Reviews and recommendations for books on digital photography, from the techniques of taking the photos through processing and sharing them.

Nikon D3400

Best Books on the Nikon D3400

If you’ve just bought yourself a Nikon D3400, or even if you’ve had one for a while and are looking to make use of more of its features, here’s a quick rundown of what I think are the best books on using this camera.

People Photography: Capturing Lifestyle for Art & Stock

Book review. Taking photos of people offers endless variety. Whether it’s baby and kid photos, headshots of an aspiring actor, workers going about their work, or a family celebrating a special occasion, every photo has its own challenges and opportunities. This book aims to help.

Pocket Dictionary of Ethnic Foods

Do you know your pollo from your polo, your ghee from your gobi, your sangak from your samosa? Or, most importantly, your Marmite from your Vegemite? The Pocket Diction of Ethnic Foods might be just what you need to navigate the wonders and potential disasters of hard-to-decipher menus in foreign lands.