How to Reset the Ricoh GR III

If you’ve been changing settings on your Ricoh GR III and want to restore the default settings, or maybe you’re lending the camera to someone, here’s how to reset the settings.

Ricoh GR III Reset Menu Item Screenshot
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Quick Summary

  • Unlike many cameras that only provide a complete reset, the GR III allows users to selectively reset specific categories of settings.
  • To access this function: Navigate to Setup > [11] Setup > Reset.
  • The GR III does not have a separate “reset to factory settings” option.

The Ricoh GR III has an unusually useful reset function.

On most cameras, you can reset everything or even restore it back to the factory state. Those are nuclear options, and they mean starting from scratch if you want to set your camera up again. The GR III, though, has a more granular approach where you can pick and choose which categories of grouped settings to reset. I wish more cameras approached it this way.

You can find this function under:

Setup  > [11] Setup > Reset
Ricoh GR III Reset Menu Item Screenshot

You’ll then see a screen where you can select which menu category to reset.

It looks like this:

Ricoh GR III Reset Menu Item Screenshot

By default, they’re all selected. To toggle the checkboxes, highlight that line and push in the ADJ switch on the top of the back of the camera. Checked means it will be reset; unchecked means that it will be untouched.

Once you’re happy with the selection, press OK.

Ricoh GR III Reset Menu Item Screenshot

That screen will have icons for all the selected categories to be deleted. You then press OK for the Execute Reset button.

Followed by a confirmation screen.

Ricoh GR III Reset Menu Item Screenshot

And once the operation has completed, you’ll get the “Data process complete” message.

Ricoh GR III Reset Menu Item Screenshot

Things Worth Knowing

  • This reset function is the only one available on the GR III. Some cameras have a separate “reset to factory settings” option; that’s not available on the GR III.
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