How to Find a GoPro’s MAC Network Address

Here's a quick guide to finding your GoPro's MAC address, the unique network identifier that's usually hidden.
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Finding your GoPro’s MAC address isn’t something most GoPro users will ever need. It’s certainly not needed in normal day-to-day shooting with your GoPro. But if you happen to be hacking some kind of network or remote setup and need your GoPro’s MAC address, here’s how to do it.

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But first, some clarification. The MAC address isn’t anything to do with Apple Mac computers. And it’s not the same network ID that you use for a regular wifi connection.

A MAC address stands for “media access control address,” and it’s a unique hardware identifying code that’s used for a device’s network interface. Every network interface card has one, but most of the time, you never see it or need to know it.

It ensures that every device on a network is seen as unique, with no stumbling over each other or mistaken identity. And for some rather technical network operations, you might need to specify the MAC address to be able to identify which device is which on the network. But if this isn’t making much sense to you, chances are you probably don’t need to find the MAC address of your GoPro.

The MAC address also isn’t the same thing that you use for a regular wifi connection. If you’re looking for the wifi network ID or wifi password of your GoPro, I have a separate guide on that here. If you need the MAC, it will be called the MAC, not the network ID.

So, if you do need it for some reason, here’s a quick guide to finding your GoPro’s MAC network address.

Step 1

Turn on the GoPro’s wireless connection using the usual procedure. The precise process varies by model.

Step 2

Using a laptop or desktop, connect to your GoPro via wifi using the wifi SSID and password provided on your camera.

Depending on the camera model, the procedure for this varies. On some models, like the newer HERO5 and HERO6 models, it’s generated by the camera. On older models, you can choose your own password. The ins and outs of this are outside the scope of this post–and, frankly, if you’re looking for the camera’s MAC address, it’s unlikely you need help with the wifi password–but you can find guides for the various models here.

Step 3

Once you’re connected, open a browser on your computer and enter this URL in the browser address bar:

Step 4

You should then get a white screen with some code that looks something like this:

Step 5

What you’re looking for is the 12-digit string in the ap_mac field. In this example, it’s 0641693e3080.

Step 6

To convert that to the standard MAC address format, break out each pair of digits, like this: 0x06 0x41 0x69 0x3e 0x30 0x80

Things Worth Knowing

I haven’t been able to get this method to work when connecting to the GoPro with a smartphone–only with a computer.

I haven’t tested this method with every GoPro model, and obviously, it’s not going to work for the models that don’t have wifi capabilities.

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3 Responses

  1. hi,
    I found out that on the microSD card, there is a version.txt file.
    this contains the wifi MAC address too.

    “info version”:”2.0″,
    “firmware version”:”HD9.″,
    “wifi mac”:”d432xxxxxxxx”,
    “camera type”:”HERO9 Black”,
    “camera serial number”:”Cxxxxxxxxxx”,

    hope this helps,

  2. Good day,

    I am trying to connect a Hero7 Black to TP Link N300 Nano in Repeater mode. I cannot get my laptop to connect to the GoPro SSID nor the TP Link to even see the SSID. Do you have any suggestions for this setup? The goal is to extend the WiFi range of the GoPro and control it from the Android app.

    All the Best,


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