ImageMagick Workflows

ImageMagick is a suite of powerful and versatile tools for working with images. While its command-line interface can seem a bit daunting at first, it provides some really useful tools to integrate into a photography workflow. It’s especially powerful when working with large batches of images and in automated workflows.

How to Use ImageMagick to Generate a Contact Sheet

Contact sheets might be old-fashioned, but they’re still very useful even with digital photography.

And one of the many things that ImageMagick can do with photos is to assemble them into a contact sheet. Here’s how to do it.

Screenshot of ImageOptim preferences for removing metadata from images

How to Strip Out Metadata from Photos on Mac

There are several options for removing image metadata for privacy on Mac, from standalone apps to highly versatile command-line tools. Here’s a rundown of some of the best options.

Screenshot of macOS Automator Folder Action for automatically converting image files to AVIF using ImageMagick

How to Convert JPG to AVIF Format in ImageMagick on Mac

ImageMagick is a very useful suite of tools for working with image files. While its command-line interface can be a bit intimidating at first, there are some real benefits to using it as part of a photography workflow.

Here’s how to use it to convert images to AVIF for use on websites.

Screenshot of ImageMagick installing on Mac

How to Install ImageMagick on Mac

ImageMagick can be a very powerful and efficient tool in a photography workflow. And while it might seem intimidating to use command-line tools through Terminal at first, it really is pretty straightforward.

It doesn’t come pre-installed on Mac. Here’s a guide to installing it using the wonderfully helpful Homebrew package manager.

Screenshot of Automator Folder Action on Mac for a watched folder for automatically converting images to WebP

How to Use ImageMagick to Convert Images to WebP on Mac

If you have to convert a bunch of images to WebP or set up automatic conversion on your Mac, ImageMagick is a great option. Here’s how to set it up for batch conversion to WebP or watched folders for automatic converting.

Screenshot of macOS Automator Folder Action for stripping metadata automatically

How to Strip Metadata from Images Using ImageMagick on Mac

If you want to remove any identifying metadata information from your photos before posting them online, ImageMagick offers a quick and easy way to do it. It’s especially good when paired with macOS Folder Actions to do it automatically when you drop photos into a designated folder.