YouTube might be all about video, but there’s a surprising number of places on the YouTube site and app where still images come into play. Here are some tips and recommendations for making the most of images on YouTube.

How To Capture A Video Frame With VLC 6

How to Capture a Video Frame with VLC

One free, simple option for video frames capture to save it as a JPG is to use the free, cross-platform app VLC. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

YouTube Thumbnail With Canva Header

How to Make Custom YouTube Thumbnails with Canva

An appealing YouTube thumbnail is essential for drawing viewers to your video content. It’s your first chance to grab a viewer’s attention, and if done right, it can significantly increase your channel’s engagement.

YouTube Thumbnails Size Header

YouTube Thumbnail Size Guide

Make your YouTube videos stand out with this guide to the ideal YouTube thumbnail size, the best file formats to upload, and more. Get tips on how to enable and use custom thumbnail images to give your videos the attention they deserve.

YouTube Banner Size Header

YouTube Banner Size Guide

If you’re looking to use your photos or graphics for your YouTube banner, this is the optimal image size to use. Plus, I’ll share some tips on creating an eye-catching and effective channel banner.