World War II-era Batteries at Fort Moultrie, Sullivan's Island, South Carolina

Defending Charleston Harbor

SULLIVAN’S ISLAND, United States — Fort Moultrie isn’t as famous as its neighbor, Fort Sumter, but it has played crucial roles over the centuries in defending Charleston Harbor.

Istanbul Naval Museum

Istanbul Naval Museum

ISTANBUL, Turkey (Türkiye) — If I was picking a name for this museum, I wouldn’t use the word “naval.” Istanbul Maritime History Museum would be a better fit. Or better yet: Royal Water Taxi Museum. But what impressive water taxis they are!

Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo

Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo

WATERLOO, Belgium — The Panorama of the Battle of Waterloo, in its own building next to the Lion’s Mound, brings an old-world tourist immersive experience.

Waterloo Battlefield

The Battlefield of Waterloo

WATERLOO, Belgium — Nearly 33,000 men died on these fields. And it was here, on 18 June 1815, that Napoleon’s march toward nearby Brussels was halted and he lost his empire for a second time.

The Emporer's Room at Ferme du Caillou Waterloo

Napoleon’s Last Headquarters

WATERLOO, Belgium — Ferme du Caillou, next to the battlefield of Waterloo, is where Napoleon spent the night before the Battle of Waterloo. The next day, his empire was in tatters.

Vietnam Museum of Revolution Statue and Artillery

Museum of the Vietnamese Revolution

HANOI, Vietnam – Unsurprisingly, Vietnam takes its revolutionary foundations very much to heart. They’re shown off and commemorated in the national Revolution Museum in central Hanoi.

Historic Prison at the Maritime Museum of Ushuaia Argentina

Ushuaia’s Maritime Museum

USHUAIA, Argentina – It’s the jail at the end of the world. It would have been very cold, very drafty, and, even compared to the low bar set by late-19th-century prisons, altogether rather unpleasant. But if you could sneak to a window, what a view!

Churchill War Rooms London Updating Map

The Churchill War Rooms

LONDON, United Kingdom — This was British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s underground command bunker during some of the most dangerous days (and nights) of World War II.

Vietnam Military History Museum Tank Exhibit

Hanoi’s Vietnam Military History Museum

HANOI, Vietnam – The Vietnam Military History Museum in central Hanoi celebrates the Vietnamese victories of the 20th century, first over the French and then the United States. And, of course, it presents a version sanctioned by the Vietnamese Communist Government.

Photo of Shells on display at War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam’s War Remnants Museum

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam — The War Remnants Museum presents an important but one-sided history of the appalling legacy of the decades of war that have ravaged Vietnam.