How to Update Canon Rebel T7 Firmware

There are two methods you can use to update the Canon Rebel T7’s firmware. Here’s how to do each of them.

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Quick Summary

  • Update Canon Rebel T7 Firmware: Two primary methods available.
  • Checking Firmware Version: In P, Tv, Av, or M modes, navigate to the third Setup tab (yellow with a wrench and three dots) to view current version.
    • Method 1: Manual update using a computer and memory card reader. Download firmware from Canon’s site, transfer to memory card, and follow on-camera prompts.
    • Method 2: Use EOS Utility desktop app. Requires a USB cable; process involves downloading firmware, using the app to transfer, and following on-camera steps.

Firmware is code that tells the camera’s hardware how to function. It’s not something you have to interact with directly, and updating the firmware isn’t something you have to do often. But from time to time Canon comes out with updates that add features, improve compatibility, or fix problems.

Unlike your phone or computer, the Rebel T7 won’t notify you when there’s new firmware available. Instead, you’ll need to manually check from time to time.

The first step is to check the version of firmware running on your camera.

With the camera in P, Tv, Av, or M shooting modes, go to the third Setup tab on the camera’s menu system (Yellow tab with a wrench and three dots). At the bottom of that, the current firmware version that the camera is running is displayed.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Version

Check that against the latest version available on Canon’s website.

If the version on Canon’s website is newer, it’s time to update. Here’s how to do it.

Confusingly, the EOS Rebel T7 goes by several different names. It’s known as the Rebel T7 in the Americas, the Kiss X90 in Japan, and the EOS 1500D in Australia, India, and Southeast Asia. In Europe, it’s known as the EOS 2000D. They refer to the same camera with the same features, specifications, and capabilities (although warranties and battery charger plugs differ).

Methods for Updating Canon Rebel T7 Firmware

There are two main methods for updating the Canon Rebel T7 firmware. They overlap, and the difference between them comes down to the method for copying the new firmware file to the SD card.

I’ve included guides below for both methods.

One is a manual process that uses a memory card reader. The other is using the EOS Utility desktop app. There’s no real advantage of one method over the other–they both ultimately do the same thing. I find the manual method simpler, but it really comes down to personal preference.

Method 1: How to Update Canon Rebel T7 Firmware Manually

This is the manual method. You’ll need a computer and memory card reader.

Make sure that the battery is charged before you start. This will reduce the risk of the firmware process being interrupted (interrupting the firmware update can brick the camera (i.e., make the camera unresponsive)).

  1. Download the official firmware file from Canon’s website. Choose the latest version, and the variant that matches your computer’s operating system (i.e., Windows or Mac).
Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware - Download Page on Canon's website

2. Insert the memory card into a memory card reader attached to your computer.

3. Extract the file you downloaded from Canon’s website. You’ll see a data file that will be called something along the lines of CCF26110.FIR as well as a folder called update-procedure-pdf.

4. Copy the .FIR file across to the memory card. Make sure it goes into the rood directly of the memory card. That is, it should be at the top level–don’t put it in the MISC or DCIM folders.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware -  Folder Structure

5. Power off the camera.

6. Turn the camera’s mode dial to P. You can also use Tv, AV, or M. But it has to be on one of those. If the camera is in any of the other shooting modes, you won’t see the full menu system and won’t be able to access the Firmware setting.

7. Insert the memory card into the camera and turn the camera on.

8. On the camera’s menu system, go across to the third wrench tab (yellow, with three dots). Then scroll down to the Firmware Ver. X.X.X line at the bottom. Click on that option.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Version

9. If you’ve correctly copied the firmware file to the memory card, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to proceed with the update. But if the camera can’t find the firmware file, you’ll get a message that “Memory card containing firmware is required to update.”

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Confirmation

10. Follow the prompts to confirm that you want to update the firmware.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware - Confirm Update on Menu System

11. Once the process starts, be careful not to interrupt it. Don’t power the camera off or press any buttons. It doesn’t take long–maybe 30 seconds or so–but it’s very important that the update process not be interrupted.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware - Progress Status

Once the process is complete, you’ll get a confirmation screen.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware - Update is Complete

Method 2: How to Update Canon Rebel T7 Firmware Using EOS Utility Software

The EOS Utility app is desktop software that is compatible with many (but not all) Canon cameras, including the Rebel T7. It’s free, and you can download it from here.

For this method, you won’t need a memory card, but you will need a USB cable. The camera doesn’t come with one as standard. What you need is one with a mini-USB connector (Type-B Mini) for the end that goes in the camera.

The second part of this method is the same a the manual method above and it handled entirely on the camera itself. The difference in the methods is only in the first part, in that you can use the EOS Utility app to copy the firmware file to the memory card.

  1. Connect the T7 to your computer using the USB cable, start up the EOS Utility app, and wait for the camera to be detected.

2. In the EOS Utility app, go to Camera Settings.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Using EOS Utility App

3. Choose Firmware update.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Menu in EOS Utility

4. Download the firmware file from Canon’s website and save it on your computer’s hard drive.

5. Follow the prompts to identify the FIR file.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Choose FIR file

6. Confirm the versions.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Apply Update

7. Click OK.

Canon Rebel T7 Update Firmware Prepare Camera Screen

8. The next steps are all handled on the camera are follow the same process as above. Again, make sure not to interrupt the update process.

FAQs About Updating Canon Rebel T7 Firmware

Where do I find the latest firmware for the Canon Rebel T7?

You can find the latest firmware for the Canon Rebel T7 on Canon’s website.

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