Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens, Greece

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens is one of the grandest churches in this ancient city. And in typical Greek Orthodox style, it is opulently decorated inside.

The Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the grandest churches in this ancient city. But it’s by no means the oldest. There are several others that date back to the Byzantine era. Even the tiny little church right next to the Metropolis dates back to the 12th century. The cathedral, by contrast, was dedicated in May 1862.

In recent years, the cathedral (or Metropolis, as its often known) has been undergoing renovations. Here are some shots of what it looks like inside. It gets mixed reviews. It’s large and, in typical Greek Orthodox style, opulently decorated–some would say gawdy, considering that it’s relatively new rather than many centuries old as it looks to be trying to present itself.


What To Know Before You Go

Expect renovations and closed-off sections.

It’s also known as Metropolitan Cathedral of the Annunciation). It sits on a square in the Monastiraki neighborhood, not far from the Ancient Agora.


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