Image Files & Formats

Digital photography involves working with all sorts of different image file formats. Some formats are better suited to some purposes than others, and new formats are constantly being created and evolved.

These guides are to some of the most common image file formats you’re likely to come across in digital photography and how to work with them, from editing to converting from one format to another.

Screenshot of macOS Automator Folder Action for automatically converting image files to AVIF using ImageMagick

How to Convert JPG to AVIF Format in ImageMagick on Mac

ImageMagick is a very useful suite of tools for working with image files. While its command-line interface can be a bit intimidating at first, there are some real benefits to using it as part of a photography workflow.

Here’s how to use it to convert images to AVIF for use on websites.

Screenshot of ImageMagick installing on Mac

How to Install ImageMagick on Mac

ImageMagick can be a very powerful and efficient tool in a photography workflow. And while it might seem intimidating to use command-line tools through Terminal at first, it really is pretty straightforward.

It doesn’t come pre-installed on Mac. Here’s a guide to installing it using the wonderfully helpful Homebrew package manager.

What are XMP Files?

You often see XMP files next to photo image files. Here’s an explanation of what they are and why they’re there.

What are AVIF Images?

AVIF is a new image format that has ambitions to take over the web. Here’s an explanation of what it is and how to work with AVIF image files.

WebP Image File Format Header

What Are WebP Images?

Here’s a straightforward explanation of what WebP image files are, when to use them, and how to convert them.

How to Convert JPG to WebP with XnConvert

If you’re looking to manually create WebP versions from JPGs (or any other image file formats, for that matter), XnConvert is free, multiplatform, and is especially good at handling large batches of images.