How to Reset Canon Rebel T7

There are two types of reset available on the Canon Rebel T7. Here’s what they are and how to use them to get your camera back to default settings.

Canon Rebel T7 Clear Settings Reset to Defaults
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There are a few reasons you might need to reset your Canon Rebel T7. Some of the most common include:

  • You might have been messing with settings and ended up with results that aren’t what you planned.
  • You might be lending the camera to someone else (or returning it).
  • Or you might be selling the camera.

But whatever the reason, here’s how to reset the settings of your Canon Rebel T7 and get it back to the default settings.

There are some things worth noting first, though:

  • This will not roll back firmware to a previous version.
  • This will not format the memory card. (By all means, remove it if you like.)

How to Clear Settings on the Canon Rebel T7

Somewhat confusingly, Canon doesn’t use the word “reset” for this procedure–most other camera manufacturers do.

Instead, they refer to “Clear settings.” That’s still logical and clear–but I mention it in case you were looking for the word Reset in the menu system (I was at first).

You find this command under:

Settings 3 (wrench icon with three dots) > Clear settings
Canon Rebel T7 Clear Settings Menu Item

There are two levels of reset available on the Rebel T7. Here’s what they are and what they do.

Clear all camera settings

This is mostly self-explanatory in that it resets the settings back to their defaults.

Canon Rebel T7 Clear All Camera Settings Menu Item

But there’s a bit of a quirk that isn’t self-evident–at least, not to me. And that is that the Clear all camera settings function doesn’t actually work as a “clear everything” procedure.

Specifically, it doesn’t clear any Custom Functions you’ve set. So if you want to clear everything, you need to do both of these.

Canon Rebel T7 Call All Camera Settings Confirmation

Clear all Custom Func. (C.Fn)

This refers to any custom functions you have set. It leaves other settings untouched.

Canon Rebel T7 Clear All Custom Functions

Working with the custom functions is beyond the scope of this post, but it refers to settings like exposure level increments, high-ISO noise reduction, low-light autofocus assist, and the functions assigned to certain buttons. You can find more information about them in the manual in the Customizing the Camera chapter.

Canon Rebel T7 Clear All Custom Functions Confirmation

Default Settings Chart

Another option is a more fine-tuned approach of changing individual settings. If you prefer that rather than the more global resets above, this table shows the default settings of the Canon Rebel T7. 1

Shooting Function SettingsAF operationOne-Shot AF
AF point selectionAutomatic selection
Drive/self-timerSingle shooting
Metering modeEvaluative metering
ISO AutoMaximum 3200
Exposure CompensationCanceled
Flash exposure compensation0
Custom FunctionsUnchanged
Image Recording SettingsImage qualityLarge
Picture StyleAuto
Auto Lighting OptimizerStandard
Peripheral illuminuation correctionEnable / Correction data retained
Color spacesRGB
White balanceAmbience priority
Custom White BalanceCanceled
White balance correctionCanceled
White balance bracketingCanceled
File numberingContinuous
Dust Delete DataErased
Camera SettingsAuto power off30 sec.
Release shutter without cardEnable
Image review2 sec.
Histogram displayBrightness
Image jump w/dial10 images
Auto rotateOn
LCD brightnessMiddle
LCD off/on buttonShutter button
Screen color1
Feature guideEnable
Copyright informationUnchanged
Eye-Fi transmissionDisable
Wi-Fi functionUnchanged
My Menu settingsUnchanged
Display from My MenuDisable
Live View Shooting SettingsLive View shootingEnable
AF methodFlexiZone - Single
Grid displayHide
Aspect ratio3:2
Metering timer8 sec.
Movie Shooting SettingsMovie shooting modeAuto
AF methodFlexiZone - Single
AF w/shutter button during movie recordingDisable
Shutter/AE lock buttonAF/AE lock
Highlight tone priorityDisable
Movie recording size1920x1080
Sound recordingAuto
Metering timer8 sec.
Grid displayHide
Video systemUnchanged
Exposure compensationCanceled
Auto Lighting OptimizerStandard
Custom White BalanceCanceled
Picture StyleAuto

Things Worth Knowing

Resetting the Canon Rebel T7 will not roll back the firmware. If you’re looking to update firmware, I have a separate guide for that: How to update Canon Rebel T7 firmware.

Nor will it wipe the data on the memory card. There’s a separate function for doing that: How to format the SD card in a Canon Rebel T7.

  1. These were taken from pages 195-196 in the manual.[]
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