Santiago’s Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral has pride on place on a corner of Plaza de Armas, a the historic and cultural heart of Santiago, Chile.
Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago Statue
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In most cathedrals, you want to look up. They were designed that way so that you’d look to the heavens.

And in Santiago’s Metropolitan Cathedral there’s plenty to see looking up. Its Baroque decoration rivals anything in Europe. There are ornate frescos on the ceiling, chandeliers, and gilded columns.

But it’s also rewarding looking down. It’s not just plain, worn stone here. Instead, there are intricately black and white patterns made of thousands of small tiles.

The crypt below the main floor is very different. It’s starkly plain. The austerity seems fitting.

The Metropolitan Cathedral stands on the northwest corner of the Plaza de Armas, the historic heart of Santiago. Its two towers once stood tall when they were added in 1800 (the rest of the church was constructed a half century earlier). Now they’re dwarfed by the modern office buildings next to it. Outside, children play in the fountain. Bands play in the band stand. And people enjoy the warm Santiago sun.

Photos of Santiago’s Metropolitan Cathedral

Plaza de Armas Santiago

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago Congregation

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago

Altar in Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago de Chile

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago Font of Holy Water

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago de Chile Nave

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago Chile Crypt

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago Crypt

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago

Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago de Chile Exterior


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