How to Charge Nikon D3500 Batteries

You can't charge the Nikon D3500's battery in the camera. So here's a rundown of your options.
Nikon D3400 Batteries and Chargers
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Digital cameras don’t work so well with a dead battery. Here’s a rundown of how to charge the battery for your Nikon D3500 DSLR camera.

Quick Info

  • Model number of Nikon D3500 battery charger: MH-24
  • Model number of Nikon D3500 battery: EN-EL14a

How to Charge Nikon D3500 Batteries

On many digital cameras, you can charge the battery while it’s still in the camera. You just connect the camera to a power source with the USB cable. But you can’t do that with the Nikon D3500. The USB connection on a D3500 is only for data transfer—it doesn’t transmit any power.

Instead, you have to take the battery out of the camera, put it into an external charger, and then connect that charger to a power source.

The model of the charger for the D3500’s batteries is the MH-24. It’s an AC charger, which means it plugs into a wall outlet. It’s also an auto-switching outlet. So long as you have the correct cable or plug (or are using a standard travel adapter), it will automatically handle both 110 or 240 volt power sources.

Nikon MH-24 Quick Charger for EN-EL14 Li-ion Battery compatible with Nikon...
  • Charger for EN-EL14 Li-ion Battery
  • Compatible with Nikon D3100 SLR and P7000 Digital Cameras

You can also get aftermarket versions from other manufacturers. I’ve found some of these aftermarket brands to be very good, but it’s also possible to come across ones from no-name brands that also work well.

There are two other benefits with aftermarket versions. For one, they’re often less expensive than the original. For another, they often offer features not available in the Nikon original. Some, for instance, can charge multiple batteries at once. Others can charge from a USB power source—something that can be very handy when you’re looking for a more portable option, such as when traveling, and want to be able to use a car charger or a USB power brick.

Powerextra 2 x EN-EL14 EN-EL14a Battery & Dual LCD Charger Compatible with...
  • Battery Type:Li-ion, Voltage: 7.4V Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Package includes 2 batteries and 1 dual USB charger with LCD display to power your Nikon EN-EL14 battery

Spare Batteries for the Nikon D3500

The battery for the Nikon D3500 is model number EN-EL14a. It’s a lithium-ion battery pack rated at 7.2 V / 1230mAh / 8.9Wh.

If you’re looking to get a spare battery or replace one that’s not performing anymore (they do wear out after a lot of use), the safest option is to go with the Nikon-branded version. They’re usually more expensive, but it gives more assurance that it is—and will remain—compatible.

Nikon 27126 EN-EL 14A Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery (Grey)
  • Used together with your Nikon D SLR, the camera's fuel gauge accurately displays the remaining charge and...
  • The battery uses the MH 24 charger

What I mean by that second part—that it will remain—is that it is a technical possibility for camera manufacturers to issue a firmware update that restricts the camera to using only batteries produced by the manufacturer, so that it stops working with batteries made by other manufacturers. It might be because of some compatibility issue—camera manufacturers understandably aren’t enthusiastic about spending support resources on dealing with problems caused by accessories produced by other manufacturers. It’s rare that a camera manufacturer would go to those lengths, but it has happened (we’re looking at you, GoPro).

All that said, I’ve also had very good experiences with some of the better-known aftermarket manufacturers. Watson, Wasabi Power, and Smatree are good examples.

I’ve used many batteries for many cameras produced by those manufacturers and found them to be basically the same as the originals. And they’re often much less expensive. So long as you use them with your eyes open to the potential downsides, they can be a very good option.

All of them will reference the original Nikon model number and market themselves as EN-EL14a replacement batteries. Some will have slightly different capacity ratings, but it rarely makes much difference in real-world shooting.

EN-EL14 EN EL14a Battery Charger Pack, LP 2-Pack Battery& Dual Slot...
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Where to Buy a Nikon D3500 DSLR

The D3500 is an excellent entry-point camera for getting started with DSLR photography. You can find them at Amazon and B&H Photo. You can also find them used at major used camera gear sellers such as KEH (which is where I often buy when I'm looking for used gear).

Nikon D3500 Tips

I've put together a number of resources related to the Nikon D3500.

Good places to start are with the Nikon D3500 Q&As and recommended SD cards for the Nikon D3500.

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Nikon D3500 Batteries & Chargers

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