How To Switch Back to Old Facebook from New Facebook

Wondering why Facebook looks different? has rolled out a new look. They’re calling it New Facebook. But not everyone’s a fan. Here’s how to switch back to the old Facebook layout.

How to Switch Back to Classic Facebook From New Facebook Layout
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I originally posted this back when Facebook first started rolling out the New Facebook layout. At that time, it was possible to switch back to the old Facebook layout. But that option has now been removed. So I’ve updated the information below with some workarounds to change how it’s displayed in your browser, but it’s no longer possible to completely revert back to the old Facebook layout.

Since I originally posted this, most Facebook users have been switched over to the new layout, and the option to switch back that I originally described below has been removed. I’m not aware of any official way to go back to the old Facebook layout (which is now called Classic Facebook).

But there’s at least one unofficial alternative to switch back to the old Facebook layout. A method that many users have reported success with is to install a browser plugin that tricks Facebook into thinking you’re using an old, outdated version of Internet Explorer that Facebook doesn’t support (aka, spoofing the user agent).

Browser Plugins to Revert to Old Facebook Layout

There are plugins for your web browser that can do this, and I’ve listed some of the ones that users have reported success with below. They’re free, and there are versions for multiple different browsers.

Chrome / Brave Web Browser

Firefox Web Browser

Microsoft Edge Web Browser

Things Worth Knowing

There are some things worth noting with these, however:

  • This is only a temporary fix. Facebook might change settings on their end that would stop the plugins from working. UPDATE: In mid-2021, Facebook appeared to close many of the loopholes that these plugins were using.
  • It’s likely that Facebook features might still be missing. The plugins can alter how the page is displayed, but they can’t restore features that Facebook might have disabled on their end.
  • These can change how you see, but they don’t change how others view your page.
  • Please review the permissions required for the plugins. I do not know the plugin authors, nor can I personally vouch for the security of the underlying code.
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