Photography Workflow

Screenshot of macOS Automator Folder Action for automatically converting image files to AVIF using ImageMagick

How to Convert JPG to AVIF Format in ImageMagick on Mac

ImageMagick is a very useful suite of tools for working with image files. While its command-line interface can be a bit intimidating at first, there are some real benefits to using it as part of a photography workflow.

Here’s how to use it to convert images to AVIF for use on websites.

Screenshot of ImageMagick installing on Mac

How to Install ImageMagick on Mac

ImageMagick can be a very powerful and efficient tool in a photography workflow. And while it might seem intimidating to use command-line tools through Terminal at first, it really is pretty straightforward.

It doesn’t come pre-installed on Mac. Here’s a guide to installing it using the wonderfully helpful Homebrew package manager.

Screenshot of Automator Folder Action on Mac for a watched folder for automatically converting images to WebP

How to Use ImageMagick to Convert Images to WebP on Mac

If you have to convert a bunch of images to WebP or set up automatic conversion on your Mac, ImageMagick is a great option. Here’s how to set it up for batch conversion to WebP or watched folders for automatic converting.

Screenshot of macOS Automator Folder Action for stripping metadata automatically

How to Strip Metadata from Images Using ImageMagick on Mac

If you want to remove any identifying metadata information from your photos before posting them online, ImageMagick offers a quick and easy way to do it. It’s especially good when paired with macOS Folder Actions to do it automatically when you drop photos into a designated folder.

How to Use macOS SIPS to Batch Resize Images

There are many ways to resize images. On Mac, SIPS is an especially good option for working with large batches of images. It’s a free command-line tool that’s baked into macOS.

How to Resize Wordpress Thumbnails

If you change your Wordpress theme or even just tweak the layout of your existing theme, you might need to change the size of your thumbnails. Here’s how to do it.

How to Create a DNS TXT Record on Cloudflare

This is something I have to do regularly, often for setting up photography services and image archives with custom domains, for example. So I thought it might be useful to put together a quick guide.

If a site or service has asked you to set up a TXT DNS record, it’s usually to prove that you own the domain (or at least have authority to update the DNS records). It’s a quick and simple process—here’s how to do it on Cloudflare.

How to Post on Instagram from Mac

If you’d rather post on Instagram from your Mac than from your phone, here are the best options, including free and paid Mac apps and using a Mac’s web browser.

How to Convert JPG to WebP with XnConvert

If you’re looking to manually create WebP versions from JPGs (or any other image file formats, for that matter), XnConvert is free, multiplatform, and is especially good at handling large batches of images.

Rawsie Main Interface

Compressing RAW files with Rawsie | Hands-on Review

There are only a few options for compressing RAW image files. Rawsie is a new app that uses sophisticated algorithms to drastically reduce the size of those thousands of RAW files taking up space on your hard drives.

YouTube Thumbnail With Canva Header

How to Make Custom YouTube Thumbnails with Canva

An appealing YouTube thumbnail is essential for drawing viewers to your video content. It’s your first chance to grab a viewer’s attention, and if done right, it can significantly increase your channel’s engagement.

YouTube Thumbnails Size Header

YouTube Thumbnail Size Guide

Make your YouTube videos stand out with this guide to the ideal YouTube thumbnail size, the best file formats to upload, and more. Get tips on how to enable and use custom thumbnail images to give your videos the attention they deserve.

How to Post to Instagram from a Computer

How to Post on Instagram from PC or Mac

Instagram is designed for mobile devices. But that doesn’t work for everyone. So here are some options for posting to Instagram from your computer without using the mobile app.

Instagram Archive Posts

How to Archive Photos in Instagram

Discover how to effectively utilize the Instagram Archive feature to manage and curate your Instagram content without losing cherished memories.

Facebook Image Size Guide 2023

Have you ever tried using photos and images on your Facebook page? It can be frustrating. So here’s an up-to-date guide explaining what’s what, what’s where, and how big.

How to Share 360° Photos

So you’ve shot some cool new 360 degree photos. How do you share them so other people can see them? Here are some places to start.

Organizing Photos into Wordpress Media Library Folders

If you have a lot of photos in your Wordpress Media Library and are looking for a better way to organize them, the WP Media Folder plugin provides a way to create virtual collections without messing up your underlying filesystem.

JPEGmini Pro Review

JPEGmini Pro promises that their proprietary algorithm can dramatically reduce the size of JPGs with no discernible loss in quality. So I put their secret sauce to the test.

YouTube Banner Size Header

YouTube Banner Size Guide

If you’re looking to use your photos or graphics for your YouTube banner, this is the optimal image size to use. Plus, I’ll share some tips on creating an eye-catching and effective channel banner.

WD MyPassport Wireless

WD MyPassport Wireless Review

The WD MyPassport Wireless is a portable hard drive that can be used to stream media to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. But it’s also a cost-effective option for backing up your photos while traveling.

Instagram Photo Size Guide

If you’re posting images to Instagram, whether from a phone or computer, here’s my unofficial guide to photo and picture sizes for Instagram posts.

EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud Review

If you use a lot of images on your WordPress site and are serious about speeding it up, image optimization is a great place to start and can give some really impressive gains for very little work or expense.

Cloud Storage for Photographers

Storing and backing up photos isn’t the most exciting part of photography, but it is crucial. And a cloud-based solution is now a good option. But not every cloud storage service is a good fit. Here’s a roundup of some of the best cloud storage for photographers.