Chichicastenango’s Cemetery

Chichicastengo's colorful cemetery is well worth a visit if you're in town for the famous market day.
Colorful Chichicastengo cemetery
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If you’re headed into the Guatemalan highlands town of Chichicastenango, chances are you’re going for the famous market day. While you’re there, it’s worth dropping by the town’s cemetery just down the hill a little.

The town is not very big, so the cemetery isn’t either, but it sure is colorful. Its brightly painted tombs and crosses stand out vividly on the hillside. The effect is quite different from something like stark white of the cemetery in Granada, Nicaragua.

Like local churches such as Iglesia de Santo Tomas, next to the market, the cemetery is mixed-use, serving both Catholic and indigenous K’iche’ Maya religious communities.

If you come across smoke wafting through the cemetery, that’s likely local shaman performing traditional K’iche’ Maya ceremonies using bonfires and censers with smoldering incense and copal resin.

Photos of Chichicastenango’s Cemetery

Brightly colored graves at Chichicastengo cemetery
Photo © David Coleman /
Traditional Maya ceremony with incense and copal resin smoke in Chichicastengo
Local shaman perform a traditional K’iche’ Maya ceremony using censers with smoldering incense and copal resin. Photo © David Coleman /
Chichicastengo cemetery colorful gravesites
Photo © David Coleman /
Buildings at Chichicastengo cemetery
Photo © David Coleman /
Fire and smoke at Maya ceremony
Photo © David Coleman /
Chichicastengo cemetery crosses
Photo © David Coleman /
Maya ceremony in Chichicastengo's Cemetery
Photo © David Coleman /
Traditional Maya ceremony in Chichicastengo's cemetery
You can tell from the smoke stains on the structure to the right that such ceremonies are frequent. Photo © David Coleman /
Chichicastengo cemetery graves
Photo © David Coleman /
Mayan religious ceremony in Chichicastengo
Photo © David Coleman /
Smoke and fire as part of a K'iche' Maya ceremony at the cemetery in Chichicastengo, Guatemala
Photo © David Coleman /
The colorful headstones at Chichicastengo cemetery
Photo © David Coleman /
Maya shaman with censer
Photo © David Coleman /

Where Is It?

It’s just down the hill from the market area. As a commonsense personal safety precaution, it’s worth going with a local or guide, especially if you’re travelling solo.

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