Luang’s Prabang’s That Chomsi

That Chomsi is at the top of a hill overlooking the old section of UNESCO World Heritage Site Luang Prabang, offering wonderful views out over the town, nearby wats, Mekong, and the region.

It’s a steep climb up to That Chomsi. But from the stupa at the summit, there’s a wonderful view out over Luang Prabang and the Mekon. At least, there is when the weather is clear.

It’s just across the street from where the morning market sets up, and it’s here that Luang Prabang’s Lao new year procession starts each April.

The buildings here are relatively new, dating back to 1804, and it was restored in 1914. As you climb the many steps you’ll pass several spots where locals have laid out offerings.

Photos of That Chomsi

Luang Prabang Wat Phra That Chomsi

Luang Prabang Wat Phra That Chomsi View


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