Sony a6500 Mirrorless Camera

Sony E 20mm ƒ/2.8 Sample Images

Sony E 20mm ƒ/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens Sample Images

The Sony E 20mm ƒ/2.8 is a moderately wide-angle lens for Sony E-mount APS-C mirrorless cameras. With a maximum aperture of ƒ/2.8, it’s fast, but the highlight features are how small and light it is.

Sony a6500 Sample Images

This is a collection of photos I’ve taken with the Sony a6500 mirrorless camera to give a sense of how it performs in real-world shooting under different lighting conditions.

Sony Alpha 6500 Mirorrless Camera

Sony a6500 Memory Card Recommendations

The Sony a6500 doesn’t come with a memory card standard. Here are some practical recommendations on which SD cards work well in this camera to take advantage of all of the a6500’s features.

Sony E 16mm f/2.8 Sample Images

Sony E 16mm ƒ/2.8 Lens Sample Images

The Sony E 16mm ƒ/2.8 lens is fast and tiny, making it a very attractive option for travel photography. Here’s a collection of travel photos to give a sense of how it performs under real-world conditions.