ExifTool Workflows

ExifTool is a suite of command-line tools developed by Phil Harvey that provides the gold standard for viewing, editing, and using image metadata. Its command-line interface can seem a little daunting, but its real power comes in its thoroughness, ability to work with large batches of images, and the way it can be incorporated into automated workflows.

Screenshot of ImageOptim preferences for removing metadata from images

How to Strip Out Metadata from Photos on Mac

There are several options for removing image metadata for privacy on Mac, from standalone apps to highly versatile command-line tools. Here’s a rundown of some of the best options.

Screenshot of Terminal Window on Mac with ExifTool batch removing metadata from images

How to Remove Metadata from Images on Mac with ExifTool

Digital images are often loaded with metadata that contains information you might want to share. If you find that you often need to strip out metadata from images, the free command-line tool ExifTool is a powerful option for it.