a dim view of automatic posting and has been known to cancel users’ accounts if they’re found doing it. They take an even dimmer view of apps that generate “inauthentic” likes, which is one of the core features of the Gramblr service. So if you choose to use Gramblr (or other auto-posting apps, for that matter), it’s worth doing so with caution.

Secondly, to interact with Instagram and post on your account, some of these apps and services like Gramblr require your login details. While I’ve not run into any adverse consequences in using it, I’d still recommend being cautious about handing over login details to third-party services. Some users have reported that after they’ve installed Gramblr their Instagram account seemed to be auto-liking other posts without your control. Others have reported that they seem to have incurred penalties from Instagram. I haven’t been able to confirm either behavior, but it’s definitely a reason for extra caution. So use it at your own risk.

In light of these issues, I can’t recommend using Gramblr. But I’m leaving this information up nevertheless in case it’s useful to someone.

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Although Instagram is geared strongly toward using with mobile devices, there might be times you want to post to Instagram from a desktop or laptop instead. So I’ve been putting together a series of guides to some of the best apps for posting to Instagram from a computer.

I’m focusing in this one on Gramblr. It works with Mac and Windows and is free.

Using Gramblr to Post to Instagram

There are two parts to it, an app that you install on your computer and a web service. They work together in getting your photos from your desktop to posting on Instagram.

The desktop app part of it is a utility app that really just runs in the background. Once you’ve installed it, you open it to launch the main Gramblr screen and then it just quietly takes care of things behind the scenes. All your main interactions are with the web service.

If you’re using the Mac version, you might get an operating system warning that the app is not from the Mac App Store and is from an unidentified developer. If you choose to override this and install it anyway, you can find the instructions on how to do so here.

Gramblr will also require your Instagram username and password in order to interact with your account, which is less than ideal in terms of security but is unfortunately pretty standard for these third-party apps for posting to Instagram.

For the web service you need to create an account. Once you’ve logged in you get a screen that looks like this:

The main functions are all pretty straightforward. You drag and drop photos or videos onto the panel, and choose your cropping. You can only upload one image at a time.

There’s also a full suite of image editing tools like exposure controls and sharpening. There are also features like filters, frames, stickers, adding text overlays, and redeye correction.

With Gramblr you can also schedule the post for some point in the future. Just choose the date and time and hit Send.

The image/s or video/s will then be added to the upload schedule queue, where you can see a list of all your upcoming posts.

There is, however, an important catch with the scheduling: your desktop computer has to be running for the scheduled posts to actually post. Here’s how Gramblr puts it:

You must keep your computer ON for uploads to take place. If it is asleep, it will wake up for the upload. If it is shut down or hibernating, it will not wake up. If your computer cannot contact our servers within 30 minutes, the upload will expire and it will never occur. Check your power settings to make sure you are on High Performance. All uploads will occur +/- 10 minutes from the specified time.

If you’re so inclined, you can also set things like buying likes, auto liking posts, or earning “coins.” Frankly, none of those are of interest to me, but they’re there if you want them. Here’s how the folks at Gramblr explain the coins feature:

We wanted to create something for our users to do together, and we thought creating a little “game of likes” would be quite fun. It’s a nice way to see and like other people’s pictures, and being able to expect the same in return if you want to! We think it could become an easier way for some people to get noticed and get followers too.

Since I originally posted this, I’ve had a number of questions from readers. I’m not associated with Gramblr at all–other than being an occasional user of their service–but here are some common issues that have been raised:

  • With Gramblr you can only upload one image at a time. You can, however, have multiple images sitting your scheduling queue.
  • In what is presumably a bug, Gramblr doesn’t work with portrait (vertical) rectangular images. Hopefully this will be something that the developers will resolve, but for now, it doesn’t work.
  • It does support multiple Instagram accounts. You access the Switch Account function by clicking on your username in the top right when you’re logged into Gramblr.

Where to Get Gramblr

You can download the installation app from their website.

Other Options for Posting to Instagram from a Desktop or Laptop Computer

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  • Thanks. This was succinct and super helpful. Within 5 minutes I had posted to instagram from my PC. high five!

  • Question: If I create and schedule future posts on Gramblr on Computer 1, will they post properly if Computer 1 is off but Computer 2 (and I am logged in to the Gramblr app) is on? (in regard to the necessity of your computer/account/Gramblr needing to be 'active' in order for scheduled posts to happen)

    • Sorry, but I don't know the answer to that. I'd recommend reaching out to the Gramblr support folks directly.

  • every time I try to post a particular image, it says 'not allowed aspect ratio' and I keep trying to crop it to a roughly okay size and it still doesn't let me? the green save button when cropping is fine, its never red.. my wifi is working, theres no reason for this?

  • I used an app to post an image from laptop a year ago (can't remember which app), and it uploaded okay, but I stopped immediately upon seeing there was no way to delete the image. Does this, or any other computer app you know, enable deletion?

    • It's not an app, as such, but the Delete function is enabled when you use a desktop web browser and spoof the user agent. Here's more info on how to do that. If you just access the site normally through a web browser, the delete function doesn't show up.

      • Using Chrome 61 on a Windows 10 laptop, I did as directed, trying out several of the device settings including iPhone 6 on my Instagram account, which still has that one image. The usual functions worked, but I could not get the camera icon for upload, nor the three vertical dots at the lower right corner of the image for deletion. It didn't seem anyone was 'fooled'. (If there is something else I should do besides the spoof trick itself, let me know.)

        • I've started having trouble in Chrome too lately. It's still working for me in Safari, but I haven't yet had a chance to check other browsers.

        • Hold on. I noticed you advised refreshing the page, and this seems to have worked! I haven't tested it yet (will prep first), but looks good. Thank you.

  • i deleted by accident an accoun. can i take it back somehow? I am trying to create a new account but the system doesn't let me. Do you know anything about it?