How to Create a DNS TXT Record on Cloudflare

If a site or service has asked you to set up a TXT DNS record, it’s usually to prove that you own the domain (or at least have authority to update the DNS records). It’s a quick and simple process–here’s how to do it on Cloudflare.

How to Post on Instagram from Mac

How to Post on Instagram from Mac

If you’d rather post on Instagram from your Mac than from your phone, here are the best options, including free and paid Mac apps and using a Mac’s web browser.

Computer Keyboard

Script to Verify a Page’s Host Domain

This short script goes in your page’s header to verify that the domain matches the expected host. If it doesn’t match, you can redirect the user to another URL.

How to Convert JPG to WebP with XnConvert

If you’re looking to manually create WebP versions from JPGs (or any other image file formats, for that matter), XnConvert is free, multiplatform, and is especially good at handling large batches of images.

DxO PureRAW Slider

DxO PureRAW – Optimizing RAW Files Before Editing Them in Lightroom

DxO PureRAW takes a unique approach to working with RAW files. It’s not a RAW file processor, as such–instead, it prepares the files by using a suite of optical fixes drawing on DxO’s extensive research into cameras and lenses. And it works with your favorite RAW processing app.

Nikon D850 Video Shooting

Nikon D850 Video Modes & Features

Here’s a rundown of the video modes and features of the Nikon D850 camera. The camera’s strengths are in stills photography, but it still has capable video features.

Rawsie Main Interface

Compressing RAW files with Rawsie | Hands-on Review

There are only a few options for compressing RAW image files. Rawsie is a new app that uses sophisticated algorithms to drastically reduce the size of those thousands of RAW files taking up space on your hard drives.

Nikon D3400 Webcam Live  Video Streaming

How to Use a Nikon D3400 as a Webcam or for Live Video Streaming

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home office for Zoom meetings or building a basic home vlogging studio, you can use a Nikon D3400 as a webcam or for real-time video capture to a computer. But it’s not quite as simple as just plugging your camera in with a USB cable. Here’s a guide on how to do it and what you’ll need to make it work.

How To Capture A Video Frame With VLC 6

How to Capture a Video Frame with VLC

One free, simple option for video frames capture to save it as a JPG is to use the free, cross-platform app VLC. Here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

YouTube Thumbnails

The Ideal Thumbnail Size for YouTube

YouTube thumbnails can make a real difference in whether users click on your video. Here’s an up-to-date guide to the best YouTube thumbnail size, how to enable and upload custom thumbnails, and best practices.

Which color space to use when header

Which Color Space Should You Use When?

Color spaces and color profiles can get complicated and technical fast. But here are some simple, practical recommendations on which color space to use when shooting and sharing photos.

How to Export a Single Frame as a JPG from Adobe Premiere Pro

There are two methods for exporting an individual frame from a Premiere Pro project. One is quick and simple but doesn’t give you much control. The other involves more steps but gives you more control over things like size and compression amount.

How to Prevent VLC from Saving Recently Viewed Videos on Mac

The recent files list in VLC is designed to provide convenient shortcuts to the audio files you recently listened to or the videos you recently viewed. But if you want to prevent VLC from adding files to the Open Recent menu item, you can. Here’s how.

Backing up Photos to the Cloud with CloudBerry

There are several different apps that can automate and schedule backups of photo archives to different cloud storage providers. CloudBerry is one of the simplest, and it works with a wide range of cloud services.

Search and Replace Plugins for Wordpress

Whether you’re moving from HTTP to HTTPS, moving a site to a new domain, or updating links, there are times you might need site-wide search and replace to speed things up. Here are some options for Wordpress.

How To Schedule Posts to Instagram

Instagram doesn’t offer any built-in way to schedule posts, and it even discourages automated scheduling, but it can be done. Some options play by the rules better than others. Here’s a rundown of the options.

Instagram Archive Posts

How to Archive Photos in Instagram

Instagram has a new feature to archive posts. It makes them private, so only you can see them, without deleting the post and losing the comments and likes.

How to Share 360° Photos

So you’ve shot some cool new 360 degree photos. How do you share them so other people can see them? Here are some places to start.

Organizing Photos into Wordpress Media Library Folders

If you have a lot of photos in your Wordpress Media Library and are looking for a better way to organize them, the WP Media Folder plugin provides a way to create virtual collections without messing up your underlying filesystem.

JPEGmini Pro Review

JPEGmini Pro promises that their proprietary algorithm can dramatically reduce the size of JPGs with no discernible loss in quality. So I put their secret sauce to the test.

Spyder5PRO Colorimeter

Calibrating Your Display with the Spyder5PRO

Using a color calibrated monitor can save a lot of time, aggravation, and ink, and helps ensure that your images look their best when viewed elsewhere. Here’s my hands-on review of the Spyder5PRO from Datacolor.

Smartphone Apps for Tracking the Sun, Moon, and Stars

Whether you’re trying to make it for magic hour, line up the sun or moon with a landmark, or just want to make sure your subject is shown in the best natural light, smartphone apps that calculate the location of the sun and moon for any location on earth for any date and time can come in very handy.


MOVO MTP-10 Timelapse Panning Base

The MOVO MTP-10 is one of several devices for adding rotation and panning to timelapse captures. It’s a significant step up in both features and price than some alternatives. Here’s my hands-on review.