Penguins in Antarctica

Penguins are a major draw in Antarctica. And it's no wonder--for comical antics and all-around cuteness, penguins are hard to beat.
Gentoo Penguins at Trinity Island Antarctic Peninsula
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Seals and whales first attracted humans to Antarctica. But that didn’t go so well for them–they were hunted nearly to extinction.

These days, penguins are a major draw. And it’s no wonder–for comical antics and all-around cuteness, penguins are hard to beat. On land they’re clumsy and slow. In the water, it’s a different story as they fly gracefully and speedily through the water.

Flying Penguin
A “flying” Chinstrap penguin.
Gentoo Penguins at Trinity Island Antarctic Peninsula
Gentoo penguins.
Penguin on the Snow in Antarctica
Gentoo penguin.
Gentoo Pengion on the Snow at Petermann Island Antarctica
Gentoo penguin.

Gentoo Penguins at Hydrurga Rocks Antarctica

Gentoo Penguin Standing on the Snow

Ship Breaking Through Antarctic Sea Ice
Penguin tracks on the sea ice.

Penguins on an Iceberg in Antarctica

Adelie Penguins Nesting on Petermann Island Antarctica
An Adelie penguin with her chick.
Penguin Footprints in the Sand
Penguin footprints in the course sand.

Tourists Sit with Gentoo Penguins in Antarctica

Penguins and People Climbing a Hill of Snow
Penguins following people up the hill.

Gentoo Penguin on Rocks in Antarctica


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