Templo de San Bernardo

Dedicated to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Templo de San Bernardo dates to 1680 and was once part of a larger convent complex. Now only the church remains.

It was originally part of a Cistercian order convent dating back to 1636. The church is a little newer, but only by half a century, dating to 1680. On the church now remains, with the rest having been closed and demolished in the late-19th century, making way for the busy city street now known as 20 de Noviembre.

The church is dedicated to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, a 12th century French founder of the Cistercian order. He was known as Mellifluous Doctor (of the church) for his eloquence. A statue of him stands in the middle of the neo-classical main altar, standing surrounded by a sea of fresh flowers.

The walls of the nave are lined with an eclectic array of statues and paintings depicting a variety of other saints and religious figures.

Photos of Templo de San Bernardo

I have more photos of the Templo de San Bernardo here.

How to Get Here

The church is two blocks south of the Zocalo.


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