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Nikon D3500 with qDslrDashboard Interval Timer

Nikon D3500 Intervalometer: How to Shoot Timelapse with a Nikon D3500

The Nikon D3500 isn’t compatible with standard external intervalometers. So it’s not practical to shoot a long timelapse sequence of photos natively. But there is still a way to shoot timelapse with a D3500 by connecting it to a computer and using a software intervalometer. Here’s how.

Kodak Mini Film Scanner

Scan Old Slides & Films to Digital with the Kodak Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Have some old family photos you’d like to scan? If they’re slides or negatives, a basic film scanner can be a great option, whether you want to share the old photos on social media or preserve the photos in a printed photobook. I’ve been trying out one of the simplest, cheapest, and smallest options, the Kodak Mini Digital Film Scanner. Here’s how it works.

How to Share 360° Photos

So you’ve shot some cool new 360 degree photos. How do you share them so other people can see them? Here are some places to start.


MOVO MTP-10 Timelapse Panning Base

The MOVO MTP-10 is a device that adds rotation and panning to timelapse photos. It offers more features but is also more expensive compared to other options. Here’s my review based on personal experience.

A Better Way to Remove Dust & Scratches with Photoshop

If you’re scanning film, slides, or prints, you’re almost certainly going to run into the problem of dust and scratches. Here’s a handy technique for removing them that works particularly well with black and white images.

Timelapse Calculator for iPhone

Timelapse Calculator for iPhone is a simple yet effective app for calculating shoot durations, frame rates, and clip lengths for creating time-lapse video.