Ricoh GR III

The Ricoh GR III continues Ricoh’s long-running series of GR cameras that have become favorites of street photographers and as pocketable cameras for travel photographers. The series started with film cameras and then evolved into digital. The GR III was released in September 2018. It features a 28mm ƒ/2.8 built-in lens and has an APS-C sensor. (Note: There’s also a GR Digital III that is an older camera (2009) with a smaller sensor.)

Ricoh GR III Reset Menu Item Screenshot

How to Reset the Ricoh GR III

If you’ve been changing settings on your Ricoh GR III and want to restore the default settings, or maybe you’re lending the camera to someone, here’s how to reset the settings.

Ricoh GR III Default Menu Settings Screenshot

Ricoh GR III Default Settings

If you’ve changed the settings on your Ricoh GR III and can’t remember what you’ve changed, this master list of default settings on the Ricoh GR III can help with changing individual settings back to their defaults.

Ricoh GR II Compact Digital Camera. Photo by David Coleman "

How to Make the Ricoh GR III as Quiet as Possible

The Ricoh GR III excels at being discreet. With its plain looks and small stature, it doesn’t attract attention to itself. You can also make it very quiet, but somewhat surprisingly, not completely silent.

Ricoh GR III Compact Digital Camera. Photo by David Coleman "

Ricoh GR III Accessories

Here are some of the key accessories and replacement part numbers for the Ricoh GR III compact camera.

Ricoh GR III Compact Digital Camera. Photo by David Coleman "

Ricoh GR III ISO Range Examples

The Ricoh GR III has an ISO range from 100 to 102400, which is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the GR II. Here are some high-resolution practical examples of how that translates in real-world shooting, with side-by-side examples at different ISOs so you can get a sense of image quality at different ISOs.

Ricoh GR III Sample Images Header

Ricoh GR III Sample Images

I’ve been out shooting with the new Ricoh GR III high-end compact camera. It’s no surprise that it has such a cult following. Here’s a collection of high-resolution sample images I’ve taken with it.

Ricoh GR III High ISO Sample Images Header

Ricoh GR III Low Light Performance Tests – High ISO Sample Images

Wondering how the Ricoh GR III performs in low light? After all, it’s a camera that’s wonderfully suited to the unpredictable lighting of street and travel photography.

It has a very high maximum ISO of 102400. But how useful are those high ISOs really?

Here’s a selection of photos taken at high ISOs with the Ricoh GR III to give a sense of how it performs under real-world shooting conditions.